Copywriting 101:
An Introduction to Turning Your Writing Passion Into a High-Paying Career

“Despite not being overly smart or talented, over the past 3 decades
I have made millions of dollars as a freelance direct response copywriter
— and 30 years after I started, I still have fun every day doing it!”

~ Bob Bly

This 53-page manual was prepared by American Writers & Artists Institute –the world’s top copywriting training company. It will give you a more detailed idea of the benefits and advantages of this line of work. It also includes more examples of how copywriting has changed the lives of so many AWAI members.

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Inside the manual, you’ll learn:

  • What Exactly is Copywriting?
  • Five Financial and Lifestyle Options Copywriting Offers
  • How to Have Complete Control Over Your Schedule for the First Time
  • If You Can Write A Simple Letter or Email, You Can Do This
  • What You Don’t Need to be a Great Copywriter Will Surprise You
  • The Secret Structure of Direct-Marketing Sales Letters
  • The Difference Between Run-of-the-Mill Copy and Great Copy
  • Why Copywriters Make So Much Money
  • The One Reason Marketers Will Pay You Top Dollar
  • The Secret to Good Writing
  • The “Trick” that Will Strengthen Your Copy a Hundredfold
  • The Variety of Opportunities that Await You
  • How the Internet Explosion has Increased the Demand for Copy … Resulting in Thousands of Potential Employers For You
  • Your Guide to Ethically “Borrowing” From the World’s Best Copywriters
  • The Fast and Easy Path to Copywriting Success

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