Katie Yeakle

Katie Yeakle here.

And I want to tell you about something more valuable than any degree (doctor, lawyer, accountant, MBA, etc.).

If you have any desire to improve your life beyond anything you could imagine, then you might want to take a listen to this.

Clayton Makepeace – teacher of some of the most successful copywriters in the world – is going to share something with you.

It’s probably not possible to exist in our world (of copywriters) and not know who he is, but just in case you don’t, I’ll tell you very briefly.

Clayton makes more money and lives better than any other copywriter I know – well over $20 million in fees and royalties since 1995 alone. 

He truly lives the millionaire lifestyle: The homes in the mountains, at the lake and on the beach. 

The exotic sports cars. 

The motorcycles. 

The First-Class tickets to Europe. 

The five-carat diamonds for his beloved Wendy. 

And the world-class colleges for his kids and grandkids.

Point is, if he’s going to share one of his secrets of success with you…well…it might be in your best interest to pay attention.

But enough of me talking about Clayton. Let’s get right into what it is he has to say to you…

The surest way I know
to get from zero up to
one million (dollars)
in no time flat …

Hello copywriters,

Clayton Makepeace,
million-dollar copywriter

Clayton Makepeace here. And I have a question for you.

If I could show you a way to instantly double your income, would you want to know about it?

Well, I can.  I’ve got proof.  I’ve done it myself. And I’ll show you how you can do it, too – right in this letter.

The secret? Three little words: Video Sales Letters.

The idea is simple: Instead of writing a sales page for your next online promotion, you write a video.

I’ve tested it many times: A static sales page vs. a video sales letter.

Same theme. Same product. Same spokesman. Same offer.  Very similar copy (I’ll tell you about the differences in a moment).

But the video sales letter generates 2 1/2 times more orders for my client.

And 250% more royalties for yours truly.

Plus, they’re loads more fun to write.

And after your first big winner, the world beats a path to your door.

Because as you might suspect judging from the massive response they generate … VSLs are the wave of the future.

And I can tell you from my own experience that they just continue to grow in use and importance.

So why is it such an advantage?

The answer is simple.

According to eMarketer, online video was the fastest growing ad format in 2012 with nearly 55% growth.

According to Internet Retailer, 52% of consumers say that watching product videos makes them more confident in their online purchase decisions.

(And, when a video is information-intensive, 66% of consumers will watch the video two or more times).

Website Magazine says its consumers are willing to watch videos 60% of the time they are found, and 52% of consumers report that they are less likely to return a product after viewing a video.

Enterprise search provider Attivio found that pages with video attracted 2-3 times as many monthly visitors, doubled time on-site, and achieved a 157% increase in organic traffic from search engines.

According to Bytemobile Mobile Analytics Report, online video now accounts for 50% of all mobile traffic and up to 69% of traffic on certain networks.

There are many more statistics, but you get the picture.

I’ve developed my own method
for snowballing your income
with the use of VSLs

It’s called The Makepeace Method for Making a Fortune Writing Video Sales Letters. I call it “The Makepeace Method” for short.

But this program is more than just a “how-to” about how to write a wildly successful VSL script.

I’m also going to show you everything that goes along with it — knowledge that can make you an expert on VSLs and Internet marketing. That places you light-years ahead of most copywriters.

Now, I don’t want you to be intimidated. I know you may think that VSLs are very hard to do.

My system is so easy to follow a child could do it.

And in it are the secrets to how I became one of the highest-paid copywriters.

So let me give you a look at what you’ll get
when you join The Makepeace Method:

You’ll get the core of my system in 8 Sessions you can watch on video or listen to on audio, complete with printouts — teaching you the “heart and soul” of the system I’ve developed that consistently produces multimillion-dollar VSLs.

Just so you understand, you won’t find my system anywhere else. This is the result of all my years of writing and marketing, trial and error, and testing and testing and testing.

Frankly, it would take most people years to put together anything like this.

And even if they took the trouble … they probably wouldn’t have the variety of experience I’ve had, and be able to reveal all the tricks and techniques I do.

You see, I’m no ivory tower copywriting guru. I didn’t read this stuff in a book or on someone else’s website. 

I’m a working writer. I get up at 4:00 AM every blessed day and make a beeline for my desk. Not because I have to; because I love it.

I put my name and reputation on the line with everything I write. I test like crazy. And one of the greatest joys of my life is sharing what I learn with other writers.

Once you’re armed with this system, you’re in a position to not only teach clients things they need to know, but you’ll also be ahead of thousands of copywriters who would like to do this but won’t know anywhere NEAR what you know.

Personally, I know of only one group of marketers producing VSLs on this level — and they’re NOT teaching anyone.

But my philosophy is a little different — I think if there were some more people who could do this, it would be good for all of us.

So I’ve carved out the time to create this program and try to get some of you up to where you could help some of the companies I work with, or better yet — help ME with a client who’s got a need greater than I can supply!

So let me give you just a few little teases of the essential secrets you’ll learn in my Method:

In Session One, I’ll show you how to use
VSLs to attract million-dollar clients

This is what lands you the dream clients you want — clients who are:

  • Fun to work with (you want clients who appreciate you and work with you — you don’t want to have to work with difficult clients, or clients who see you as someone they have to manage or control) …
  • Clients who want you to be successful (that means they understand your value to their business — and they’re happy to pay you big money to be a key part of making their business grow) …
  • Clients who are trustworthy and who will pay you (they’ll show you the results of their marketing and pay you promptly — they won’t just hand you a check and say, “This is for the last month.” You can count on them to do it promptly without having to ask them) …
  • You want clients who are honest and careful about obeying the law and all governing regulations (you DON’T want a client who is willing to risk trouble with regulatory agencies) …
  • And finally, you want clients who have great potential for growth. That means that when you give them great marketing, they’re going to succeed and will be able to pay you more and more money!

Now, you don’t have to figure out HOW to attract these clients. I’ll teach you my personal secrets for how to find and land the ideal clients.

You see, I have a foolproof 5-step process for FINDING these clients. Just follow the steps I’ll give you and you’re bound to land your dream clients.

Then, I’ll show you my simple 10-step process for communicating with and LANDING these clients. Again, this is a step-by-step process laid out for you like a roadmap.

(Remember, this isn’t based on theory or limited experience like some would-be “gurus” will give you — these steps are based on my experience in over 40 years of finding and landing the very best clients there are.)

Next, I’ll give you the 7 key questions to ask a prospective client. The knowledge you will get from their answers to these will put you ahead of 99% of the copywriters they deal with.

Bottom line, I’ll walk you through every step of finding and landing these clients, and even show you what to say and how to approach them with an irresistible offer.

Plus, I’ll even show you how to have material to show your prospective clients when you’ve never even done a paid VSL assignment!

Next, in Session Two, I’m going to show you
14 ways to make your VSL a huge success

First, I’ll give you a simple two-step system that can help you write a winning VSL in as little as TWO DAYS.

In Step 1, we’ll create the structure for your VSL.

In Step 2, I’ll show you how to “hang the meat on the bone” of what you’ve created. At this point, you’re already writing it!

  • I’ll show you how to add in elements to cement your points in the VSL — things like quotes, factoids, charts, tables, or third-party information. This is the “secret sauce” that gives your VSL unbeatable credibility — and gains the trust and confidence of your prospect.
  • Also, I’ll show you the 3 simple things to ALWAYS include in a VSL to quickly double or even triple your results …
  • My 2 favorite “persuasion strategies” to connect with your prospect and cement your relationship with him …
  • How to avoid the “Deadliest Sin” in a VSL that could cause your prospect to turn you right off (all it takes is a single click and you’re gone!) …
  • 5 simple tips to eliminate confusion in your video (that’s another “Deadly Sin”) …

Now, some people will give you a little information on how to write a VSL — and then it stops there!

But having a million-dollar VSL is NOT just about writing the VSL — it’s about all the stuff that goes with it! That’s why writing it is really just the beginning …

In Session Three, you’ll learn
that it’s all about eyeballs!

The more sets of eyeballs
you get to see your video, the greater
the success it can be.

Now there are some simple ways to do this — but there’s a good chance your client may not even know all of what you’re going to know.

So I’ll start by showing you the 8 best ways to drive traffic to your VSL (again, you’ll be showing your clients things they very possibly won’t know — AND make sure you’re getting the biggest royalties you can) …

Then, there are 5 things you MUST DO once your prospect reaches the end of your VSL (you’ll be amazed how few copywriters and marketers use all five — most only use one or maybe two … so they’re leaving money on the table).

Then I’ll explain the 2 types of prospects you will be dealing with — and why you have to approach each one differently to guarantee response …

Plus you’ll get some juicy tidbits from my personal toolbox, that help make my VSLs so successful … like the 7 secrets to powerful traffic-driving emails, and the 5 key elements to traffic-driving banners …

Next, in Session Four, I’m going to teach you
about how your VSL is presented

You see, your VSL does NOT exist in a vacuum. It is hosted on a web page.

That gives you plenty of real estate to work with above, below, and beside the video window.

Plus, the web programmer should be able to have anything you like appear outside of this window, any time you like during your presentation (if not, tell your client that they’re leaving money on the table).

You’ll learn 5 tricks you can do that will maximize what you can do with the page and enhance the effectiveness of your video …

And I’ll show you exactly how to write these things into the script — so everyone can understand what you’re calling for and it can get executed exactly as you want it!

I’ll show you the secret of the “mini-site” — this is something almost nobody knows how to use. But once you’ve written your script … it’s EASY to do (I’ll show you exactly what they are and how to set one up) …

And, I’ll show you what you should NOT have to worry about … these are things that are not normally your responsibility, and if you do them, you should charge extra. This helps keep a very professional profile for you with your client. You do not want to try to be anything they need. That is not your job!

Next, in Session Five, I’m going to show you
what I call “The art of the deal”

You see, you can’t negotiate successfully with a client if you don’t understand what you’re worth to them.

Remember, at this point in my program, you are no longer just a copywriter. You have become an online marketing strategist, and a VSL specialist!

Also, I’m going to show you how your negotiations are not confrontational. Many people don’t understand this. They state their fees and demand a “yes” or “no” answer.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

What you want to do is COLLABORATE with your client to find a solution that works for everyone.

So if your client objects to your standard fee, I’ll show you 6 different ways you can propose to structure your deal that all work out to pretty much the same money for you in the end.

Also, being so flexible really shows your client that you’re willing to work with them, while keeping your very professional profile and NOT just dropping your fees!

Next, I’ll show you the 6 common structures for your deal, and 2 of what I call “interesting wrinkles.” These have to do with the retainer you get, and either way you come out a winner!

I’ll show you the standard money deals and where to start.

And I’ll show you 2 ways to structure your royalty deal — and they both work out the same for you!

(This is good, because it’s a fact that some businesses like to calculate their profits one way, and others like to calculate another way. It’s good for you to understand so either way they propose, you know how to wind up where you want to be.)

I’ll also show you the key parts of the deal that protect your interests all the way to the bank! It’s to your advantage that all of these are written into the agreement.

And I’ll show you my 7 “Pot Sweeteners” — juicy tidbits to add to the deal that actually pay off big in the long run.

In Session Six, I’m going to show you
how to put together those essential components
that go along with a VSL

A lot of people don’t pay attention to these and just copy what other people do — which is a big mistake.

Again, these are my personal techniques that have been proven again and again to capture people who might leave the video at any stage and convert them into buyers.

When you have a good system in place, you can save 15% or more of people you might otherwise lose.

And this, of course, translates into 15% more royalty money for you. And the more you do it, the more sales you save, and that extra money accumulates over time. “Snowball.”

Plus, I’ll show you how to do an order form or order page several different ways (you can have your client test many of the things I show you to see what works best).

And I’ll show you my “Bread Crumb” method of making it so easy for someone to order they’re far less likely to get intimidated by the process.

I repeat — very few people give these things the attention they deserve. When you add up all the methods, techniques, and secrets I’m going to share with you, you wind up with an arsenal that puts you miles ahead of your competition.

In fact, once you talk to a prospective client — you’ll be able to discuss things with them that almost no one else will think to do!

Okay, bear with me just a couple of more minutes, and I’m going to tell you about something very special I’m going to share with you also.

First, though, let me finish up my system of writing million-dollar VSLs (frankly, many of them have brought in several million) …

In Session Seven, I’m going to share with you
8 great ways to test your VSL
to make sure you’re getting
the absolute best response possible

You know, so many marketers just test one element on a VSL. But there are really quite a few things you can — and should — do to get the best results for your client AND you.

For example, I’m going to show you 5 basic types of headlines. Now — would you test 2 versions of the same type? Maybe. But usually you’re better off testing different types of headlines.

Plus, I’ll reveal my “21 Questions” you should answer BEFORE you even begin to write a headline.

Then I’ll show you how to test your traffic drivers, your offer, and figure out if you want to “serialize” your promo, or create a course, or a “rolling webinar.”

And finally, I’ll show you how to create a squeeze page to go in your marketing plan, and I’ll give you some models to work off of to get you started.

You may be getting tired of hearing me say this, but this is really far and above what most people give you as a plan for writing VSLs.

Most people pretty much to the writing of the script, and ignore all the extras that can keep your VSL alive and performing well for twice as long.

Finally, in Session Eight, I’m going to wrap up
the whole thing for you and tie a bow around it

I mean I’m going to go over everything you need to know to produce your own video (you can make one to show clients that proves you know what you’re talking about!).

We’ll start with my 5-step process to take you from writing your video right up to posting it online.

And I’ll give you my 9 rules of thumb for production of your slides.

I’ll tell you all the technical equipment you need to produce your own video, and even where to get it. I’ll even walk you through the technical steps in creating your own video.

And finally, I’ll give you my 12 “Commandments” to help make sure your VSL will get the maximum viewership and response.

Of course, we’ll be going over very successful VSLs and scripts as we do all this, and you’ll have the start of your very own personal “Swipe File” — extremely successful videos you can use to help you with structure and ideas as you work on your VSL.

I’ll tell you honestly — I’ve seen a few people teach a quick seminar on how to write a VSL. But I haven’t seen anything like what I’ve created for you … that covers every angle so completely.

And I don’t mean to brag, but my system has been proven to produce million-dollar VSLs again and again.

But I’m still not done.

Remember when I promised to help you
make any sales copy you write at least
2 times better, and in some cases, 10 times better?

Well, let me tell you how I’m going to do that …

First of all, I’ll make available to you my presentation on How to Make Your Benefits Sparkle.

This is available as an audio and a video, along with printable PowerPoint slides.

Here I’ll teach you my basic secrets to lifting your copy to the highest level. And you do this by making your benefits transcend the normal.

Too many copywriters fall back on simply talking about the features of their product.

Big mistake.

What you want to do is not tell your reader how your product is great … you want to SHOW your reader why your product is the answer to their deepest desires and worst fears.

The secret here is connecting with your reader on the core personal level, and driving their interest in your product.

This is how you elevate your copy beyond your competition.

And remember, this applies to your headlines too — the single thing that can make or break a promotion and drastically impact your relationship with your client.

Finally, related to this last point, I’d like to share with you my Headline Starter Ideas package.

Now this is pure gold. Your headline (or Big Idea) can be as much as 80% of the success of your promotion.

You can slave away writing the best promo you can, but if the headline falls flat — so does your promotion, and so does your client’s sales.

This package includes 40 different ideas (with blockbusting examples) for nailing your headline. Whatever your project, looking over these ideas will give you a number of alternatives for how to dive into your project and hook your reader.

You’ll also get in this package my 21 Questions to Ask Before You Write Your Next Headline.

These will help you drill down to your prospect’s core desires, so when you look at the starter ideas, you’ll know just how to grab one and use it.

Oh — and I almost forgot — one last bonus …

Every three months for a year, I’m going to review red hot videos that are raking in money, and break them down and show you how and why they work and what you can learn from them.

This will keep you up-to-date on the latest and best techniques companies are using with their videos.

A good value?
You be the judge …

Look, like me, you’re a copywriter. I’m not going to use the “techniques” we all know to build up value — putting a value on each part of the program and so on.

No, let me talk to you simply and directly. Associate to associate.

The plain truth is, one of my clients pays me $100,000 every single month to write VSLs for him. That’s $1.2 million per year BEFORE royalties or bonuses.

So if I was to charge one-tenth of that amount – say $120,000 – to not only show you how to do it, but also how to find a client who’ll pay you to do it too … not too many people would think me unfair.

But I’m not going to ask you to pay anywhere near that much.

There are marketing “gurus” who regularly sell seminars on marketing for up to $25,000. And frankly, I don’t think they’re one speck more valuable than what you’re going to get in this program.

But again – I don’t want you to pay anywhere near that much, either.

Look, I recently presented this training in a live event that cost $4,995. And I’m willing to GUARANTEE you that you’ll get every single part of my system that those people got.

But I’m not even going to ask you to pay THAT much.

The price for this program has been set at $1,597. So right off the bat you’re saving $3,998!

Or call TOLL-FREE 1-866-879-2924
(Overseas, call 1-561-278-5557)

And let me repeat once again, this is hands down
my biggest success secret ever

It’s the game-changer. The transformer. The secret weapon that lets me make more and more money … even after all this time in the business.

And I’m willing to show you exactly how it’s done.

There is simply nothing like this, a proven system that’s been shown to bring in a million a week or more.

Imagine what this could do for your career when you can show a client that you’re not just a copywriter … not just a VSL expert … but a bona-fide Internet marketing expert.

And more than just saying that, you’ll be able to demonstrate in the course of a conversation with a client that you know far more than the average copywriter. FAR MORE.

You’ll even know how to put together your own presentation video — SHOWING your client that you know what you’re talking about.

Hands down, there is nothing better you could do to enhance your demand as a copywriter and enhance your value to your clients.

You’ll be more educated and better skilled than 99.9% of copywriters on the single biggest profit opportunity for your clients that exists today.

(And that, on the bottom line, translates into your profit opportunity!)

Now is the time to make that commitment to your future. To reserve your place in The Makepeace Method, simply click the button below. 

And rest assured, I’m guaranteeing your satisfaction or you’ll get your money back. So do it. Do it now.

Wishing you bigger winners, more often,

Clayton Makepeace