Jane Cowan
Melbourne, Victoria, Canada

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How to Raise a Dog

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Shiny Happy Doggy is the product of one white boxer and all he's taught me about how to raise a dog. This is knowledge I wish I had when I first brought home my eight-week-old bundle of perfection. Before I'd made any mistakes. I thought I was prepared. I poured all my love into this creature. But since then I have learned more than I care to know. Shiny Happy Doggy represents a distillation of our experiences. I write about our brushes with disease. You'll hear of our experiences with various drugs and treatments. And I discuss how my understanding of dog health has evolved and what I've learned about role of nutrition. These are insights not prescribed by any vet, nor dispensed by any pet store salesman. Instead, this is information discovered in the spaces between the official ports of call. It is wisdom passed from dog owner to dog owner, shared in times of need. I want to pay it forward. Shiny Happy Doggy is practical. It is anecdotal. It is heartfelt.

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