October 2010

5 Ways to Charge Higher Prices

Bob Bly shares five factors you can use to charge higher fees than your competitors and still have more customers waiting in line.

The Grace and Grit of Client-Getting

Roy Furr shares the truths he learned about getting clients after ‘making the leap’ himself just 9 short months ago.

The Two Words That Will Get You More Clients for Your Freelance Biz

Roy Furr reveals two powerful words that impacted his freelance career earlier this year and shows you how he continues to use them in order to land more clients and grow his business.

Congratulations to the Winners of AWAI’s Live the Writer’s Life Giveaway

AWAI is excited to announce the winners of its “Live the Writer’s Life Giveaway.”

The Ultimate Headline Secret

Ted Nicholas reveals a very successful headline technique that he invented and developed.

How to Drive Traffic to Your Freelance Website and Boost Search Rankings With a Link-Building Strategy

Mindy Tyson McHorse shares an incredible self-promotion tool that’s a relatively simple way to build your credibility and drive traffic to your website.

How to Enjoy the Writer’s Life Even if You Can’t Write Like a Professional

Michael Masterson lifts the curtain on how the world’s most prolific (and richest!) writers produce so much. Learn how this could create a great opportunity for you.

Copywriters: Should You Hire a Researcher for Your Next Project?

Proof and credibility are important elements of any good copy. Roy Furr explains how hiring an internet research specialist can help get you the only the most relevant, response-boosting resources you can use to beef up your copy.

How to Attract Real, Live Visitors to Your New Website

Sid Smith explains how he drove potential clients to his own website and how you can make this process work for you too.

What Does Living the Writer’s Life Mean to You?

Whether you’re living the Writer’s Life now, or planning to live it one day soon, we want to know what living the writer’s life means to YOU.

Announcing … Live the Writer’s Life Giveaway

AWAI is excited to announce the “Live the Writer’s Life Giveaway.” Simply tell us what The Writer’s Life means to you and be entered to win some fabulous prizes!

How to Ensure Your Prospect Reads Your Letter From Start to Finish …

John Wood shows 6 ways to keep you prospect reading. Apply these points and you’ll never write copy that is accused of being “too predictable.”

Should You Launch Your Freelance Business Under Your Own Name, or a Business Name?

Nick Usborne walks you through the pros and cons of using your own name, or a business name when launching your freelance business.

Transform Your Freelance Business

AWAI’s program Profitable Freelancing will help you completely transform your freelance business and start making more money as early as next week. Order by October 8th and save $100.

Are You Avoiding This Psychological Trap?

Ed Gandia shows you how to create a cycle of good, positive outcomes for all you do.

Is Your Customer Too Paralyzed By Worry to Hear Your Message? Here's What to Do …

John Forde explains how to unlock a worried mind and find out what your prospect is thinking about.