November 2013

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Coaching: It’s Not Just for Athletes

Athletes benefit from having a coach, and so do copywriters. Having a copy coach should help you polish your skills, get organized, and always keep improving!

A Postgame Analysis Can Improve Everything You Write

After every copy assignment take the time to think about what worked and what could have been improved on a project. Get feedback from clients on how the piece performed.

How to Score a “Win” With Your Client

Set personal records in your copywriting career…commit to doing better, exceeding your client’s expectations and over-delivering on all your assignments.

How to Create Your Name Recognition Strategy … So Clients Come TO You

Christina Gillick helps you set up a marketing system that will have clients coming to you.

Your Best Tool for Success: The Practice Principle

Practice makes perfect with just about everything … and also with writing. Practice every day and you’ll soon see how much your writing can improve.

Get Your Copywriting Career Up and Running Without Breaking a Sweat

Li Vasquez-Noone uses simple athletic training strategies to excel in her copywriting career. The first step is preparation; do you have the tools you need to succeed?

The Most Powerful Words in Your Writing...

The first draft of anything always needs revising! Eliminate words like is and there is, and use powerful verbs instead. This will make your copy much stronger.

“The Luckiest Man on the Face of the Earth”

Michael Jordan’s baseball career has 5 important lessons for writers: learn from criticism, be generous, work hard, prove naysayers wrong, and love what you do!

5 Lessons from Michael Jordan’s Minor League Baseball Career

Michael Jordan’s baseball career has 5 important lessons for writers: learn from criticism, be generous, work hard, prove naysayers wrong, and love what you do!

Never Let What You Cannot Do Interfere With What You Can Do

Anthony Robles didn’t let obstacles get in his way. He was born with one leg and still is an amazing athlete and wrestler, turning his disability into a strength.

“One More Happy Christmas”

Billy Miske, is an example of an athlete that always had a sense of purpose. He knew what he wanted from life, and he went after it whole-heartedly.

Eight Tips to Help You Conquer the Fear Holding You Back in Your Career

Mandy Marksteiner has put together eight tips that will help eliminate the nerves and jitters that get in the way of you reaching your highest potential.

Are You Ready for Opportunity When It Strikes?

Jason McElwain was the team manager for his school’s basketball team. He was well prepared for one of the greatest moments of his life. Will you be you ready?

Free Access: Virtual B2B Copywriting Summit

Get free access to the Virtual B2B Copywriting summit, being held December 14th.

Vince Lombardi’s “20-Second Lesson...”

Vince Lombardi, one of the greatest coaches of all time, taught Jerry Kramer how to take criticism. His ability to teach, motivate and inspire brought out the best in his players.

Priming the Brain for Great Ideas

How do you create a big idea? Will Newman calls upon some classic advice to help focus your copywriting.

A Challenge from Nick Usborne

If you’re interested in online copywriting, then it’s time to take action. Decide today if this is what you want to do, and then do it! Set deadlines and make it happen!

AWAI Member Chooses Niche He's Passionate About – and Lands His First Big Project

Learn how Dan Magill has turned his AWAI training into a successful freelance business in his chosen niche.

2 Insider Tips on the Best Writing Opportunities

Find out what your copywriting strengths are and focus on those. Look for repeat projects and long sales page projects and you’ll be able to make a great living writing!

A Quick Way To Know More Than Your Clients

One of the main fears newbie copywriters have is approaching clients. Here’s a secret little people know… clients don’t actually know much about copywriting.

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