“This approach is right on the money.”
– Nick Usborne, Top Web-Copy Consultant to Yahoo, Microsoft, and Disney

How to Work with Clients on Web Copywriting and SEO Projects
Finally … An Easy Way
to Ensure Web-Copy Success With
Every Client From Day 1

Let me show you a proven path that will get you from …

“The web project is yours!” to … “Your web copywriting rocks!”

Dear Reader,

Working with clients on web copywriting and SEO (search engine optimization) projects can be challenging, not to mention a bit intimidating. But I’ve finally found a clear path that you can follow to ensure success with your next web consulting project, and I’m excited to share it with you.

Soon you’ll know EXACTLY what to do and say when a client asks you for a web copywriting or SEO proposal … or asks how you go about creating a website that works.

You’ll be able to avoid common mistakes that plague so many websites.

And not only does this clear path lead you along a structured system for developing effective web copy and SEO content …

It helps you leap to a higher professional level by guiding clients toward a more profitable web site – whether you’re a beginning web copywriter or a more seasoned SEO professional.

“What to do next” relief is finally here
thanks to a simple path to web-copy success.

Meet Pam Foster – an experienced web copywriter from deep inside the “web trenches.”

Pam has spent the past 13 years working with a wide range of web clients to launch or re-launch sites that work, emails that get opened, and landing pages that generate leads.

She’s written web copy for B2B and B2C clients of all sizes and scope … from national banks, major insurance companies, and a global leader in veterinary diagnostics … to much smaller companies including a wedding planner, a kitchen designer, and a franchise consultant. Her track record includes work for Blue Cross Blue Shield, LL Bean, Primrose Schools Franchising, Inc., IDEXX Laboratories, and American Writers & Artists Institute (AWAI).

Based on this experience, Pam recently created a structured, complete method for web copywriters – a clear path you can use to manage every major step needed to provide great content and expert answers.

And now you get to enjoy the rewards of Pam’s hard work and experience.

You don’t have to spend ages creating a system like Pam did. You can start using this method immediately to help your clients launch sites that work.

This means you’ll have a clear plan for web success instead of just “winging it” with clients and hoping for the best.

You’ll avoid having your hard work turned upside down by web designers and developers.

When you follow this new path, you can create optimized web pages that work every time, starting on day 1 of launch.

What a relief – especially since your own personal career success is entirely based on your client’s web success.

This also means …

Starting now, you can earn top dollar for your role
as a knowledgeable web copywriter.

Nick Usborne – top web-copy consultant to Yahoo, Microsoft, and Disney and author of Net Words and the best-selling program Copywriting 2.0: Your Complete Guide to Writing Web Copy that Converts – is a big fan of this new path.

He recently said, “It’s right on the money, because it’s the first structured, proven, step-by-step process for developing clear, powerful, and optimized web content. It helps you ensure that pages across a site are powerful and accountable, because each web page delivers the right information at the right place.”

“This approach finally offers clarity
where people have been stumbling around for years.”
– Nick Usborne

Nick should know. He’s been a leading international web-content expert for years. He’s seen and improved hundreds of bad websites, and he knows what works.

So I believe him when he says, “This process is so smart. Most companies don’t know how to do this.”

But you will, and your clients will be grateful.

Introducing Working Effectively with Web Clients – 7 Steps to Making Sure They Love You and Continue Paying You the Big Bucks …

“This is a winner! I was struggling to get my husband's website completed. Then there they were, 7 clear and easy steps to optimize a website. Wow!

You cannot go wrong if you follow Pam's 7-step optimization system.”

– Jacqueline Peters,
Hollister, CA

Finally there’s a complete guide and toolkit that maps out 7 clear steps to optimizing conversions across an entire site.

In simple terms, this means more prospects will come to your client’s site, find what they need, and say “YES!” to your client’s products and solutions.

If you apply each step – all 7 of them in sequence – you will improve website performance for your clients.

Let me show you precisely what I mean …

Working Effectively with Web Clients takes you through each step involved in making sure web pages help visitors know instantly:

  • What your client offers
  • How those products or services help solve their specific needs
  • How your client’s solutions are clearly the BEST options available
  • Where/how to get those solutions quickly and easily

The key to this system is that it helps you create clear content and a clear website path for visitors.

Here’s why clarity is so important …

Clear, optimized web content is the key to converting more of your client’s target prospects into buyers, qualified leads, subscribers, members, or other valued participants in their business.

It’s been proven that clear messages and structure play a big role in keeping prospects on a site or driving them away.

According to case studies conducted by MarketingExperiments.com, the Internet’s first unbiased optimization research laboratory:

  • Clear content can improve conversion rates by 69% or more.
  • An optimized landing page can improve conversion by 50-60%.
  • A more-effective call to action can increase conversion by 150%.

The only way to achieve this kind of clarity is to go through a systematic process with your client. One that outlines the most important information about the target prospect AND the client’s solutions.

This process helps you and your clients uncover each site’s potential for gold once you clearly identify and address what their prospects are really looking for online.

Pam explains why each step is important and
how you can make the most of it.

“Can’t wait to get my own copy of this program!”

– Steve Coombes,
StepUp Creative,
Nashua, NH

With Working Effectively with Web Clients, you’ll know how to guide your clients through critical considerations and decisions about creating websites that work, including:

  • The value of site maps and knowing what goes on each web page
  • The best way to work with web developers and graphic designers
  • The value of approving page layouts before writing a single word of copy
  • The huge differences between graphic design and design for the web user
  • Identifying and addressing the challenge of optimizing a site for multiple audiences
  • Navigating visitors through multi-page sites; getting them to their destinations quickly
  • The pros and cons of pop-up boxes
  • Appropriate, action-oriented links that convert more visitors into buyers
  • The best way to identify search-engine keywords
  • Analytics: the valuable insights they offer
  • The “behind the scenes” copy for search engines
  • All the other copy/content aspects of successful websites

You’ll be grateful to have this roadmap, because there’s no more guessing or confusion about what to do, or when to get approvals at various stages.

Your clients will be relieved as well, because a clear process provides reassurance. The entire web team will see you as their project leader, because you offer a methodical, step-by-step approach.

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The end result?
Websites that work … and clients who think
you’re a hero.

Let me be sure you understand the tremendous value of this program.

“Great program – a high five! With the 21-point checklist and ready-to-use templates, you can dissect a client’s website and give sound feedback on ways to improve it, even if you’re new to SEO copy. It’s fantastic!”

– Laurie Cauthen,
Atlanta, GA

At each step in Working Effectively with Web Clients, Pam helps you in the following ways:

  • Defines each step in detail
  • Includes examples and screen shots to make each point very clear
  • Provides detailed worksheets you can use to get the necessary information from your clients
  • Walks you through practice exercises, so you’re a pro in no time
  • Explains web-content lingo and web-development terms, so you’ll be far more knowledgeable than most clients (and most other copywriters)
  • Defines the various roles involved with web copywriting, such as the programmer, designer, and host … and how they all need to work with you to launch a successful site
  • Provides copy tips she has compiled and adapted from several of the greatest web-content writers and analyzers working today
  • Shows you how to present your copy in a format that clients will immediately understand

In addition, Pam provides you with all the web-client forms and documents she uses. This set of web-copywriter work templates is available in Word and PDF format for unlimited use.

This is the ONLY program that provides you with
a clear path to web success every time.

There are a number of books, programs, e-newsletters, and online guides about different aspects of writing effective web content, but we have yet to find one that walks you through the entire process of working with clients.

One that makes sure you get the best information from your clients right up front.

One that helps you navigate them through the complex web-development language and landscape.

Or anything for helping you manage complex, multi-page, or multi-product sites, or even corporate sites.

Keep in mind that every time you work with clients, you’ll encounter all kinds of questions, such as …

  • Where do we start?
  • What’s our plan of attack?
  • Which messages should come first?
  • Why is “Welcome” NOT a good headline?
  • How should we label those navigation buttons?
  • Why can’t we have a giant Flash video on our home page?
  • Who determines the web-page structure or layout?
  • Where does the company president’s message go?
  • Why do we need geographic information or town names in keywords?
  • How do we coordinate with our web developer?
  • What do we need to write a good product page?

The insights and tools in Working Effectively with Web Clients will help you answer those questions and ensure complete clarity for everyone involved with your client’s project.

Quite simply, you’ll become a web expert in no time,
leading the way to a whole new understanding of
why some websites work … and others don’t.

“The website map form alone is worth it.”

– Bob Bly,
“America’s top copywriter,”

So are you ready to master the ins and outs of successful, optimized web content?

Are you ready to take a clear approach that clients will appreciate?

If you truly want to hit the ground running with every web project, don’t waste another minute!

Working Effectively with Web Clients costs only $99. An incredibly small price to pay when you consider how much time you’ll save when working with web clients, and how much more money you’ll make thanks to your proven web-success track record.

So be sure to order this amazing toolkit using the order button below, or by calling Barb, Pat, Debbie, or Jacqueline at 1-866-879-2924 … and get started on success with every web client.

It’s really the fastest way to get there!


Rebecca Matter,
Vice President and Director of Web Marketing
American Writers & Artists Institute

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P.S. If you’ve ever struggled with how to present a winning web-copywriting proposal and what to charge for various types of web copy …

Working Effectively with Web Clients shows you exactly what to do. You’ll never have to guess. No one else shows you exactly how to write web-copy proposals, so don’t miss out on another web-copywriting opportunity!

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