June 2012

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AWAI Across America: Destination Rapid City, SD

Chris and Jim Butler are living their dream and their version of the writer's life as they travel around the country in their motor coach. Today they share their experience from their most recent visit to Rapid City, SD.

Would You Have Done This Too?

AWAI member Crystle Pishon had a burning desire to create change in her life. Guillermo Rubio talked with her to find out how she made it happen.

Millionaire Secrets on Rapid Riches: Part 1

Joshua Boswell shares some of the secrets that millionaires use to gain more money faster.

That Thing is Evil – Part 2

Brian E. Whitaker is discovering that stretching yourself professionally can lead to great flexibility in future endeavors.

Boardroom’s Brian Kurtz Reveals What It Really Takes to Be an “A-List” Copywriter

Brian Kurtz, Bootcamp Keynote speaker, shares a few insider-tips on how copywriters can improve their skills and become invaluable to their clients, and what it really takes to be an “A-List” copywriter.

Meet Bob

Guillermo Rubio had the pleasure of talking with Bob and found out a little more about his background, along with some of the lessons responsible for his success.

Anything You Want in Life Will Be Yours… When You Can Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

Guillermo Rubio tells it like it is. If you’re serious about your personal growth and want to become more successful in all areas of your life … you should make it a goal to become “comfortable” with being uncomfortable.

AWAI's Youngest Success Story?

Guillermo Rubio would like you to meet one of AWAI’s youngest members, who just graduated from college and already living the writer’s life.

7 Ways to Avoid Email Misinterpretation

Christina Gillick provides some great tips to make sure the message of your email is received the way it should be.

Want to Succeed? Prepare to Be BORED Silly!

Guillermo Rubio tells you why if you want to achieve something great, you’ll need to accept the fact that the journey might feel long and boring.

What Do You Focus On?

AWAI member Kathryn Aragon is a shining example of “Your attitude determines your altitude.” After speaking with her, Guillermo Rubio couldn’t help but feel uplifted.

AWAI Succeeds in Making the 2012 Event the “Best Bootcamp Ever!”

Roy Furr tells us why he can't miss this year's Bootcamp, and why you shouldn't either!

Celebrating 15 Years Thanks to YOU

Guillermo Rubio talks with Bob Edelstein about how AWAI helped him get out of the IT rat race and live the writer's life.

15 Years Ago: My Success in a Cardboard Box

Will Newman recounts his entry to the copywriting world, and the impact AWAI had in helping him.

The Challenge: Write a New Acquisition Package for NewMarket Health The Reward: $25,000, Royalties, Plus a 1-Year Contract [audio]

Would you like a shot at landing a $25,000 project (plus royalties) AND a year-long writing contract? Check out how here.

Financial Publishing Giant, Stansberry & Associates Investment Research, Coming to Copywriting Job Fair

Stansberry & Associates Investment Research will be attending AWAI’s 2012 Job Fair, looking for fresh new copywriting talent to work with.

How to Avoid a Huge Disruption to Your Productivity

John Wood reminds us all to protect one of our most valuable assets, our computer files.

Lazy Man Wealth Secrets Part 4 – The Final Part

There are several distinct ways someone can focus their energies into a larger income, and Joshua Boswell is here with the last of his four secrets that will allow you to do just that.

Eight Free Tools to Boost Your Writing Productivity

John Wood has hand picked eight free sites that have the potential to streamline your day-to-day work life.

Meet Up with AWAI Across America

Living the writer's life to the fullest, Chris and Jim Butler are travelling the US in their RV, and blogging about it the whole way for us AWAI readers!

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