December 2013

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Don’t Make This Mistake on New Year’s Day

This year set goals – not resolutions. Come up with a systematic way to implement your most important writing goals for the coming year and take tangible action steps.

5 Questions to Launch Your GFS

A Goal Fulfillment System is different from just setting goals. It takes you one step beyond voicing your goals and gives you actionable steps for following through on them.

Tradition be Damned

Instead of making New Year’s resolutions this year, resolve to accomplish your goals by taking action steps that move you in the right direction.

Lessons from the Spirit of Christmas

Believe in your work. Charles Dickens’ publishers rejected his story, A Christmas Carol but he believed in it so much that he self-published and it was an instant hit.

The Real Story Behind "The Nutcracker"

Originally published in 1816, the original Nutcracker story was a complex world of intrigue, adventure, and true love between a girl and her nutcracker doll.

2014 Bootcamp “Early, Early Bird” Special

AWAI announced today that now through the end of the year you can take advantage of an “early bird, early bird” special on AWAI’s 2014 Bootcamp – and even get set-up with a kind of “lay-away” plan.

A Second Chance at Christmas Memories

Sometimes copy needs to go though many stages of revisions before it’s a hit. “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” has been revised many times.

57 Novels Rejected Per Day: A Cut-Throat Screener's System for Bypassing your Reader's Urge to Click Away

Mandy Marksteiner gives you 5 things to do on your website — or for your clients — so you’ll pass your visitors’ screen test every time.

The Christmas Hit That Almost Wasn't

Clement Moore wrote a Christmas poem for his children, and didn’t claim authorship for it for years because he thought it was “silly.” Always take credit for your work!

The Montgomery Ward Copywriter Who Changed Christmas

Robert May wrote the story of Rudolph while he was working as a copywriter. It was a promotional piece to give away to customers during the holidays.

A Commodity More Valuable than Money ...

You can always earn more money. But you can never earn back wasted time. That’s why it’s so important that you make good investments with your time.

3 Ways to Excel with E-Books

Set a goal, share it with others, and get on a writing schedule! Staying connected to other writers that have similar goals is a great support system and way to stay motivated!

The Nuts-N-Bolts of E-Book Marketing

You can market your e-book through a newsletter, social media, search-engine optimization, and word of mouth. Stay tuned to AWAI for more ideas.

This Week Only: Recordings Available From AWAI’s B2B Copywriting Summit

For one week only, recordings of the summit are available for free online, courtesy of Business Writing Success. Read on to learn how to get access.

Write an E-Book Without Writing Anything

Repurpose content you’ve written and researched over the years for other projects. You may be able to get your e-book together in record time!

Your Meaningful Action Roadmap for 2014

Heather Robson shows you how to use the idea of meaningful action to get more done in the coming year.

8 Crazy Facts About E-books

Learn why e-books have a higher perceived value than traditional books. Decide which topics are the most profitable to write about and get started on your first e-book!

The Nitty-Gritty of Being SMART

The acronym “SMART” is a good mnemonic for remembering how to write effective goals. Take action steps each day that work towards your SMART goals.

Become a Money-Making E-Book Author

E-books are one of the easiest, surest ways to land a six-figure writing income. What do you like to write about? Here are some tips to help you pick a topic!

You Don't Need Much to Make It Big in the E-Book World

The Ultimate Guide to E-Book Writing Success is available now for $50 off the regular price. Read on to learn how to take advantage of this awesome deal.

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