April 2009

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AWAI Writing Challenge: What Does “The Writer’s Life” Mean to You?

Enter this week’s AWAI Writing Challenge by telling us what “the writer’s life” means to you. One winner will receive a gift certificate and have his or her essay published on the AWAI website.

AWAI Writing Challenge Winning Entry: Copywriter Slays Fire-Breathing Dragon

AWAI Member Laurie Cauthen explains how she used the persuasion skills she’s learned from AWAI to accomplish something important to her.

Job Opportunities … Global Leader in Wedding Accessories Seeks Freelance Graphic Designer

Weddingstar, Inc., is currently looking for a freelance graphic/product designer to complement their in-house design department.

Soraya’s Legacy of Hope

“Look ahead, but never down” – a line from Soraya’s 2005 song “Lead Me”

Using Mind Maps to Get More Done, Make Better Decisions, and Take Action Faster … in Less Time

Rebecca Matter shares a technique she discovered to get more done, make better decisions, and take action faster … in less time.

Stop Your Inbox From Killing Your Productivity

Rebecca Matter explains how you can make your day a lot more productive with a few quick changes to the way you read and use email.

Come Join Your Fellow AWAIers on Twitter

AWAI now has a Twitter account, so come follow us and stay up-to-date on all our latest tweets.

What’s the Perfect Recession-Protection Strategy for Freelance Copywriters?

Don Hauptman explains why having a professional strategy offers you so many rewards, including “recession proofing” your business and income.

Pre-Publication Offer … The Copywriter’s Guide to Legal Issues in Direct Marketing

Save $50 and be one of the first to get your hands on this brand-new AWAI resource that breaks down the legalities of direct-response copywriting into simple everyday language you can understand and benefit from.

AWAI Writing Challenge: What Have You Accomplished?

Enter this week's AWAI Writing Challenge by telling us how you've used the persuasion skills you're learning from AWAI to accomplish something important to you. One winner will receive a gift certificate and have his or her essay published on the AWAI website.

Congratulations to AWAI Member Warwick Foster of West Wallsend, Australia, on Landing His First Client

Congratulations to AWAI member Warwick Foster of West Wallsend, Australia, on landing his first client.

The Great AWAI Blog-Off Competition – Frequently Asked Questions

Rebecca Matter answers some frequently asked questions about The Great AWAI Blog-Off Competition.

Boost Your Copy Skills

A simple, but little-known way to learn top-notch persuasion skills and use it to improve your copywriting abilities.

What I Learned From Nick Usborne’s “Money-Making Websites” Program … and How I’m Going to Make Oodles of Money

Master Marketer and Copywriting Coach Chris Marlow explains a few of the things she learned from Nick Usborne’s “Money-Making Websites” program and how she’s going to make oodles of money.

AWAI Joins the Ranks of Social Networking Giant Facebook

Keep up-to-date with AWAI or join the latest discussion on AWAI’s Facebook fan page.

Job Opportunities … Denver Company in Nutrition and Cosmetics Industry Seeks Full-Time Copywriter With Legal Knowledge

VitraSun LLC, a nutrition and cosmetics industry company, is looking for a copywriter who understands how to research and reference scientific studies for writing sales copy within FTC advertising guidelines.

AWAI Member Mike Ervin’s “$30,000 Secret” – and How You Can Use It to Make Money Online This Year

Guillermo Rubio explains how to avoid a monumental mistake when setting up a money-making website.

Announcing … The Great AWAI Blog-Off Competition

Write a sample blog post and enter it for a chance to become AWAI Web Division’s New Official Blogger. If you win, you’ll get an ongoing contract of $500 a month to write a weekly blog, and you’ll be eligible for other web-writing assignments from AWAI’s Web Division.

Persist and You’ll Win

The importance of persevering in the face of adversity.

Why the Timing Is Perfect for a Spare-Time Business

Rebecca Matter explains why there could never be a better time to go after your dreams of financial security and freedom. As counterintuitive as it may seem, an economic downturn is actually the perfect time to launch or grow a spare-time business.

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