Mike Forstner
Ridgway, Colorado

Site Topic


Copy Sample

Help and advice on how to camp, check off everything on your camping list, create specially made camping recipes, and more. The purpose of the website is to help out people that are new to car or tent camping.

People can find my website by searching for “The Camping Detective” but also for things such as: “camping grocery list,” “new to camping,” or “camping recipes.”

Program Thoughts

Originally, I signed up for the How to Write Your Own Money-Making Websites program with the idea that I can quickly create a website that makes money. With Nick Usborne’s expert guidance, I quickly learned about the importance of the proper topic as it relates to making money.

Quite a bit of time went by while I was constantly thinking and researching possible website topics. One day while looking up information for another project, it hit me. As it turned out, the topic was one of my favorite summertime activities. There are tons of backpacking websites but not much good information for beginner campers. Not only that, but I love the topic and I love writing about the subject.

The Money-Making Websites program took my understanding of writing copy for the Web and social media to a whole new level. It is ever-changing, growing, and evolving like our own lives.

A couple of pages of the site are now on the #1 & #2 spots on the Google search results and traffic to the site is constantly increasing. Now I’m working on monetizing the site.

It’s been a great learning experience. The Money-Making Websites program also helped me understand how to incorporate SEO into copywriting. Overall, a very positive experience!

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