Rick Lindner
Duluth, Georgia

Site Topic

Immediate help for people who were asked to give Wedding Speeches

Copy Sample

Weddingspeechdepartment.com helps everybody asked to give Wedding Speeches. This website is designed to give guidance every step of the way — from creating heart-felt messages, to controlling nervousness, to delivering speeches that make speakers shine.

Program Thoughts

The How to Write Your Own Money-Making Websites written program, as well as Nick’s advice shared throughout the group lessons and site reviews, have been extraordinary.

Before discovering this program, I never imagined that I could build a Wedding Speech website.

How did this start? As a public speaking instructor, my students often asked me how to deliver Wedding Speeches. In those days, I would respond with brief emails listing several quick suggestions.

Thanks to the program’s practical material and motivation, my brief emails grew into a website, containing instructions that are much more complete. Unlike my emails, weddingspeechdepartment.com assists quite a few more than one person at a time.

I owe a huge thank you to Nick, Rebecca, and everybody else at AWAI!

Site Update

Rick says the Internet is the ideal medium for sharing his tips and advice.

“Websites are a wonderful way to share your passion and help others,” says Rick Lindner. “I can’t believe that I was able to start with a few wedding speech suggestions and create a website that has been visited by several thousand people.”

Now, Rick has helped thousands of people successfully deliver wedding speeches and is quoted on other websites as well. He also enjoys a “celebrity” status in his community due to stories published about him on his college’s website and in the local newspaper. “Yes, I got a kick out of seeing my picture in the newspaper!” he says.

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