June 2012

Boardroom’s Brian Kurtz Reveals What It Really Takes to Be an “A-List” Copywriter

Brian Kurtz, Bootcamp Keynote speaker, shares a few insider-tips on how copywriters can improve their skills and become invaluable to their clients, and what it really takes to be an “A-List” copywriter.

7 Ways to Avoid Email Misinterpretation

Christina Gillick provides some great tips to make sure the message of your email is received the way it should be.

Financial Publishing Giant, Stansberry & Associates Investment Research, Coming to Copywriting Job Fair

Stansberry & Associates Investment Research will be attending AWAI’s 2012 Job Fair, looking for fresh new copywriting talent to work with.

16 Ways to Turn Writing "Dead Time" into Productive Time...

John Wood wants to keep you move your career forward by maximizing the way you use your "dead time".

"I Made Him an Offer He Couldn't Refuse"

Bob Sands tells you how to craft your story to convert your readers into buyers.

The 6 Key Differences Between Business-to-Business and Consumer Marketing

Bob Bly explains some major differences between consumer and corporate buyers, and why your sales message needs to be tailored to these differences.

From Screenwriting to Copywriting: Understanding Structure

In screenwriting, you know how important structure is for your screenplay. This can also be applied to writing direct-response copy. Learn more.

What a Soapbox Derby and a 14-Year-Old Means to Your Success

Will Newman helps remind us that no matter how far off track we have gone, there is a path to get back.

Lazy Man Wealth Secrets Part 1

Joshua Boswell gives you the steps necessary to start building your wealth with less effort.