Lazy Man Wealth Secrets Part 1

Men and women who have large piles of cash get their money far easier and faster than poor people.

What is more, oftentimes, their money comes in great droves, instead of in tiny sprinkles.

How do they do it?

How do they work less and stress less … yet have more security, more freedom of time, more luxuries, and more money?

In short … they discover where money is flowing … and they rig up wealth-capture devices.

Doesn’t that sound simple and nice?

Well, it is. In fact, I have often been amazed at how fast money flows to me and others when we are positioned right, with the right money-scoop system in place.

Operation Money-Scoop: How to Grab Money as It Flows

Today, I’m going to tell you about the first money-scoop method I’ve seen my multimillionaire friends use. (I’ve got three of these for you … so stay tuned.) I think it’s the best one and easiest to implement, but see what you think when I’m done telling you about it.

First, let me give you two examples of how fast money can flow when you know this principle. The first example is almost unimaginable in its size and scope … the second is much closer to home and could easily be done by people like you and me.

Meet Stanley Druckenmiller. Stanley was born to a poor chemical engineer in Philadelphia. It seemed unlikely that he would ever be wealthy.

Yet today, he has an estimated net worth of $2.5 billion and is ranked as the 149th wealthiest person in America. In 2008 alone, he is reported to have earned $260 million dollars.

I can assure you he did not dig ditches, flip burgers, or even sit in a cubicle, surrounded by hundreds of other engineers to make this kind of money. In fact, from the reports I’ve read, he didn’t really do anything that you and I would classify as work.

Obviously, Stanley knows a lot about getting rich and being lazy doing it.

His first major dump of wealth came in 1992. At the time, he was working for a man named George Soros, managing the now famous Quantum Fund. It was Stanley that realized the British Sterling Pound was valued far too high and was set to drop.

It was Stanley that convinced Soros to bet a whopping $10 billion against the Pound.

Their plan paid off and in less than 24 hours, they had made over $1.1 billion dollars.

But, the massive tidal wave of money did not stop there … over the next few months, as the Pound continued to plunge, they leveraged their position in the Pound to bet against the German Mark. This too paid off and netted them an estimated $2.6 billion.

That’s a total of $3.7 billion in profits in less than 3 months … with almost no work involved at all. Insane.

Of course, that does not usually happen … and certainly you and I are not in that league. But, that it CAN and DOES happen is what is encouraging to me … and should be to you, too.

The Real Story Behind St. Louis’ First Multimillionaire

Let’s look at another example and then I’ll give you Lazy Man Wealth Secret #1 so you can put it all in context.

In 1839, Nicholas Schaeffer immigrated to St. Louis from Germany. He began selling soaps and candles to farmers in the area. As the Westward Pioneer movement expanded, more and more wagons were coming west.

One day, a Wagon Master stopped in his shop asking for axle grease. Nicholas realized that the same lard he used to make candles with could just as easily be turned into axle grease … and sold for much more money. It is one thing to be without a candle in the middle of the wilderness … it is quite another to have your wagon wheel freeze up.

In no time, and with no extra effort on Nicholas’s part, the axle grease business had expanded from wagons to steamboats and was doing exponentially better than soaps and candles.

It was about that time that train tracks made their way to St. Louis. It didn’t take Nicholas any time at all to realize that with some slight, no-cost adjustments to his axle grease, he could sell it as a commercial lubricant to help keep the trains running smoothly also.

In all of this, Nicholas became St. Louis’ first multimillionaire without any extra work. In fact, the more his company grew, the less he worked and more secure his empire became.

It was so secure, in fact, that it is still in operation today, doing over $90 million. It is still run and owned by his descendants, who are lazy and wealthy just like their great-great-grandfather.

Lazy Man Wealth Secret #1

What is the Lazy Man Wealth Secret here?

Two words: Focused Variance.

I know it sounds odd, but that’s the best term I’ve come up for it.

Every successful person I know of has two seemingly conflicting attributes inside of them.

They are intensely focused … and often widely varied in their efforts to make money.

At the time that Stanley convinced George Soros to bet against the British Pound, Quantum Fund was not dealing in currency. It was outside of their core business. Yet, they saw an opportunity to make money … and they acted quickly on it.

Stated another way … their key focus was to make money. Who cares how it got done?! They were willing to shift their focus and go where the money was flowing.

In a similar vein, Nicholas was a soap maker, but had no problem switching to axle grease and commercial lubricants when he saw that there was more money to be made there.

In contrast, middle-class people are usually neither focused on getting rich nor willing to vary from their money-making plan. (They usually just dream of being rich and cling to their fears.)

They get a degree, work in a particular industry for 40 or 50 years, at 40-60 hours a week, retire in poverty, and die without their family worrying in the slightest how to pay the “estate tax” … because there isn’t any estate left to tax.

Focused Variance. That is the first key to becoming wealthy the lazy man’s way.

You have to develop an eye for where the money is flowing.

Become Aware of the Opportunities All Around You

Years ago, I heard Mark Ford give a talk on this topic. He said that wealthy people learn to see opportunities for riches and develop the courage to grasp those opportunities. The more they reach, the better they get at grasping … and the richer they get, the less they have to work and stress.

So, how do you develop the skill of Focused Variance?

I have identified five key steps to owning the skill of Focused Variance. Sadly, I can’t share all of them with you right now — not enough time or space.

But, I can give you the first one. In fact, I already mentioned it when I told you about Mark’s speech.

You must learn to become aware of opportunities. You can easily do this by observing how others are making real money. Last week, I told you five stories of people who became wealthy in tough times.

Go back and read those stories. How did they do it?

Think of 10 of the wealthiest people you know. How did they do it?

Wealth and success are everywhere and the first step to Focused Variance is simply observing and becoming aware. Get out of your daily routine. Step outside the box. Open your eyes. Observe. Take some notes and think about what you're observing.

When you are aware of how others make money, you’ll start seeing opportunities of your own.

Once you see the truth about making money, you’ll become hungry to vary from your current path and step into the path of real money. With the right system, you’ll be able to scoop up as much of it as you can carry.

I’ll help you get started. Look at this …

This Guy Went from $6.50/hour to $318/hour …
Being Lazy

Just over 17 years ago, Paul was stocking shelves in a grocery store. His boss told him he was terrible at it. How can you be terrible at stocking shelves?

It was so bad, in fact, that he overheard his bosses talking. The one said to the other that Paul was going to get fired for being so slow and lazy.

Well, Paul showed them … he began observing and noticing different money-making opportunities. He developed the skill of Focused Variance.

Today, he works 3-4 hours a day and makes between $300,000 and $400,000 a year. Apparently his lazy approach has paid off.

Since his money-making system is so solid and so easy, I want to invite you to view this video he put together. It will show you exactly how he makes so much money being lazy.

Click Here to Find Out How to Be Lazy and Make $318 an Hour.

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Published: June 1, 2012

3 Responses to “Lazy Man Wealth Secrets Part 1”

  1. Inspirational article - thank you. However, I do take exception to the use of the word LAZY.

    Let's be honest, unless one's wealth belongs to the family or comes from lottery winnings, it does not come to those who sit around and do nothing.

    Thinking...reading...learning...observing and finding relevance... That's not being lazy!

    Guest (Nadine)

  2. Thank you for sharing this eye-opening article.

    AWAI really needs to publish more stories like this one.

    Stories that are inspiring and leave us breathless with a desire to change our lives for the better.

    There are a lot of people out there who want to be wealthy but can't exactly figure out how that's done.

    So, thank you for sharing stories that help us to reach our financial goals.

    We need more examples like this, so we can mirror the behaviour of the wealthy and successful. Cheers.

    Archan Mehta

  3. Thanks great article! I found it provided me with a lot of information I was looking for.

    Guest (Michelle Durham)

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