In the months and years ahead, most clients will look for copywriters who can write for prospects and Google …

You already know two thirds of what it takes
to be in super-high demand beyond 2008 …

Read on to see just how close you really are to being able to say “Yes, I Can!” the next time someone asks if you can write SEO copy …

Dear Reader,

Hi, it’s Rebecca Matter.

Have you heard the buzz lately about the “new” way to write online copy? It’s changing the way we do business.

This type of copy accomplishes two goals …

The first is nothing new: You write the copy to sell. But the second goal is probably a little foreign to you. It’s writing the copy in a way that makes it easy for Google and other search engines to find it.

In other words, these days online copy has to appeal to prospects and search engines to be effective.

What’s this new type of copywriting called? Search Engine Optimization or SEO copywriting.

If You Haven’t Heard of SEO Copywriting
Or Been Asked to Do It, You Definitely Will …


Because, as I’m sure you already know, Internet marketing is huge.

But what you may not know is that over 80% of all online transactions begin with a search.

That means more than 80% of the trillions of dollars that are made online each year start with someone typing words or phrases into a search engine like Google or Yahoo!

Now that should get your attention! It has certainly gotten mine … as well as thousands of other savvy Internet marketers out there.

So just like email copywriting really shook things up a few years ago, being able to write for search engines is the next big thing in our industry.

If you’ve never heard of SEO copywriting—or you’ve simply avoided learning it because you thought it might be complicated—keep reading …

What you’re about to discover takes the mystery out of SEO copywriting. And you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn three things …

  • SEO copywriting is much more like direct-response copywriting than you might think.
  • Because of what you’ve already learned in AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting, you can be ready to market basic SEO skills in as little as one week.
  • SEO copywriting is not just about writing web pages or online sales letters. It’s a factor in pretty much every page on the Web. Landing pages, articles, blogs, white papers … you name it. So there are several interesting and creative ways you can make good money as an SEO copywriter.

“The U.S. Census Bureau reports that in 2005 online sales accounted for over $2.4 TRILLION in U.S. sales … and that it was growing at around 17.4% annually!

I look at those kinds of numbers and say to myself, ‘Any company in their right mind would be INSANE not to be spending some time on search engine optimization. And not just some time, but some expertise.’

Because of this, I think that any copywriter or marketer out there who does not understand SEO is being left behind at 17.4% annually. Can any of us afford this kind of attrition rate?”

— Joshua Boswell, Freelance Copywriter

3 Ways SEO Copywriting Can Break Your Career Wide Open

SEO copywriting is very much like direct-response copywriting …

The main difference between the two is that good SEO copywriting serves two masters—prospects and search engines like Google.

But, unlike what many copywriters think, you never—ever—sacrifice one ounce of direct-response writing for the search engines …

You still get inside the reader’s head. You still write in a tone and use the words that resonate with your reader. You still create attention-grabbing headlines and sub-headlines. And you still write powerful benefit statements and include calls-to-action.

So even though you do have to learn a few particulars about writing for search engines, everything you’ve learned as a direct-response copywriter still rules!

As AWAI’s Director of Online Marketing, I work with or hear from copywriters nearly every day. And the truth is I’m shocked at how many of them don’t understand how to write copy that can be used online.

Don’t get me wrong, they can write strong copy. But over and over, the copywriters I work with don’t write with SEO in mind. So I can’t use the copy until I get a second person to “fix” it so search engines can actually find it.

I used to get really annoyed having to pay two people to touch the same copy. But then one day, I realized the truth …

It’s our fault.

That realization was like a slap in the face. We’re the ones who are supposed to feed you this type of information. And in the case of SEO copywriting, we haven’t done it.

The good news is, what I’m about to share with you can more than make up for any lost time you’ve had in not getting up to speed on this. Because this opportunity is so different, so comprehensive and so easy to understand that it will shave months off your normal learning curve.

I’m confident that adding SEO copywriting to your mix of skills will improve your career in three ways:

  1. Your online sales pages will rank higher, which will bring more traffic and—as long as you’ve written good direct-response copy—more sales. And that leads to higher fees and royalties for you!
  2. The lifetime value of your top clients will be far greater.
  3. Your clients will begin to think of you differently. Not only will they think of you as a great copywriter, but they’ll also consider you an indispensable partner.

In the next few minutes, I’m going to explain each one of these benefits in more detail.

But before we get into all that, allow me to introduce you to the dynamic SEO copywriting expert who is going to help you achieve them: Heather Lloyd-Martin.

Discover and Apply the Secrets of the
“Pioneer of SEO Copywriting”

Heather is an SEO copywriter who is known all over the world. In addition to writing, she trains and consults with many big-brand clients to help them do really well in the search engines. She’s also the Immediate Past Chair of the Direct Marketing Association’s (DMA) Search Engine Marketing Council and a featured speaker at SEO conferences around the world.

The first time I saw Heather speak, she blew me away. Not only does she know SEO copywriting inside and out, but she also draws you in with her down-to-earth “SEO speak” and upbeat personality.

I’ve since seen Heather speak at numerous conferences. And each time, other marketers are just as awed by her as I am. That’s why I realized Heather would be the perfect person to introduce our members to this valuable and in-demand skill.

So I asked Heather to speak about SEO copywriting at our Bootcamp last year. And, just as I expected, her session was a big hit.

But after the 60-minute presentation, I realized she had just scratched the surface. There was much more to cover if our copywriters were going to fully grasp all the concepts of SEO copywriting. So I asked Heather to do a complete home-study program for our members.

I’m ecstatic that she agreed. But she did have one condition …

This Offer Is Unlike Anything You May Have
Heard About, Read About, Or Seen …

If you’ve ever seen Heather speak, you know that she’s a very animated person. She likes to teach with real examples instead of throwing a bunch of SEO jargon at you.

And she didn’t want to change a thing for this home-study program. She wanted to be able to talk directly to you like she does in her client workshops. She wanted you to get the same visuals, hands-on tools, and information. And she wanted to be able to walk you through all of her proven techniques—while you watch.

Why was this so important to her?

Because she’s been in this business for a long time. And she has seen how being able to say “yes” to the hordes of clients who need help in getting their online copy noticed by search engines can transform a copywriting business.

A skill this valuable is worth getting right. So Heather insisted on giving you step-by-step immersion-style instruction. You’ll learn by watching … listening … reading … writing … and interacting with others.

This is not just another how-to manual … nor is it just another program or mind-numbing videotape of an instructor explaining how to write copy that search engines like …

It’s your chance to crawl inside the head of the world’s top SEO copywriter and trainer, so you can apply this valuable skill for yourself.

The time you’ll spend with Heather is the quickest way I know to cover all the SEO copywriting bases and put yourself in a position to work with the countless clients who are searching for effective SEO copywriters.

And it all starts with …

“Why SEO? As a copywriting and marketing strategist, I found out about SEO (search engine optimization) the hard way. By not using it. That’s right. What I discovered is this … if you ever plan on getting your website noticed, you’ll end up putting the powerful concepts of SEO to work.

Get your head around it now. And get your hands on the most concise and up-to-date information you can. If I can increase my results by 35%—and I’m no computer genius—imagine what you can do. Check this out now.”

—Rick De Lima, Freelance Copywriter

Getting More Sales for Your Clients —
and a Lot More Money in Your Bank Account

These days countless copywriters disappoint their clients in need of SEO copy by doing one of the following …

  1. They tell the client they can’t help them …
  2. They write the copy with the understanding that the client will need to find a second person to optimize it for the search engines. Or …
  3. They think they know how to write the copy, but they really don’t.

In the first case, the copywriter loses money—and perhaps a little respect.

In the second, the client loses time and money by having to get two people to handle the same copy.

And the third case hurts both the copywriter and the client because the truth is, although direct-response principles still rule when writing online copy, you do need to write a specific way for the search engines. When you say the right thing in the wrong place … use the wrong words or phrases in the copy … or even use the right words too many times, page rankings and sales go way down.

But, when you know what you’re doing—when you know what words and phrases to use and when to use them, your clients’ pages will rank higher … and that means they’ll get more traffic. And if you’ve written effective copy, your client will get more conversions … and that means higher fees and more royalties for you.

Heather shows you how to avoid falling into any of the three traps above. And her unique, integrated approach to teaching gives you the absolute best chance of creating exactly what you want—a booming business where you get to call the shots!

“I don’t specialize in writing website copy, so SEO was barely on my radar a year ago. But then one of my best clients came to me with a problem. Their website wasn’t generating traffic. I saw they had well-written copy there, but it didn’t relate to what people were searching for. The answer was obvious … I had to develop the necessary SEO skills, or I’d fail my client. Optimization may not be everything, but ignoring it is just throwing away good money.”

— Malcolm Smith, Freelance Copywriter

A Single E-Commerce Client Can Bring You Tens of
Thousands of Dollars … in a Very Short Time

When you work with a traditional client, you write a sales promotion for them, get paid, and then you might hear from them again a few months down the road.

But when you work with an e-commerce client, that scenario can play out much differently—and far more profitably—for you …

That’s because an e-commerce site can have 50 pages or more that need to be optimized. Plus, each site has to add new content to the Web frequently—blog entries, white papers, articles, etc.—in order to continue to do well in the search engines. (Don’t worry … Heather will show you how to optimize every type of online copy.)

So you can work for the same client for weeks or months at a time as you get—and keep—their website near the top of the search engines where people can find it. Some clients may even keep you on a retainer for a year or more to keep their site’s content fresh and interesting.

Why would clients continue to pay you all of this money?

Because you’ll often know far more about how they can get higher search engine rankings and generate more traffic than they do. So, unlike with traditional direct-response copy, you’ll be able to educate clients and potential clients about all the ways they can use online copy to sell more of their products and services.

And I promise you this …

Your clients’ perception of you will change when you start helping them develop new strategies for growing their online businesses. Not only will they think of you as a great copywriter, but you’ll also …

Become an Indispensable Partner to Your Clients

Imagine your favorite client (e-commerce or otherwise) calling you up and saying the company needs more traffic on the website. They’ve tested banner ads and landing pages, but nothing is getting the results they want.

You tell them about how they can use directories, press releases, optimized FAQ pages, blogs, and other strategies to build awareness and drive people to their site.

The client has never heard about some of the things you describe, but agrees to a reasonable fee that allows you to work some of your magic.

You tweak the copy on the website, write an optimized press release, and write a white paper for a new product they just launched. The client is thrilled when they see the results of this multi-pronged SEO marketing approach. And they ask you what else they (or you) can do to improve their Web traffic and get higher rankings.

At some point, you might even choose to offer consulting and training services to your clients. That’s when you become a trusted member of their team. A partner instead of a freelancer or vendor.

This has happened for Heather and the few other top-notch SEO copywriters out there. It can happen for you, too. And sooner than you think, because …

This Virtual Workshop Provides the Fastest Way to
Learn How to Turn SEO Copywriting Into a
High-Demand Specialty Or Viable Business

To create this workshop, we put Heather and her computer in front of a camera and then set her loose to do what she loves—talk about the power of using the right words in the right places on the Web.

Some six hours later, she had completely emptied her brain. Using easy-to-understand language, she covered every aspect of SEO copywriting—step by step. So now, just like you’re sitting in front of her at one of her workshops, you get to walk through the entire copy optimization process with her. First, by following along with her visuals and examples … and then, by using a client’s website (or your own!) as your model.

By the time you’re finished, you’ll understand every phrase, every “techie” term, and every feature of getting higher search engine rankings, and every aspect of building a fun and versatile SEO copywriting business.

Here Are 6 Additional Perks You Should Know About …

  • Key Benefit #1: Learn the Truth About SEO

    Many of the comments you read on discussion forums often make SEO copywriting sound complicated. While many others say that you can buy software that will write it for you. The problem with listening to those folks is that they are inexperienced, they have inaccurate information, or they’re just clueless when it comes to SEO copywriting.

    Why not learn the real secrets to getting high search engine rankings—and transform your business in the process? You’ll be glad to know that writing effective SEO copy has more to do with things you already know than things you don’t!

  • Key Benefit #2: Write More Effective Sales Copy … Online and Offline

    There’s nothing like writing copy that dovetails perfectly with the prospect’s expectations. Understanding SEO copywriting helps you create that tight fit between the prospect’s needs and the copy you provide. And you can use those same principles whether you’re writing a home page, white paper, or direct-mail piece.

  • Key Benefit #3: Identify Your Perfect Client

    Although everyone with a website needs someone who understands SEO copywriting, some clients will be a better fit for you than others. Heather actually outlines the primary categories that SEO clients fall under. She also gives you the pros and cons of working with each one, so it’s easy for you to identify which clients are best-suited to your needs, desires, and experience.

  • Key Benefit #4: Learn How to Talk to Prospective Clients Calmly

    When you’re a newbie, it’s easy to get frazzled when you’re talking to potential clients about their website and SEO copy needs. But Heather walks you through how to handle a typical phone call. She explains what to listen for, how to quickly evaluate the prospective client’s website, and even how to package your solution in a smart way.

  • Key Benefit #5: Be Confident About What to Charge

    No clue what to charge? No worries. You’ll learn how to evaluate your SEO copywriting smarts and figure out how much you should charge at each skill level—beginner, intermediate, or expert copywriter.

  • Key Benefit #6: Reach the Ultimate Copywriting Goal Faster

    Adding SEO copywriting to your mix of skills helps you satisfy a goal that underlies everything you’re supposed to do as a copywriter: Say the right thing at the right time so your message not only connects with the reader, but it also gets him to take the action you want him to take.

    Once you learn how to optimize words and information on the Web, you’ll be able to optimize any copy.

Heather Spent a Decade of Trial and Error …
So You Won’t Have to

Over the years, business owners and copywriters have tried plenty of tricks and whacky techniques to get their websites to reach one of the top 10 spots through Google or Yahoo.

But Heather shows you that you don’t have to resort to tricks to try to “fool” the search engines. In fact, using those kinds of tactics can do more harm than good.

You’ll learn why writing lots of copy and using the right words in the right places are two of the very best things you can do to appeal to Google and the other search engines. Plus, you’ll get every insider secret you need to get started in your own SEO copywriting business.

By the time Heather is finished with you, you’ll know how to write sales pages that bring in lots of cash, blog entries that create buzz, press releases that get attention, and more … all using SEO copywriting fundamental principles as the basis.

Cash in on the Next Generation of Copywriting Today

Up until now, it has cost the average copywriter $2,000 or more to spend an hour or two with Heather to learn about SEO copywriting. That’s what people willingly pay to travel to and attend SEO workshops.

But one or two hours just aren’t enough to fully grasp something that can significantly expand your business the way SEO copywriting can. Plus, you walk away with only the few notes you manage to jot down during the presentation. There are no actual learning materials to take with you.

With SEO Copywriting Success , you get to spend six full hours with Heather , the actual “pioneer” of the subject, as she unloads everything she’s got.

Six hours is a long time to talk about a single topic! And Heather—in her typical animated style—leaves no stone unturned as she shows you how to expand on your existing direct-response knowledge to build a successful SEO copywriting niche or business.

In addition to the six hours of video that you can watch as many times as you want, you get a 10-chapter manual that supplements every part of Heather’s presentation. It even provides answers to the questions she gets asked most often from people around the world.

In other words, you get the same SEO copywriting secrets Heather spent a decade accumulating and sharing with her big-brand clients. These secrets will shave months off your learning curve. In fact, you can be ready to market basic SEO copywriting skills in just one week.

And, unlike attending a one-time workshop where you pick up a few interesting ideas and then you’re on your own … with SEO Copywriting Success you don’t have to make a go of it alone …

You get ongoing support and feedback through our members-only forum. You’ll get answers to all your SEO copywriting questions and challenges. And you can find out which things are working—and which are not—for other AWAI members.

And you get all of the above for just $495. An investment you can easily get back—and then some—with your very first SEO client. Plus, because of the way Heather structured the program, you can be ready to go after your first client as soon as one week from the time you start the program. So not only can you more than make your money back with your very first client, but you can also get that return on your investment very fast!

“SEO has got to be one of the most exciting, fast-paced environments on the planet for copywriters. I was looking for a niche with a technology component, and SEO definitely delivered. Heather has helped pioneer best practices for SEO copywriting, so she really knows what she’s talking about. SEO lets you combine intuition, experience and training to participate in one of the internet’s most profitable frontiers. Thank you, Heather, for the great lessons!”

— Patricia Ruhl, SEO Copywriter

Need More Reasons Why This Is Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Heard About Or Experienced?

  1. You also get two powerful free bonuses —a copy of Heather’s book ($97 value) and a one-month free trial to Keyword Discovery ($49.95 value)!

    Heather’s popular book includes case studies and interviews with leading SEO industry experts, including Danny Sullivan—Editor of Search Engine Watch, Greg Boser—Owner of WebGuerrilla, LLC, Detlev Johnson—Founder of, and more.

    And Keyword Discovery is the amazing tool Heather uses to do in-depth research to find the exact words that are running through a prospect’s mind. If you haven’t heard of Keyword Discovery, you’re in for quite a surprise. It’s an advanced database that draws on a whopping 36 billion search queries from 180 search engines around the world.

  2. Heather designed this workshop specifically for copywriters. So, not only is it a primer for understanding what search engines like and don’t like, it also covers every aspect of creating optimized Web content and building a multi-faceted SEO copywriting business.
  3. You’re learning from the best. Other authors write about SEO copywriting, but unlike Heather, they’re not copywriters themselves. Plus, Heather is an SEO trainer, consultant, speaker, and the Immediate Past Chair of the Direct Marketing Association’s Search Engine Marketing Council. There’s simply no one else in the world with her expertise.
  4. This isn’t just another how-to manual. In addition to reading, you can absorb the information by watching, listening, doing, and interacting with others.
  5. You won’t have to try to decipher a bunch of SEO jargon. Heather uses easy-to-understand language to lead you through exactly what you need to do to accomplish all of the following: Create optimized copy for your own website, be able to offer a variety of SEO copywriting services, find clients that you are well-suited for, and know what to charge.
  6. You’ll have a short learning curve because this multi-media program—videos, manual, members-only forum—is an intense and focused way of grasping the ideas and techniques.

In short, Heather’s virtual workshop is the most comprehensive, up-to-date SEO copywriting information on the planet.

Plus, You Can’t Lose With Our Iron-Clad, 100% Satisfaction, Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re nervous about going for this, no worries. Although we’re certain you’ll love it, we want to make sure you’re as thrilled with SEO Copywriting Success as we are.

Let Heather walk you through each step of writing effective SEO copywriting and then building a profitable business by watching the videos …

Use the manual as your guide as you optimize your own website and gather money-making ideas for building your business …

Activate your free month subscription to Keyword Discovery and use it to see what your customers are really thinking. And jump on the forum to see what other members are doing, what successes they’re having, and how they’re overcoming challenges.

Then … after you’ve spent some time experimenting with everything … if you feel that the workshop won’t benefit your financial future, send the package back within 30 days. We’ll promptly refund your purchase price with no hard feelings.

Here’s the real beauty of this guarantee. Since this isn’t a traditional home-study program where you only get written or audio material, 30 days is way more than enough time to determine if SEO Copywriting Success is for you.

The Time Is So Right for This …

I’m so excited and proud to be able to offer this amazing opportunity to you. It’s the perfect time to enter this emerging and lucrative writing niche.

Can any copywriter learn how to write effective SEO copy?

Absolutely … provided that writer has even a basic understanding of what search engines like and don’t like, the keywords and phrases that are appropriate for the reader and how to use them, and an understanding of what the message is.

With your direct-response knowledge base and Heather’s dynamic teaching skills, you should be able to hang your SEO copywriting shingle in no time.

This is easier than you think. And if it’s not, or simply doesn’t work for you, you’ve got nothing to lose. So jump in—and cash in—now.


Rebecca Matter,
VP and Director of Online Marketing,
American Writers & Artists Institute

P.S. Soon you’ll be doing your clients—and yourself—a disservice if you can’t deliver online copy that is optimized. Don’t get caught in the unsettling position of having to turn good clients and good money away. Take action and order SEO Copywriting Success today.