December 2012

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A New Habit for a New Year

Resolutions are often forgotten. Rebecca Matter is challenging you to develop a new, life changing habit.

Your Best New Years “Non-Resolution”

Will Newman says forget silly New Year's resolutions, take action now!

Go Seuss-ical

Starr Daubenmire provides some inspiration and motivation from a literary genius.

2013 Bootcamp “Early, Early Bird” Special

AWAI announced today that now through the end of the year you can take advantage of an “early bird, early bird” special on AWAI’s 2013 Bootcamp – and even get set-up with a kind of “lay-away” plan.

Masterminds and Mentors

Starr Daubenmire lays out two ways to help make copywriting a group effort, and use the power of a group to get more done.

Chasing Two Rabbits

Keeping focused is a major part of achieving goals. Starr Daubenmire helps you figure out if you are working towards your goal, or straying away from it.

7 Steps to Cure “Cobbler’s Children Syndrome”

Michele Peterson reminds us that we need to help ourselves to further our careers.

Build Momentum by Thinking Big and Starting Small

Starr Daubenmire gets your momentum going, and has some ways to keep it going.

Getting the Jumpstart on 2013

Setting attainable goals is a skill anyone can use. Starr Daubenmire helps you figure out what you want in the coming year with a quick activity.

Get Your Goals On … Are You Ready To RUMBLE In The New Year?

With the New Year rapidly approaching, Starr Daubenmire provides some great tips for setting real, achievable goals.

Speaking About Success

Will Newman explains the power of identifying yourself as a copywriter.

Giving Up a Million-Dollar Idea...

Experiencing the oh-so-common freelancer ADD? Christina Gillick is here to help you focus.

How to Get Stuff Done

Christina Gillick explains why small goals and tasks can be just as important as the large ones.

Four Tips for Tackling Your Inbox

Tired of filtering through hundreds of useless emails a day? Christina Gillick has gives you some solid tips for cleaning up that inbox.

AWAI Across America Destination — Farmersville, Texas Home of Christina Gillick

On her travels across America, Christine Butler learned about the amazing rise of copywriter Christina Gillick.

Eat That Frog!

Having trouble getting things done? Christina Gillick provides an ingenius way to start your day on the right foot... by eating the frog.

Pre-Game Rituals to Get You in the Writing Zone

Many people who have had success at anything have a ritual that keeps them in the zone. Michele Peterson shares her pre-game ritual, and helps you develop your own.

An Easier Way to Get Up an Hour Earlier

Christina Gillick shares a time-honored Japanese tradition that can help you live the best writer's life possible.

Niche Online Businesses Allow Entrepreneurs to Match Passions with Profits

Creating a website seems like a far off dream for many. But as Katie Yeakle points out, anyone can make a website that can start bringing in profits.

Brand New -- Three New Practice Exercises in the Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting

AWAI announces the addition of new practice exercises to the Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting.

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