May 2014

Don’t Be a Copywriter!

Targeting small clients (rather than high-visibility clients) when growing your copywriting business could be the key to becoming a successful copywriter.

The Truth About Making Six Figures as a Copywriter

The path to six-figure copywriting isn’t an easy one, but it’s definitely doable! Here you'll read about writers who quickly reached the six-figure mark.

How to Know When You’re Good Enough

Afraid your writing skills aren't "good enough?" Rebecca explains why a foundation in persuasive writing automatically makes your copy better.

Biggest Copywriting Myths Revealed

Rebecca Matter takes over The Writer’s Life this week to dispel a few myths about the best opportunity for writers to make a living - copywriting.

Accomplish More When You Believe This

Chris Allsop shares tips on building your copywriting business while balancing other parts of your life.

Circle of Success Member Takes Full Advantage of the Benefits of Membership … and It Pays Off Big-

Learn how Steve Coombes, an in-demand copywriter, can trace his success to one event that put everything into motion.

Never Forget WHY You’re Doing This

Julie explains how reminding yourself why you became a freelance copywriter is a very powerful motivator.

Stop These 4 Productivity Killers Today

Although working from home is a luxury, it can be easy to become distracted. Julie provides some tips for staying on task.