August 2014

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Video: A Sneak Peek into Dan Kennedy’s Ultimate Client Feeder System

Check out this interview with Dan Kennedy where he talks about his new system for landing and keeping high-paying clients.

This MacGyver-like Tool Will Set You Apart …

Even when you’re armed with a detailed contact list, a swipe file and knowledge about copywriting, it’s your creativity that will set you apart from the rest.

Pricing Tip #2: When to Send the Quote. When to Follow-up.

How much time do you have to send a quote to a prospect before your chances of getting the job go away? Steve Slaunwhite’s answer may surprise you.

Use MacGyver-like Knowledge to Solve Your Clients’ Problems

Copywriters who are resourceful, knowledgeable, and confidently provide services that solve their clients’ problems are always in high demand.

The Arc of John Carlton's Successful Career [audio]

Copywriters and marketers of all levels flock to Bootcamp speaker John Carlton for advice. Read about John's experience and check out the interview here!

Create Opportunities by “Swiping” Ideas

Duct tape is a simple tool MacGyver used to creatively solve complex problems. As a copywriter, you should have a similar type of tool in your arsenal.

Using Long-Tail Keywords to Boost Your Traffic

70 percent of keyword searches use long-tail key phrase. Learn how you can use long-tail keywords to increase your website traffic.

September Great Books Club Selection: The War of Art [video]

The September selection for the Great Books Club is The War of Art by Steven Pressfield.

Congratulations to AWAI Great Books Club Winners for September!

These ten lucky Great Books Club August Winners won a free copy of The War of Art. Congrats!

“MacGyver” Your Way to More Clients …

Similar to MacGyver’s trusted Swiss Army knife, your contact list is a multifaceted tool you can use to become a resourceful and successful freelance writer.

Let Mark Twain Guide you

As a copywriter, you have one crucial job. You must get your copy read without your prospect being distracted. Will Newman explains in detail here.

Create Opportunities with MacGyver-like Resourcefulness

Linda Wilkinson shows how to find new clients and creatively solve challenges with some simple tools and resources that are available to all copywriters.

Habit 5: Get Really, Really Good

Steve Slaunwhite reveals the one habit that has contributed most to his success. And it concerns the number one thing copywriting clients want from you.

Habit 4: Relentlessly Focus on Ideal Prospects

To be successful as a freelance copywriter, you must have a relentless focus on identifying ideal prospects and turning them into clients.

Pricing Tip #1: Quote Your REAL Services

Steve Slaunwhite shows you how to quote all the services you perform and not just your writing services so your fees are accepted by your prospect.

How Carline Anglade-Cole Consistently Creates Controls [audio]

2014 Bootcamp Speaker Carline Anglade-Cole has written countless control-beating copy. Read her story and check out her interview here.

Habit 3: Treat Your Business Like a Business

Today’s habit has to do with the mindset of treating your business like a business. As B2B expert Steve Slaunwhite explains, copywriters who do so, do better.

How to Write an Email Signature that Brings You Business

Adding a professional email signature to your email programs can help you attract more referrals and more projects.

Habit 2: Give Hard Work a Try

B2B expert Steve Slaunwhite shares another habit that, without exception, every successful copywriter has. It’s a willingness to work hard when needed.

5 Habits of Successful B2B Copywriters

Great copywriters – especially in B2B – have similar habits that consistently keep them on top. Steve Slaunwhite shares a valuable tip for creating momentum

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