December 2011

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How To Do Well AND Do Good In Business

Mindy Tyson McHorse reveals a profound way to do good in the world while improving your business reach and even increasing profits.

Your First Import-Export Deal

Jason Holland outlines the first steps to contacting suppliers for your online import-export business.

2012 Bootcamp “Early Bird, Early Bird” Special

Katie Yeakle announced today that now through the end of the year you can take advantage of an “early bird, early bird” special on AWAI’s 2012 Bootcamp – and even get set-up with a kind of “lay-away” plan.

Increase Your Prosperity with the Boomerang Effect

Mindy Tyson McHorse talks about giving, receiving, and turning the writer's life into more than just big paychecks.

Writing Confidence Soars When You Do This

Mindy Tyson McHorse shares how she learned her writing was much more valuable than money.

10 Astonishing Ways Giving Improves Your Health

Mindy Tyson McHorse lets you in on the proven research that giving not just helps your business, but your health as well.

How to Find More Time for Your Web-Writing Business

Wealthy Web Writer Platinum member, Christina Gillick shares seven time-saving tricks and tools she finds to be the most effective.

Improve Your Creativity With 31 Days of Giving

Mindy Tyson McHorse gives us a radical new way to say “thanks” to our biggest supporter … and makes a bonus discovery in the process.

Pay It Forward By Hiring Out

Mindy Tyson McHorse explains how hiring help can pay for itself, and make you more productive and profitable.

Billion-Dollar Blunder: How a Lousy Holiday Ad Can Make You a Better Autoresponder Copywriter

Jay White explains a great way to generate ideas for your autoresponders.

Give It Away To Get Rich

Mindy Tyson McHorse starts of this weeks The Writer's Life series with an important message: One of the keys to having great wealth is being able to give it away.

A Common Mistake Writers Make in Their Lead...

John Wood lets us in on what "warm-up copy" is, and how to get it out of our leads.

The Secret Qualities of Successful Information Products

Gary Scott reveals the secret qualities of successful information products.

Skyrocket Response by Eliminating Your Prospect's Risk

John Wood explains the classic technique of "risk reversal", taking on the risk of your reader to increase sales.

The Fastest Way to Getting PAID as a Writer

Rebecca Matter shares the fastest way to make a living as a writer in 2012, bar-none.

It's Not All About Benefits …

John Wood explains why you should make a list of the reasons someone might not respond to your message or believe what you’ve written … and then address them directly in your copy.

A Quick-Start SEO How-To Guide for Web Writers

Today Jen Phillips April tackles SEO basics, to get you started with a solid foundation, and enable you to start attracting free traffic from search engines from your clients and your web-writing website.

When is a Secret a Secret?

John Wood reveals a way to position a secret so it has the greatest impact on the reader.

23 Ways to Strengthen Your Bullet-Writing Skills...

John Wood takes writing compelling and effective bullets one step further by presenting to you 23 different bullet-writing formulas.

How to Write Stronger, More Effective Bullets That Your Clients and Readers Will Love

Have you ever written an ineffective, lacklustre bullet? Whether you use them in an email, website, or online sales page, the quality of your bullets can play a major role in whether or not a reader makes it to the end of your copy.

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