May 2014

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Go Where There’s Business to Be Had …

Once you make the mindset shift to stop dreading “networking” and simply focus on building real connections, amazing things happen.

Bootcamp 2014 Speakers Revealed

Katie Yeakle announces the speaker roster for this year’s Bootcamp and Job Fair.

How to Get Your Marketing Unstuck

If you’re not getting all the clients you want, there may be a problem in your marketing process. Here’s how to know where.

How to Change “Follow Up” to Friendship

Go beyond "following up" with potential clients and copywriting peers. You’ll be amazed who you come to count on as your closest writing companions.

Email is Dead … or IS It? (7,182 Potential Clients Don’t Think So)

Email marketing is not “dead.” It’s still the preferred mode of communication for the majority of consumers and is still the biggest driver of new leads.

What 5 Minutes a Day Can Do for Your Writing Career

Taking five minutes a day to do a genuine-but-small favor for someone else can go further than you think. Jen Adams explains why here.

How Can They Help When They Don’t Know?

Jen Adams shares how she used social media to make copywriting connections and promote her services.

Open Your Own Doors to New Opportunities

Casual conversation about your copywriting career can go a long way, so don’t be afraid to tell people about what you do!

Don’t Be a Copywriter!

Targeting small clients (rather than high-visibility clients) when growing your copywriting business could be the key to becoming a successful copywriter.

Are You All In?

The life of a copywriter is not one single path. It’s completely flexible and can give you as much freedom and income as you want.

The Top 7 Ways to Get Great Clients

Finding and getting hired by great clients is a need every copywriter has. Steve Slaunwhite gives you the 7 best ways to get clients.

The Truth About Making Six Figures as a Copywriter

The path to six-figure copywriting isn’t an easy one, but it’s definitely doable! Here you'll read about writers who quickly reached the six-figure mark.

5 Reasons Companies Hire This Kind of Web Writer

Cause marketing is a smart technique to have in your web-writing toolkit. Here are five reasons companies hire a writer who understands this world.

Go Beyond “Book Learning” with this Circle of Success Instructor

One Pam Foster's favorite things about being on the teaching side of COS is seeing the progress made by members as they go through the program.

Before You Invest a Dime in Copywriting…

It isn’t necessary to invest your money to become a successful copywriter. Rebecca Matter explains why here.

June Great Books Club Selection: How to Win Friends & Influence People [video]

The June selection for the AWAI Great Books Club is How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie.

Announcing AWAI’s Great Books Club

AWAI is excited to announce its new Great Books Club! It’s FREE, and anyone can participate. To learn more about the first session, read on.

How to Know When You’re Good Enough

Afraid your writing skills aren't "good enough?" Rebecca explains why a foundation in persuasive writing automatically makes your copy better.

Meet Me at Bootcamp

Will Newman is not a fan of traveling, and the only time he looks forward to leaving his "cave" is for his yearly trip to Bootcamp. He explains why here.

Biggest Copywriting Myths Revealed

Rebecca Matter takes over The Writer’s Life this week to dispel a few myths about the best opportunity for writers to make a living - copywriting.

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