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The Versatile FreelancerAs a copywriter you don’t have to just write. You can actually turn your knowledge and experience into thousands of dollars in additional income—this year and every year! The same is true for other creative professionals, too!

In The Versatile Freelancer, you learn step-by-step how to branch out into lucrative and fun areas of consulting, copy critiquing, training in-house copywriters and marketers, and presenting at company events and sales meetings. Opportunities are everywhere, and the potential benefits are huge.

In this program, direct-response copywriter, critiquer, consultant, trainer and speaker Don Hauptman shows you how to turn the very specific and in-demand knowledge you have into an endless supply of “non-writing” income. Here’s a preview of the great advice you’ll find in The Versatile Freelancer …

  • The 7 common mistakes nonprofessional copywriters make. Be sure you know them. Why? Because you’re likely to see one or more in every promotion you’re asked to critique!
  • Don Hauptman’s 9 key points for promotional critiquing.
  • The two biggest “secret weapons” of every successful consultant.
  • Simple steps to insure a smooth, successful, problem-free training presentations—every time.
  • A great way to find your first speaking opportunities—a tip from a highly paid professional speaker.
  • A terrific way to meet prospects who are ideally suited to hire you, one-on-one at conferences.
  • A great “unknown” speaking opportunity for copywriters.
  • And much more …

Whatever your specialty, whatever knowledge you possess, someone probably needs or wants to learn it—and is willing to pay you for sharing it.

Isn’t it time to cash in? You can, when you order The Versatile Freelancer.

The Versatile Freelancer: How Writers and Other Creative Professionals Can Generate More Income by Seizing New Opportunities in Critiquing, Consulting, Training, and Presenting: $79

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