September 2006

From The Golden Thread Mailbag … The Lead vs. The Big Idea

Pat Coffey answers a member's question about the difference between the lead and the big idea.

Quick Tip: Don’t Neglect Your Call to Action

Will Newman shows you how to write an effective call to action.

The Latest, Greatest (and Easiest) Way to Create Control-Beating Copy

Will Newman tells you how Target Marketing’s “Who’s Mailing What!” can help you to write better copy consistently.

Quick Tip: How to Use Clip Art Like a Pro

Kammy Thurman reveals how you can integrate clip art into your professional designs.

Control-Beating Secrets from Magalog Master Rob Davis

In an interview, graphic design Rob Davis shares the secrets he uses for record success for his magalog designs.

From The Golden Thread Mailbag … Public Speaking

Pat Coffey passes on a member tip about public speaking to get clients.

Quick Tip: Using Commas So They Won’t Drive the Prospect (or You) Crazy

Will Newman shares four secrets to proper comma use.

AWAI Member Fran McDuffee Tells Her Success Story

An interview with AWAI member Fran McDuffee on how she landed her first client right after completing the copywriting program.

From The Golden Thread Mailbag … The Length of a Sales Letter

Pat Coffey answers a question from a member about the right length for a sales letter.

Quick Tip: 2 Types of Organizations You Should Belong To … and Why

Two types of professional organizations that can help your build your client list.

4 Compelling Reasons to Use Public Speaking to Get Clients

Peter Fogel shows how public speaking engagements can build your client base.

Quick Tip: Control the Way Prospects Feel About People in Photos

Kristin Schwarz weighs in on how you can up the emotional impact of your photos.

How to Make a Big Impression with Your Practice Exercises and Real-World Projects

Mike Klassen shows how you can turn your Graphic Design Success practices exercises into stand-out portfolio pieces.

From The Golden Thread Mailbag … Finding Clients

Pat Coffey answers a member's question about finding clients.

Why Every Copywriter Should Do a Little Travel Writing on the Side

Monica Day explains how travel writing can benefit your copywriting career.