September 2009

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Ten Common Dumbass SEO Copywriting Mistakes

Find out the 10 stupid SEO copywriting mistakes marketers make and how you can use them to land your next client.

The First Step To Success In Your Spare-Time Publishing Biz

Roy Furr shares a simple process for picking a profitable niche for your spare-time publishing biz.

Making Yours the Only Choice

Dan Kennedy shows that the greatest thing you can do for your client is to make him stand out from competitors and lift him to the status of The Only Choice.

AWAI Writing Challenge: Tell Me the Best Thing About Your Home Town

Write a 1000-word essay about the best thing about your home town. Winner will get a $100 AMEX gift card.

Job Opportunities … B2B Freelance Copywriter Wanted for Transportation Industry

In this freelance copywriting position, you’ll be developing transportation-related copy for articles, newsletters, press releases and annual reports.

AWAI Writing Challenge Winning Entry: A Job No “Temp” Should Have to Do

Writing Challenge Winner Gloria Rand tell about her “worst job ever” … being a temp with out a very unreasonable boss.

AWAI Writing Challenge Honorable Mention: Prometheus’ Fire or Pandora’s Box? Or How I went from “The Alien” to “The Brady Bunch”

Writing Challenge Honorable Mention Lynn Wiley describes what happens” when she took a “worst” job that was way more than she bargained for.

AWAI Writing Challenge Honorable Mention: From Selling $10 Pizzas to Selling $100,000 Private Golf Club Memberships

Delivering pizzas – Kathy Sanders worse job – taught her that she was born to be in sales.

Wealthy Web Writer Reveals How One Simple Recipe Can Mean Thousands to You as a Writer Online

Big announcement from Wealthy Web Writer about upcoming changes, a new contest that will give away over $4000 in prizes, and what this all means for you.

"Confessions of a (Free) Information Junkie"

Roy Furr explains that you have to make a plan and take action to get success! Follow Roy’s steps and launch your freelance copywriting career.

Get Your Reader Personally Involved

Learn how to use involvement devices to engage your readers and get them to take the action you want...

The Fastest Growing Market for Web Writers

Steve Slaunwhite reveals the fastest growing and most prosperous market for web writers.

The Future of Your Spare-Time Biz

New Managing Editor of Spare-Time Biz Success, Roy Furr explains what you can expect from him and how he will improve the future of your Spare-Time Biz Success.

The Second Income Stream Every Copywriter Should Develop

Nick Usborne developed a steady passive income with his money making Websites. Learn how you, too can get the skills make money from your own website.

Focus Makes Perfect

As a writer, you have dozens of options. So today Sid Smith shows you how to focus in on what's right for you, to ensure your success.

Just Announced: Money-Making Website Success Teleseminar Series to Take Place September 21st, 23rd, and 25th

AWAI announces that Nick Usborne will help teleseminar attendees get past the three roadblocks they may face when building their own money-making website.

Job Opportunities … Writer for Daily Family-Focused Eletter

Upbeat positive writer/editor wanted for a daily lifestyle eletter about family from a female perspective.

Using Assumptions and Presuppostions In Your Copy

Learn how experiences influence patterns of behavior, and how that information can be used to strengthen your copy...

My "Expanded Bullet" Technique for Churning Out 2X the Autoresponder Copy In 1/2 the Time … and Making a Bundle More Sales, Without a Shred of Sales Skills

Roy Furr helps you turn out autoresponder copy faster, so that you can bill more in less time.

Swing Till You Hit

Tom Kavala explains how persistent people begin their success where most others quit.

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