May 2012

5 Little Guys that Got Rich in Bad Times

Joshua Boswell recounts five stories of people who went from nothing to everything by following where the wealth was going.

If You Do a Good Job at This, No One Will Know...

John Wood explains why being a good listener is a key networking skill that can increase your client base.

11 Tips to Help You Get New Clients Through Cold Calling

John Wood tells you how to make cold calling work for your freelance copywriting business.

Use Your Talents to Make a Difference

Steve Roller is here to show you some of the ways your unique skill as a copywriter can help not just your income, but your community and the world.

The Vibrant Longevity of Writers

Steve Roller points out some of the larger, life long benefits of living the writer's life.

5 Steps to Successfully Promote Your Freelance Business Through Twitter

Kendy Sproul has some great tips to bring quality to your twitter account, and boost your freelance business in the process.

The #1 Reason for My Poverty

Joshua Boswell shares the #1 reason he was steeped in poverty and exactly how he broke out of poverty’s death grip.

3 Ways You Can Make Money Writing For The Internet

Christina Gillick lets us in on 3 of the many different opportunities web copywriters have to make money online.

8 Dos and Don’ts for Breaking Up with a Client

Breaking up is hard to do. Rae Robinson helps you navigate ending a relationship with a client to boost your copywriting business.

Prepare to Start Pruning Those Trees

Ending a relationship is always a delicate dance on both sides. Rae Robinson gives you some steps to follow to prepare for the tango.