Susan Feiertag
New Bern, North Carolina

Site Topic

An informational site on stroke victims, after a stroke and support groups for victims and family caregivers.

Copy Sample

Stroke After Stroke website is to inform “stroke victims” and “family caregivers” of choices they have, while recuperating from the stroke. Where do they go, when they leave the hospital? What happens when physical or speech therapy ends due to insurance? What do you do, when the doctor tells you can’t go any further? How do you handle not talking … hardly walking, if at all … unable to read or write … YET … you understand everything going on around you.

Program Thoughts

I had the program for almost a year, when we were told that Nick Usborne was personally going to hold hands-on training for us, in hopes that it would help us to publish our sites.

I think it was the best move ever … Without it, I know that I would not be where I am today … my site is published … I have lots left to do on it, however, it would never have happened without the program. We became so motivated, learned so much, took one chapter at a time, and worked them together as a whole.

Not only did Nick give the program on a weekly basis, but the forum he ran was the greatest I have ever been involved with. Everybody helped everybody! It was so wonderful to see so many people pull together. Now, we are all excited for everybody doing well with their sites. We had the weekly classes, the homework, the questions and answers. And, the forum continues, along with Nick critiquing, as the sites are up-and-running.

My life is totally changing because of this program. I have become so positive about “MY” Money-Making Website, and I haven’t made a dime, yet. I’m looking forward to growing my site and having a nice income with my retirement in a few years. I’m excited about it!

I’ve met a number of exceptionally nice people through the program and the forum, with whom I am hoping relationships will continue, as time goes by.

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