The Ultimate Headline Secret

Are headlines important? You bet. They are absolutely crucial. Why? Because 73% of all buying decisions are made at the headline. You simply must have a powerful headline to succeed online or offline.

Today I’m going to discuss a headline technique I’ve invented and developed.

I call this headline system the “Hidden Benefit.”

Is it powerful? So much so I see the hidden benefit as the most effective headline technique ever devised.

I’ve made an astonishing amount of money for many clients around the world using hidden benefit headlines. And once mastered, you will also make enormous profits as well.

My “killer” headline method is not tough to learn. Indeed, it’s surprisingly easy.

Please understand this.

Each valid product and/or service must select from two major headline categories. The first is the use of the most powerful benefit. Once you study the product, uncover the benefits and dramatically present the most powerful one in your headline, you will succeed in a big way. I call this the process of finding the obvious benefit.

But please be aware of this. The obvious benefit is not at all obvious at first. It becomes obvious only after you identify it. And dramatize it. In reality, most people aren’t good at finding this benefit. You must constantly hone this skill to master it.

While the obvious benefit approach can be a big success, there is an even stronger alternative style. Again, and I’m purposely repeating it here, I call it the —

Hidden Benefit

It may surprise you that the hidden benefit does not arise from studying the product. Instead, it comes from studying the potential buyer of the product.

Indeed, this headline powerhouse usually does not emphasize the product itself. It emphasizes the


I’ve devised a question that once answered can uncover the hidden benefit.

Are you ready? Here is the 64 million dollar question.

“If I had unlimited God-like powers and could grant
you any benefit or result you wanted from my product,
what would that be?”

Please re-read the above question. And burn it in your memory.

The answer to this question can result in your “killer” successful headline.

Here are some examples of hidden benefit headlines that have earned multi-millions of dollars in profits:

“The Ultimate Tax Shelter”

The above headline is for my first best-selling book, How to Form Your Own Corporation Without a Lawyer for Under $50. To date I’ve sold over 2,000,000 copies of this book. To do so, I’ve written approximately 120 full-page ads.

The most successful ad I ever wrote for the first book employed the Ultimate Tax Shelter headline. Over 200,000 copies of How to Form Your Own Corporation Without a Lawyer for Under $50 were sold through a single off-the-page ad using this headline. That’s $4,000,000 worth of books! Yet there is not a word in my book about tax shelters. But the tax shelter possibilities are why many people form corporations.

The Ultimate Tax Shelter is perhaps the most “ripped off” headline anyone ever wrote. I had to write dozens of cease and desist letters to stop rip-off artists who stole it from me. In fact, one well-known marketing consultant got a client to retain him after falsely telling him he (not I) wrote the ad containing this headline. (Once you master the art of hidden benefit headlines you’ll also be writing cease and desist letters to thieves who try to steal your intellectual property once your copy starts producing massive success in the marketplace.)

“The Eighth Wonder of the World”

This headline was also used for my book How to Form Your Own Corporation Without a Lawyer for Under $50. A hugely successful ad, it deals with compound interest. But again, there is not a single word in the book about compound interest. However, many people incorporate to set up pension and profit sharing plans wherein contributions accumulate for themselves and their key people tax free. And thus get the enormous wealth-building benefits of compound interest.

“Only way Left for the Little Guy to Get Rich”

Again, this was written to market my book, How to Form Your Own Corporation Without a Lawyer for Under $50. An extremely successful ad. In this case, once again there is not a word in the book about the little guy getting rich. Of course, many entrepreneurs incorporate their business in order to build personal wealth. Once again, it’s an enormous hidden benefit.

“Your 90-day Retirement Plan”

This was written for an investment program you can begin immediately. The result? To build retirement wealth.

“Make Money While You Sleep!”

This was prepared for a license program that teaches how you can market online and thus earn money 24 hours a day.

“Sleep Better at Night Knowing Your Spyware Remover is Keeping You From Getting Ripped Off!”

This was written for an online business offering the latest, state of the art spyware remover.

“Wear These Sexy Glasses and Get More Passes!”

This was created for a retailer and online marketer that sells eye glasses.

“The Easy Road to Instant Online Success”!

This was conceived for an online information business license opportunity.

“How to Dress Like a Fashion Model at Affordable Prices!”

This headline was created for an online discount clothes marketer.

“All Inclusive Vacation Paradise for Under $200 Per Day!”

This was prepared for a resort marketing low-cost luxury vacations.

“Save Just $1 a Day and Retire a Millionaire!”

This hidden benefit headline was written for a marketer of corporate retirement plans. The copy goes on to explain that if you save $1 a day from age 20 to age 60 you’ll retire with $1,000,000 in cash.

“We Guarantee to Sell or Buy Your Home in 97 Days or Less
or Our Services are Free!”

This headline was written for a gutsy and successful real estate agency.

Are you getting the hidden benefit strategy? Great! See how many hidden benefit headlines you can create for your product. Test them against obvious benefit headlines. I’d be willing to bet you will be thrilled with your high percentage of winners!

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Published: October 25, 2010

1 Response to “The Ultimate Headline Secret”

  1. This is a great article. Thank you for it. I have put a copy near my desktop and know I will refer to it often. I recently wrote a promo and asked myself the question you outlined. I used benefits, and those subbenefits - I call them the "unconscious" what people are thinking below the surface. I'll let you know how it comes out.

    Khari LaMarca

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