Every Time A Client Says
These Four Simple Words …

You Could Earn
$35-$167 Per Hour

Working From Home

(And thousands of clients
all over America are saying them!)

This is simply unlike anything AWAI has ever offered before …

From the Desk of Katie Yeakle, Executive Director, AWAI …

Four simple words.

That’s all it takes for you to be well on your way to earning a very nice full-time income … writing from the comfort of your own home.

Better yet, every time a client says these four words to you, you can be almost certain you’ll have a nice payday. That’s how eager these clients are to pay skilled folks in this lucrative, little-known writing niche.

One more thing you should know before we continue …

Freelancers who serve this niche don’t have to worry about writing traditional sales copy … or persuading in print. And, even though this kind of writing isn’t tied to the sales process, it’s still in VERY high demand.

Put simply, this is a fun, exciting and “different” way to earn a living as a freelance writer without writing a word of marketing copy. (Like I said, this is unlike anything AWAI has offered before.)

And ALL it takes is a client uttering four simple words.

Before I tell you what those four words are, let’s take a closer look at this niche and how it gives you the potential to easily earn a substantial income from home or from just about anywhere you choose. More on that last bit later!

Few Freelancers Think To Do This As A Specialty

To say that this writing niche is one of the most underserved by freelancers who make this their specialty would be an understatement.

There are thousands of potential clients out there. From local “Mom ‘n’ Pop” businesses, to the biggest multinational Fortune 500s … and everything in between. Almost every business and organization needs this kind of writing done at some point. That’s how big and wide this opportunity is.

But here’s the thing …

There aren’t many freelancers who specialize in it.

What makes this niche even more unique is that it’s a skill that’s very learnable. You can acquire the basics quickly and be up and offering this service in a short period of time. Also, since there isn’t a lot of competition, it’s easier to command higher fees right from the start. This is simply a case of supply and demand. There isn’t a big supply of good writers in this niche.

And, the demand, as you'll see, is growing.

Sadly most potential clients don’t have a “go-to” writer they can say these four simple words to, and pay him/her in exchange.

Read on to learn how that writer could be YOU … well on your way to living your version of the Writer’s Life.

It’s not unreasonable to say that you could earn a full-time income as a freelancer your very first year. Not bad when you consider that means no more boss to dictate your work schedule … no more commutes … and no more juggling your life around “work” and “the office.”

A Life Without Boundaries

In fact, once you learn this skill and have clients saying these four words to you, you can truly live a life without limits.

When you aren’t busy making money with your newfound work you can take time off or travel whenever you want (no more having to fill out “request” forms to get permission) … you can wake up early or wake up late. No more endless meetings to go to, no more office politics, no more wasting half you life in endless traffic jams on a daily commute to the office. And …

Here’s The First Really Cool Part

You’re not limited to providing this service in just your local area. With a computer, a phone, and an Internet connection you can work from just about anywhere no matter where your clients are located.

All of which makes this truly one of those unique work niches where you can design your work to fit your lifestyle … instead of the other way around. Just email your work to your clients, send them your invoices, and collect your checks in the mail. And maybe even book your next gig with them!

That’s why I’m so excited to bring this opportunity to you …

It fits perfectly into everything the Writer’s Life should be.

Here’s The Second Really Cool Part

One of the unique – and fun – things about it is that it’s nothing like traditional writing. There are no letters to write … no brochures … no emails … nothing like that.

Instead, you’ll be doing a far different kind of writing. One that’s just as important to your clients. But, unlike copywriting, the success of this writing isn’t measured by sales … conversion rates … or even beating the control.

The measure of success is much simpler – the satisfaction the client gets in using this type of writing and the feedback he or she gets.

For a potential client to find someone who can do this sort of writing competently can be a real challenge – someone who they can say these four words to and pay to do this. And when they find you … they want to keep you! In fact, if your client likes what you produce, you’ll most likely have that client for life.

And remember, what these clients want you to do is a learned skill. One that can be learned given the right tools – the very tools that are now available to you.

And while we’re on the subject … it’s definitely on the “upper end” of the freelancing pay scale. Which leads us to …

The Third Really Cool Part
$2,700-$10,000 Per Project!

There are plenty of clients that need this kind of writing done. Their big worry is not about saving money on a cheap job. They are much more concerned about saving time – which to them is money anyway. So when they say these words to you, you will be making at least $2,700 per project on the low end and up to $10,000 at the high end.

And when you look at it in terms of hourly rates, it’s not uncommon for freelancers in this niche to earn anywhere from $35-$167 per hour.

But here’s the nice thing – with the marketing know-how this program provides it’s not that hard to get work on a regular basis. Clients are truly eager to get this kind of writing done. And repeat business from satisfied clients is the norm.

Considering there aren’t many writers who specialize in this kind of writing … you could easily make a name for yourself in this niche.

Which means you could be living your ideal “dream” lifestyle sooner rather than later.

Who knew four simple words could do so much for you?

Okay, enough of the mystery. What are these four magic words that have such potential to change your writing life. They are:

“We need a speech!”

That’s right. The hugely under-served niche I’m talking about here is speech writing.

Fact is, thousands of speeches and presentations are given EVERY week. Of course, nobody knows for sure the exact number. But look at it this way. How many thousands of board rooms, conference halls, seminar and meeting rooms are in use for this very purpose in hotels, office buildings, conference centers and libraries in towns and cities large and small across the country not just every week, but every day? Think about those numbers and it will give you an idea of how big this market can be.

And you know what?

The majority of those speeches aren’t written by the people who deliver them.

Why don’t they write their own speeches? Because senior executives and others who give speeches are so busy with other things. That's why they're happy to pay a nice premium for someone else to do it.

This is exactly why there are speechwriters all over the country earning a solid six-figure income. Incidentally, it is not only freelance speechwriters who are in demand. In some large corporations and government agencies, in-house speechwriters are also highly valued.

In fact, President Obama’s chief speechwriter, 30-year old John Favreau, earns a tidy $172,000 per year – just as much as current Chief of Staff William Daley.

Does that clue you in to how important speechwriters are to their clients?

The good news is you don’t have to be a presidential speechwriter to earn the big bucks.

Many seasoned speechwriters (who are relatively unknown, since most of them, for confidentiality reasons, don’t publically disclose who “their” speakers are) earn north of $100,000 a year.

You just need to know the basics of speech writing, and let potential clients know you can write them a speech they’ll be proud to deliver. This program shows you how to get started doing exactly that. The truth is there is always a need for great speech writers and …

These Clients Know They NEED You!

And which clients might they be? Most speech writers aren’t writing for the Presidents and Prime Ministers of the world. But you can be writing for some pretty important people.

If you aim high, you may find yourselves putting words in the mouths of captains of industry … CEOs, senior officers of government and non-profit leaders to name a few.

The movers and shakers, if you will. A few of which you may even get to rub shoulders with (just one of the perks that comes with the importance of your position as a freelance speechwriter).

But really, it can be anyone within an organization who needs a speech. They don’t want to write it themselves and they’re quite willing to pay to have it done for them. Believe me, it’s a project they’re very eager to get off their plates. Why?

Because in most cases, they or their staffs have neither the time nor the talent nor the inclination to do it themselves.

But there is another reason they desperately need your services. For many the thought of just speaking in public makes most people queasy.

You may have heard the saying that when asked what they fear most, many folks rate public speaking higher than death! And even it's not this extreme for the people you'll be helping, they're still nervous about going on the public stage and that’s where you come in.

For someone who has a looming speaking engagement – finding an excellent speechwriter who they can trust becomes a top priority.

It’s part of the reason why speech writing is in such great demand, and for you, it becomes such an excellent way to live the Writer’s Life.

Once the word gets out about your talents, and clients start calling you, you don’t even have to “sell” them on your services. There’s no need to try and convince a potential client who calls you to use your services. The majority are well aware of the value you bring to the table. And they are desperately hoping that you say “yes” to the project they have in mind, because if you can’t do it, they have to go looking for someone else, and that costs them time and money. And so, once you do say “yes” it just becomes a matter of negotiating terms and figuring out a deadline that works.

It’s really that simple.

And by simple, I mean ANYONE committed to learn this distinctive style of writing can indeed learn it. And one of the reasons good speechwriters are in demand is because they have taken the time to learn this specialized type of work.

Remember speeches are written for the ear, not the eye. So most of the traditional writing skills and rules used for print don’t apply, at least not in the same way. Getting the right message out is critical of course. But how that message comes across to the audience is just as important if they are going to stay engaged. And that's something you can learn to do.

Another Very Cool Part

In addition to giving you the Writer’s Life … a life of financial freedom … a life without boundaries – speech writing comes with a little “glicken.”

Let me explain …

Speeches are often made to mark the occurrence of every momentous event.

The beginning and end of wars … major medical breakthroughs … natural disasters … the list goes on and on.

Speeches are also made to announce governmental policy decisions … unveil new technologies and products … reveal corporate plans and strategies.

And the majority of them are written by professional speechwriters.

Who knows where the words you write will end up. Coming out of the mouths of senators? Fortune 500 CEOs? Wall Street bigwigs? On the ten o’clock news?

Or perhaps you have landed a pharmaceutical company that wants to announce the launch of a new life saving drug. Your client may well look to you for the words he uses to inform the public, the media, and shareholders about the launch.

So you get the idea when I say the possibilities for work are almost endless because speechwriting is in demand across all business and government sectors.

And the best part is you can do it from home … or anywhere you want to work.

This truly is a little-known gem of the freelancing world.

You get to write on a wide variety of topics, It’s interesting as well as fun. You get to meet important people. It’s even possible to be part of history …

And, you get paid handsomely to do it.

It’s a great gig, no doubt about it. But there hasn’t been much information on how to break into this lucrative and low-competition niche.

Until now …

Let A 17+ Year Veteran Show You The Ropes – Step-By-Step

To show you the ins and outs of speech writing (and how to make a great living at it) we’ve brought in one of the industry’s busiest pros.

Meet Colin Moorhouse.

He left the security of his fully medically-insured, index-pensioned, well-paid job in communications and hurled himself into the exciting world of freelancing.

It turns out he made the right choice.

For the past 17 years, he’s been quietly earning an excellent income while writing speeches for a wide range of clients ranging from government and industry leaders as well as a variety of non-profit agencies. In fact 90% of his incomes comes from speech writing alone. Speeches he has worked on have been delivered at venues the world over by speakers from senior levels of government, industry and the non-profit sector.

He is not only recognized as a first class speechwriter, but a skilled teacher as well. For the past 15 years, he’s taught a 2-day speech writing workshop at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. He has led speech writing workshops or given speech writing lectures or talks for organizations like Toastmasters … the Canadian Public Relations Society … the International Association of Business Communicators … the Professional Writers Association of Canada and Let’s Talk Business in Vancouver, New York and New Jersey and provided his insights to major conferences such as those hosted by Ragan Communications, one of North America’s outstanding publishers and sponsor of corporate communications events. Colin also provides workshops to government communications officers as well as his own classroom training to those who want to learn the craft.

In addition he puts out two newsletters on the craft of writing and selling yourself as a speechwriter.

Simply put, you’re in good hands with Colin. Because he’s agreed to share every single speech writing tip, trick, strategy, technique and insight he’s learned in his 17 years of being “in the trenches.”

What’s more, he knows HOW to teach this skill powerfully and effectively.

The Definitive Guide to “Putting Words in People’s Mouths”

Colin’s program is called Speech Writing Success! The Craft and Business of Speech Writing

In this exciting, interactive training guide, he’s laid out absolutely everything you’ll need to know to become a professional speechwriter.

And when I say everything, I truly mean everything. Colin has gone above and beyond … and is 100 percent committed to helping YOU become a successful speechwriter. He’s laid out all you’ll need in an exciting, interactive training program.

He takes you from a client saying, “I need a speech – fast! Can you do it?” to figuring out exactly what to do and how to do it efficiently, professionally and expertly. This means you’ll be well on your way to living the life of your dreams … working from home and ditching the 9-5 hamster wheel the rest of the world is on.

By the time you’re done going through Speech Writing Success! The Craft and Business of Speech Writing you’ll have the best knowledge and tools available anywhere to get the job done and have your clients love it! (And this is KEY to getting loyal clients who will want your services time and time again).

Your Success Depends On This …

The first step of your journey begins with Colin revealing what he calls the five rules of engagement. Why is this critical to your success as a speechwriter?

Because if a speaker expects to be listened to, he has to quickly engage his audience on a fundamental level. (Without that engagement, there will be a lot of checking of watches.)

And your clients are going to be depending on you to help them make that connection.

Colin explains that giving a speech is not really the best way to transmit information. Most of the details are forgotten 10 minutes after the speaker leaves the podium. So yes, the speech has to get the speaker’s message across. But it’s just as important for the audience to remember the impression the speaker made on them.

That’s what you want to happen for your clients. And that’s why you need to know Colin’s “five rules of engagement.”

Once you master these five rules, you’ll know exactly how to grab – and hold – an audience’s attention. You’ll be able to confidently turn ANY topic into an audience-pleasing speech.

And that’s just for starters.

You’ll also learn:

  • How to find your client’s “voice” and use it effectively throughout the speech
  • The keys to doing effective speech research … and also knowing when enough’s enough
  • How to take your speech from what Colin’s calls a “puke” draft to the final draft
  • The single-most important part of a speech – and how to tackle it effectively
  • How to “write for the ear”
  • Understanding the ins and outs of rhetorical devices and how they affect a speech’s level of engagement.
  • How to deal with all kinds of clients … from the easy-to-please to the most difficult … and always stay in the driver’s seat.
  • And much, much more …

In short, you will get Colin’s complete A to Z process from the time the client says, “We need a speech!” to “Thanks, the audience loved it!”

Get Ready To Live The Life Of Your Dreams!

One thing you’ll notice immediately about Speech Writing Success! The Craft and Business of Speech Writing is that it’s NOT a passive program.

Colin wants you to be fully immersed in the world of speechwriting from the get-go – and that requires your active participation.

Here’s what that means …

You’ll frequently be listening to audio clips of actual historical speeches and analyzing them (think JFK and Martin Luther King) and to some of the best speakers on the public stage today. That will give you a feel for the cadence and rhythm of the spoken word – the best of the best – and excellent examples of techniques top-notch speechwriters use to make their speeches powerful and engaging.

You’ll also be looking at actual speeches Colin has written for his clients … and discovering exactly what made them work so well. He explains the background of every speech, and then takes you “over his shoulder” as he clues you in on why he did what he did … and how YOU can do it in your speech writing efforts.

Along the way, you’ll be working on a wide variety of handpicked assignments – all designed to hone your speech writing skills. They will provide just the right combination of challenge and fun. They will stretch you just a little bit each time … transforming you into a first-rate speechwriter clients will want to hire time and time again.

Everything is organized and easy to follow … and you’ll be writing speeches your clients (and their audiences) love in no time.

But that’s not all. Like I said, Colin is committed to your success.

That’s why we’re setting up an online meeting room exclusively for you and your fellow speechwriters-in-training.

This is where you’ll be posting your assignments … and getting feedback directly from Colin.

This is also where you’ll be able to interact with your fellow speechwriters-in-training, bounce ideas off each other, keep up to date on the latest industry news, and have an expert (Colin) at the ready to answer your most pressing questions and help you past any roadblocks.

With this kind of community support, it’ll be hard NOT to succeed as a freelance speechwriter.

I can’t think of a better way to learn this exciting and rewarding skill.

Getting Clients – Tricks of the Trade

Colin is going to give you what is, without a doubt, one of the best educations on speech writing available anywhere.

But he isn’t going to stop there. He’s also going to show you how to handle the “business” side of things too.

In short, Colin will reveal EVERYTHING he’s learned over his 17 years as a professional speechwriter on how to market yourself and land high-paying clients.

You’re going to learn how to effectively use your marketing muscle to identify and target only clients who have an immediate need – and the money – to hire you.

You’ll know exactly what to say to them and when.

But even once you have a steady stream of clients contacting you, there are still other pieces of the puzzle that need to be filled in.

No worries because Colin’s got you covered here, too. He’s going to walk you through the entire process, from start to finish. So that:

  • You’ll know the effective strategies for dealing with clients – both those who are pleasant and those who tend to give you a little more trouble.
  • He’ll show you how to stay in control and be professional at every juncture.

Bottom line: You’ll know exactly what to do and how to do it.

And when it comes to marketing your services he will show you how to develop a game plan … one that will have you landing your first few paid projects sooner than you think.

Go At Your Own Pace

And the entire program is available online. Just log in whenever you want and access the program materials instantly … any time of day or night.

Even if you have just a few hours a week to devote to Speech Writing Success!, not a problem. The program was designed for your convenience – to let you fit the lessons into your busy schedule and go as fast or as slow as you like.

With Colin’s expert guidance, you’ll be up and running in no time. And you’ll continue to have access to all the program material so if you ever need to review a concept … you can easily go back and get a quick “refresher.”

Speech Writing Success! The Craft and Business of Speech Writing will be your speech writing companion and go-to reference guide.

No matter what speech writing challenge you need to tackle, you’ll always be able to find the answer.

Now It’s Up To You …

Speech writing is interesting … fun … and very rewarding.

It gives you the freedom to work where you want, when you want, and the luxury of being your own boss.

With Speech Writing Success! The Craft and Business of Speech Writing you’re learning this skill from one of the industry’s top professionals. And, once you’ve acquired it, you can use it to create a very nice full-time (or part-time) income for yourself.

Just think of everything you’re getting with the program! Access to:

  • Colin’s entire wealth of knowledge … delivered via his online training program specifically created for AWAI members like you. It’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you can work at your own pace. And Colin covers EVERYTHING. Not only how to write a great speech, but also how to find, land and deal with clients (and stay in control throughout the entire process).
  • The online meeting room. This is your “go to” place to post your assignments and get feedback directly from Colin. It’s also your “sounding board” where you can connect with your fellow speechwriters-in-training and share your journey to living the “Writer’s Life.”
  • Carefully selected assignments designed to accelerate your progress. You’ll be listening in on actual historical speeches, writing your own speeches and analyzing speeches written by the pros to understand what made them so effective.
  • Ongoing support and feedback and unlimited updates. Any time Colin adds something new to the program – or is aware of any changes in the industry– you’ll be let in on it.
  • Marketing tips and strategies specifically designed to grab the attention of potential speech writing clients and put you on the fast track to earning a comfy income as a freelance speechwriter.

So how much to get started in this lucrative writing niche?

Just $497.

Armed with this program, you could earn anywhere from $2,700 to $10,000 for a 30-minute speech or project.

Just one or two keynote speeches a month could mean a comfortable income for you year-in and year out. Not a bad return on your investment. And remember, you don’t have to worry about competing for clients. There aren’t many freelancers around who offer this service as their specialty.

It’s a plum of a job. People who are stressed out about having to give a speech come to you for help. You make them look good … and you may have clients for life! (Colin has some clients who have been loyal to him for over 10 years now!)

You Don’t Risk a Thing

So here’s what I suggest:

Order your copy of Speech Writing Success! The Craft and Business of Speech Writing. Go through all the materials. Do your assignments. Get Colin’s feedback. Ask questions and take advantage of all the resources we’re giving you.

If after six months you still don’t think speech writing is for you, no problem.

Just contact AWAI’s Member Services team for a prompt and courteous refund.

But, frankly, I don’t think that’s going to happen. Because if you have the willingness to learn something new, and the diligence to see it through, your chances of success in this lucrative and rewarding field are sky high.

A One-Of-A-Kind Opportunity

As a speechwriter, there’s no “selling” to do. No controls to beat. Not even any sales materials to create for a product or service.

Your job is simply to write engaging, effective and powerful speeches that will make your clients look good.

It’s a learned skill that if you apply effort and practice to, you’ll master the basics of in a short period of time. And as you get more experience under your belt, your skills will improve, and with that improvement, you will be able to charge more for your services.

And the financial rewards, even at the low end, are great. Not to mention the freedom that comes with it, too. You’re the boss. No commutes. You can work from home or just about anywhere so long as you have an Internet connection and a laptop.

And it all starts with that first client ringing you up and saying those four simple words: “I need a speech!”

And with you confidently replying: “I can do it!”

Colin made the choice to become a freelance speechwriter 17 years ago. He hasn’t looked back since.

I hope you’ll join him.

To your speech writing success,

Katie Yeakle
Executive Director, AWAI

Order Today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if speech writing is for me?
If you enjoy writing and want to get paid to do it, speech writing is an excellent vehicle for you. Because you’ll be writing speeches on a wide variety of topics, you have to love to read and learning new things. Other than that, it helps if you are into checking up on current events and take an interest in what’s going on in the world, both at the national and global level. Oh and one more thing. Freedom. If you want the freedom to create your own schedule and work your own hours, speechwriting is definitely for you.
Can I REALLY do this?
Absolutely! Remember, speech writing isn’t something only reserved for a special few natural born talents. It’s a learned skill. That means most writers can learn it (well, at least in theory). You’ve still have to apply yourself and practice your craft. But the more you do it, the better you’ll get at it. That said, it doesn’t take long to become a competent speechwriter. You could even be writing speeches for a good fee within a few short weeks.
Are there any “hidden” costs to get started?
No, there are not. Assuming of course, you already have a computer and Internet connection. The only other costs you could have in the future will be the costs of marketing yourself. But Colin gives you PLENTY of ways to market your services for free, or close to it.
This sounds too good to be true. Is it?
Not at all. Speechwriters are in high demand. And when you consider how many speeches are given at any moment here in North America, it’s easy to see why. Plus, the pay scale is definitely on the upper end for freelance writers. If you apply yourself, and apply all the rules provided by this program, it’s not unrealistic to say you could be earning a full-time income your first year as a speechwriter, provided you put in the effort and market yourself consistently.
Why is the range of fees so high?
The hourly rates of $35 to 167 per hour or $2700 – $10,000 per project are the figures quoted in Writer’s Market 2011. (Writer’s Digest Books, Cincinnati, Ohio) based on surveys of prices paid for this type of writing. There are reasons for the spread. Obviously speechwriters just starting out command less than you can earn after a few miles under your belt. There are other realities at play. Non-profits will usually play less than a large corporation and government. Big city clients tend to pay more than clients in smaller centers. Then it depends on the project. Is it just a speech? Or do they want you to do the Power Point slides as well? Are they looking for related communications advice? Do they want you to convert the speech into a communications document for other uses? You can see how the more involved the project the more you can charge. Bottom line? We think you will agree that the low end “ain’t” chump change. And the high end is pretty darn good.
Is it hard to get clients?
No. In fact, it’s easier than with most other forms of writing. For one thing, there’s less competition out there than in other forms of freelance writing services. There are very few freelance speechwriters out there dedicated solely to this craft. And most potential clients are presold on needing a speech by the time they come to you for help. All that’s left at that point is negotiating price. (And with Speech Writing Success! Colin is going to give you all his techniques for getting all the clients you’ll want.)

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