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Easy Income: Five Ways to Earn Money Writing Emails
There are many ways to earn money as a copywriter. One of the easiest ways to generate income is writing emails. Here are five projects to start with.
Get Retainer Fees of $2,500 up to $5,000 for This Type of Writing
Businesses will gladly pay you retainer fees of $2,500+ a month to write emails for them. Emails are the #1 way businesses communicate with customers.
3 Golden Writing Opportunities Among the Gloom
Writers actually have an advantage in difficult times. Here are three opportunities to make money writing and help businesses keep in touch with customers.
Ben Settle Tells Why You Must Get Busy Writing or Get Busy Dying
Every day you don’t write, Ben Settle tells us, your ideas are dying on the vine.
Email Expert Jay White: “My Biggest Copywriting Goof”
Email writing has been expert Jay White’s specialty for over a decade. But when he first started as a writer, he made his “biggest mistake ever.” Here’s his advice on how you can do better.
Writing a Reader-Focused Newsletter - 5 Approaches that Work
Writing a reader-focused email newsletter can be a gamechanger (for you or your clients). It helps you connect with you audience and pulls in work.
5 Emails That Increase Client Revenues
Email marketing still offers one of the best returns on investment. Do even better with these five emails that increase client revenues.
Practice Assignment: Write a Sample of This Short-Copy B2B Project
Practice is a good way to improve as a B2B copywriter. Follow the project details to do this practice exercise, using tips about this B2B short-copy gig.
No Experience? No Problem. How I Snared $6,000 in Client Work My First Week as a Freelance …
The secret to getting started when you’re looking for copywriting work? Instead of focusing on what you DON'T have, focus on what you DO. Here’s how...
Urgent Alert! Are These 7 Email Marketing Errors Killing Your Success?
You’ve convinced your client to mount an email marketing campaign. You know it'll be huge! So don't let these seven common errors kill that campaign.

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