March 2006

From The Golden Thread Mailbag … Farewell

Scott Rempe says farewell in his final issue of the mailbag, before he leaves to head up ATS.

Quick Tip: Persistence Pays Off

Persistence, organization, and a good sales pitch will help you land the client, but make your rolodex easier with cool new contact software. Find out which ones!

Success Story: The Two Things that Boosted Eric Lynch’s Career

In the five months since last year's Bootcamp, AWAI member Eric Lynch has landed two consistent and solid clients. Check out the two tips he has for you!

Quick Tip: Using Shadows to Make Your Design Stand Out

Discover how shadows can punch up your design.

How to Turn Out More Projects Faster … and Always Meet Deadlines

Kammy Thurman shares productivity tips that can help you get more from your design careers.

Resumes for Young People: How Much Should You Charge for Your Services?

Julien Sharp explains how much you should charge young clients for your services.

From The Golden Thread Mailbag … Organizing a Swipe File

Scott Rempe talks about organizing a swipe file.

Quick Tip: 6 Surefire Tips for Beating Fatigue

Beat fatigue with 6 energizing tips.

Creating an Enemy

Will Newman tells us the how and why when using an enemy in your sales letter. Get the bond for your client and the prospect.

From The Golden Thread Mailbag … Launching Your Career

Scott Rempe talks about launching your career.

Quick Tip: Is Noise Destroying Your Productivity?

Stress can hurt your productivity but white noise could be the bigger culprit. Learn ways to reduce the noise.

10 Things You Must Understand About Prospective Clients

Understand your clients needs and ways with 10 items by Ilise Benun.

Quick Tip: How to Make Sure Your Graphic Elements “Pop”

Discover how placement of design elements affects the impact of your design.

Become a “Relationship Artist” to Build Your Career

Ilise Benun shows you how to become a master at networking.

How to Turn Every Situation Into a Marketing Opportunity … and Spend Fewer Ad Dollars to Land More Clients

Julien Sharp explains how you can turn every situation into a marketing opportunity and spend fewer ad dollars to land more clients.

From The Golden Thread Mailbag … Determining Deadlines

Scott Rempe answers a member's question about determining deadlines.

Quick Tip: Free Stock Information for Your Promos

When writing financial promotions, you need past stock performance to make your copy credible. Look here for 3 great resources and links!

How Chauncey Terry Turned Bodyguarding Into Copywriting Success

An interview with a diverse and interesting Chauncey Terry gives you yet another way to get clients and market your abilities.