January 2016

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Five Ways to Keep Clients Happy and Coming Back to You

Here are five proven strategies to keep clients happy so they'll hire you for most all of their copy needs over and over again.

CPA Leverages Her Expertise for a New Career as a B2B Writer

This AWAI member found fulfillment in clients and employers who value her accounting skills and passion for persuasive writing. Find out how she made the transition from CPA to copywriter here.

9 Insider Secrets to Working with an Editor

Don't fear the red marks! Working with an editor can be a positive experience. And your writing can improve as a result. Here’s how.

A Simple Marketing Secret for Landing New Clients

To land new clients for your copywriting business, use this proven marketing technique.

Make Your Website Work for You

Your own website is a great way not only to attract potential new clients but convert them into paying clients.

7 Proven Ways to Get Clients

When it comes to getting clients, you have to find the methods that work for you. Try these proven ways to get clients and learn which suits you best.

How to Become a Master Copywriter

Choosing a niche rather than being a generalist is the fastest way to become a master copywriter.

Breaking News … 2016 Web Copywriting Intensive Is Officially Sold Out!

The 2016 Web Copywriting Intensive is officially sold out! Place your name on the waiting list here.

Top Copywriter Shares Secrets for Getting Clients

“America's Top Copywriter,” Bob Bly, shares secrets for landing as many clients as you need to build your copywriting business.

Making Swipe Files Work for You

The key to using swipes properly is not to steal from them but to use them as a model for your own work. Think of them as a stimulus to generate your own compelling ideas.

Finding Time to Write a Novel is Easier Than You Think

Here’s the perfect writer’s tip: Write one page a day and by the end of the year, you’ll have enough pages for your very own book.

Improve Your Writing by Studying Yourself

Try this very practical way to not only improve the quality of your writing, but to make your editors happier as well.

Banish Writer’s Block for Good

Use one of these 5 ways to banish writer’s block every time you sit down to write.

How to Curb Self-Doubt for Good

Self-doubt often stops people from writing their own book but you can curb that by simply writing a few words on paper.

SMART Goals: Your Recipe for Success

Setting goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound can take you far in the new year.

Removing Obstacles for Writing Your Own Book

The secret to finding ideas to write your own book is just a matter of paying attention to what’s happening in your own life.

The Poison of Predictability

Although predictability is helpful when working with clients, Will Newman explains how being unpredictable can be beneficial to your success in copywriting.

Insider Secrets to Self-Publishing Success

Learn these three important truths about self-publishing and you could become then next superstar author.

A Major Web-Writing Project in the Bag for this AWAI Member

AWAI member takes her freelance web-writing career to the next level after taking on a project for a major insurance company. Read more about it here!

Key Message Copy Platforms: How to Price Them to Maximize Your Income

Discover how to consistently make $200 to $300 per hour or more on all of your Key Message Copy Platform copywriting projects — without your clients ever questioning your fee!

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