A $10,000 Contract from AWAI!

Here’s an open invitation to all AWAI members to earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars — before you even finish the Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting.

It’s a great way to grab our attention for future assignments …

And there’s this too …

Every Year, At Least One AWAI Member Will Be Offered a $10,000 Contract!

3 Ways You Can Win With the $10K Challenge …

AWAI’s $10K Challenge gives you three advantages you just won’t find anywhere else.

First, you can build your portfolio (and earn some decent cash) before you even finish the program.

Second, you can launch a profitable career with relatively little effort.

And third, you can land $10,000 worth of work on top of your other writing fees!

Here’s How It Works …

As an active AWAI member, it’s easy for you to participate in the $10K Challenge. And there’s no limit to how many submissions you can send in.

When you’ve got your copy just the way you want it, send it in to us. If we like what we see, you’ll get a call or an email from Katie Yeakle or Rebecca Matter saying, “We want to work with you!”

You’ll be invited to work with our Copy Chief … we’ll work with you on finalizing your copy, so we can use it … and, best of all, you’ll get a paycheck for your work — and most likely an invitation to write more for us!

Then once a year, Katie and Rebecca will review all the copy written by AWAI members. They’ll analyze any trackable results and the breakthrough nature of the idea. Based on those results, at least one person will be selected to receive additional contracted assignments from AWAI — to the tune of $10,000!

Sound good so far? Keep reading … it gets even better.

The Ultimate “Win-Win” Situation

If you’re wondering why we’ve agreed to hand out an additional $10,000 worth of assignments to at least one of our members each year, it’s very simple, really …

Our current pool of copywriters can’t keep up with our insane demand. So we really need new, motivated copywriters.

And, we know that you — and some of our other members — are ready to prove yourself and start making money as a copywriter as soon as possible.

When you put the two together, you can see how this Challenge solves both of our dilemmas. You’ll have a much easier way to get paid assignments, and we’ll find talented copywriters who already speak our language.

If You’re an Active AWAI Member, You Can Earn Cash for Writing Articles and Sales Letters for Us!

The easiest way to get started … Writing Articles

Our publications — The Barefoot Writer, The Writer’s Life, The Golden Thread, and Wealthy Web Writer — are our most important ways of communicating with our members. Our hope with each issue is to educate, motivate, inform, share successes, give tips for getting clients, and share industry information and advice from pros.

And, the good news for you … writing articles that are of interest to your fellow members is a great way to get started with us … to get our attention … and show us what you can do.

So if you have an idea for an article for one of our publications …

  • Write a 1–3 paragraph summary and send to copysubmission@awaionline.com
  • Be sure “Copy submission for AWAI E-letter” appears in your email subject line
  • Include all of your contact information in the email message (your name, address, and daytime phone number)

If your idea is selected, you’ll be asked to write a 500–750 word article. You’ll be invited to participate in an AWAI marketing team Peer Review once your article is completed … and you’ll be paid $100.


  • Write to communicate, not to impress.
  • Use your own experience as the source for articles. If you keep a journal, look through it for ideas. If you don’t keep one, try it!
  • Whether you’ve broken a bad habit, have an unusual way of staying motivated, or an interesting success story, tell us about it. Although you might think you’re the only one who thinks or does things a certain way, the truth is, we’re more alike than we may think. Chances are, someone else out there can benefit from your experience.

Check out Rebecca’s article: A 5-Step Process to Writing Articles that Get Published.

As well as all the articles in the AWAI Article Archives.

For more of a challenge … Writing Sales Letters

Sales letters are the lifeblood of our business. And, with over 80 products and dozens of campaigns running every year, we are in constant need of new copy to test.

Here’s how you can get your name on our list of “go-to” writers … and possibly earn a $10,000 contract from AWAI.


You want your headline to:

  • Grab your prospect’s attention.
  • Target your prospect by saying something meaningful to him.
  • Stir curiosity.
  • Make a promise.
  • Introduce a compelling idea.
  • Make an offer.
  • Challenge your prospect.

And, you want your lead to:

  • Deliver the big promise.
  • Introduce your Big Idea.

You may also want to search the Article Archives for great articles about headlines and leads like this one:

The Power of One — One Big Idea

As you’re writing, keep the Three P’s of a winning headline and lead in mind …

Purpose: to get the prospect to read the rest of the sales letter so the sale can be made.

Problem: to overcome the fact that the prospect is looking for a reason to stop reading. (A headline and lead that is dull or boring in any way will almost surely fail.)

Possibility: to intensify the good feelings the prospect got from reading the subject line or envelope teaser. You want to confirm his hope that this letter is about something important and exciting — bring him to the point where he is thinking, “This is really good! I’m really glad I’m reading this!”

Meet Past $10K Challenge Winners …

Jon Stoltzfus with his 10K Check
Jon Stoltzfus, Pine Grove Mills, PA
2016 $10K Challenge Winner

“Being selected as AWAI's $10K Challenge winner by the people who know copywriting best is a humbling honor. Without the programs, the support system and the opportunities AWAI provided to prove myself, I wouldn't be where I am today. This award isn't just an affirmation for me, it's an affirmation for anyone who wants to learn to live the writer's life. I couldn't be more proud to accept this and serve as inspiration for my fellow AWAI members.”

— Jon Stoltzfus
Julie Hassett with her 10K Check
Julie Hassett, Los Angeles, CA
2015 $10K Challenge Winner

“It’s such an incredible honor to be AWAI’s $10K Challenge winner this year! It represents a true milestone in my career. Just four years ago, I began studying AWAI course materials … determined to be a working copywriter. And now, I have the distinct pleasure of writing enough successful copy to warrant winning this challenge. I can’t wait to continue working with AWAI and honing my copywriting craft alongside the best in the business!”

— Julie Hassett
Steve Coombes with his $10K Check
Steve Coombes, Nashua, NH
2014 $10K Challenge Winner

“Earning recognition as a $10K Challenge Winner is truly special for me. Joining the ranks of the successful copywriters who have walked the stage to accept this award in previous years — including my mentors, Joshua Boswell and Pam Foster, who offered so much valuable advice to me when I was first getting started — is a huge moment in my copywriting career.”

— Steve Coombes
Christina Gillick with her $10K Check
Christina Gillick, Farmersville, TX
2013 $10K Challenge Winner

“It feels awesome to be this year's winner! As a freelancer it can be hard to prove you know what you're doing. But winning this award gives me the proof I need to take my career to the next level! I'm so grateful for what AWAI does and for all the experts who contribute and share their advice and wisdom. Copywriting has become so much more than a path to quitting my full time job. Writing has always been my passion and AWAI gave me the tools I needed to turn it into a business. I do what I love every day and it keeps getting better.”

— Christina Gillick
Guillermo Rubio with his $10K Check
Guillermo Rubio
2012 $10K Challenge Winner

“It feels great to win.

“As for what it means to my copywriting career, it shows my copy works and that the principles AWAI teaches work. For me personally, it's something that greatly has bolstered my confidence and symbolizes a milestone in my career.”

— Guillermo Rubio
Mindy McHorse with her $10K Check
Mindy McHorse
2011 $10K Challenge Winner

“If you’re just starting out, let this serve as proof that you WILL achieve the goals you make right now. Reach out to your support networks, and especially to AWAI members for motivation — no one else better understands what you’re going through right now. So don’t be afraid to go for the big, bold goals. They’ll press you to do, be, and challenge yourself more than you’ve ever envisioned — but every step of the way will be worth it.”

— Mindy McHorse
Roy Furr with his $10K Check
Roy Furr
2010 $10K Challenge Winner

“I didn't do anything magical to stand out and win the $10K Challenge this year. Just about everything I did, in fact, is repeatable by other copywriters who want to win this next year. When you work, work hard. Always be learning, from books, AWAI products, seminars, and by talking with and listening to your clients. Set deadlines and keep them. Stay in touch with new ideas. And try to be easy to work with.”

— Roy Furr
Pam Foster with her $10K Check
Pam Foster
2009 $10K Challenge Winner

“I’m living proof that all copywriters truly have a chance to achieve their goals. Winning the $10K Challenge was one of mine since the day I learned about AWAI. And here I am, the 2009 Winner! Copywriting opportunities continue to expand across AWAI and the Web, so no matter what you’re passionate about, there’s a need for strong copy. You can even create your own product and promotions like I did, so go for it!”

— Pam Foster
Pat McCord with her $10K Check
Pat McCord
2008 $10K Challenge Winner

“Winning the $10K Clallenge paid me more than $10,000. My oversized ‘check’ is on the wall in my office right over my closet door. If I'm feeling a little uncertain on any given day, I just glance up at it. Confidence plus a number of clients who came my way after the win proved to be the true value over time.”

— Pat McCord
Joshua Boswell with his $10K Check
Joshua Boswell
2007 $10K Challenge Winner

“When I first entered the world of copywriting, I was hungry … almost desperate … for writing assignments. I needed money and I needed writing samples. I think most of us are that way at first. That is what makes the new $10K Challenge AWAI has put together so amazing. You can start earning money, create a very nice portfolio, and get ongoing feedback from the Masters even before you finish the basic writing program. I’m so thankful for this opportunity!”

— Joshua Boswell
Krista Jones with her $10K Check
Krista Jones
2003 $10K Challenge Winner

“I hope you’ll take full advantage of this opportunity. It’s the easiest way I know of to score a paid assignment when you're just starting out. So give each project your best shot and you might be shocked — as I was — at how quickly your career takes off. I wish you well!”

— Krista Jones