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“A little over a decade ago, I was $200,000 in debt, no income, my company had just collapsed on me, we were behind on all of our bills, and the phone rang almost non-stop throughout the day with 'friendly' collection agencies. Worse than that, deep inside, I felt ashamed and like a miserable, worthless failure. It was a very ugly time. In the middle to that crisis, I got a letter from Paul Hollingshead telling me about this crazy deal called 'copywriting'. I read, reread, analyzed and prayed about the opportunity that letter presented to me.

“Finally, my good wife suggested that I just dive in and give it a try. So I did. We borrowed $50 from my brother to get the first installment and I was off and running. Today, I make a very nice six-figure income. We are out of debt – no more calls from our 'friends'. We take at least two high-adventure family vacations a year, with lots of mini 'field trips' in between. I work from home and spend lots of time with my wife and nine children. And, I feel the courage and pride of being able to provide for my family. How is this wonderful life possible? The answer is simple: The insights, support, and resources I got from AWAI have made my dreams a living, breathing reality in my life. I believe if you put these same tools to use, the same thing can happen to you.”

— Joshua Boswell


JOSHUA BOSWELL is the secret weapon that technology companies turn to for their marketing success when it comes to breaking into new industries and launching new technologies. Companies like Corel, Sony, Toshiba, and Microsoft have called on Joshua’s copywriting and marketing skills to orchestrate worldwide campaigns.

It’s not just technology companies that rely on Joshua. Currently he has four direct-mail controls in the non-profit world that continue to mail and produce top results for St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Iowa Right to Life, and the Children’s Christian Fund. His proudest moment was working pro bono for a private Christian school. His efforts helped save the school from bankruptcy, and increased enrollments by 300%.

In the changing economic climate, Joshua has begun working almost exclusively with smaller, online companies. Within four months of making this change, he’s increased his own client base and revenues by 300% … without increasing his time commitment. In the end, his copywriting success allows him to spend more time with his wife Margie and their nine beautiful children. And for Joshua that’s really what it’s all about.

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