March 2016

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Five Ways to be More Authentic as a Writer (and Attract More Clients as a Result!)

Don’t fall into the trap of posturing yourself online as better than you are. Instead, tap these five ways to be authentic and still make yourself look good …

The Mechanics of Getting Paid: A Freelancer’s Guide

You landed the client! Now, what’s the best way to get paid? Here are several options for freelancers, and the pros and cons of each of them.

Counterintuitive Secrets to Getting More Done in Less Time

How can you earn more while working less? Mindy McHorse shares how she’s cut her work time in half, and how you can also get more done in less time.

How Keeping It Simple Builds Success

Monday we talked about the importance of building your promo on a foundation of a compelling idea. If one compelling idea is good, are two, three, or more even better?

3 Steps to Creating Your Personal Writing Brand

Discover why branding is so essential to building an authentic, successful writing career, and enjoy these three steps to creating your personal writing brand.

Without This Foundation, Your Writing Will Probably Collapse

Mark Ford says successful copy must stand on a strong foundation of a compelling idea. Unfortunately, many promos – print and online – fail because they lack that foundation.

The Word Secret Behind Donald Trump’s Billion-Dollar Empire

The secret to making a sale comes down to word choices. The fewer complicated words you use, the better you’ll do at selling.

Free Travel Around the Country … as Part of a Very Fulfilling New Job … Has this COS Member Saying “It Feels Great!”

This Circle of Success member recently landed his dream job - teaching copywriting to those in the corporate world. Not only does he love that he gets to teach, he gets to travel around the country to do it. Read his story here.

How the Power of Association Will Support Your Dream

Fifteen years ago, a medical problem had me feeling pretty low. But my association with my Rotary family got me moving forward … in my life and career.

Keep Marketing!

Staying persistent with your marketing is key to landing more clients. Use these tips to make your follow-up more effective.

Fight Off “Resistance” with this Proven, Easy-to-Tap Technique

If you haven’t yet met all your writing goals, there’s a proven technique you should look into. It’ll make your writing life better, more enjoyable, and more successful …

“Chef’s Tips” for Getting More Out of Your Web-Writing Business

Chefs have a secret for staying organized, being productive, and turning out top-notch work. It’s called mise en place and it works for writers, too.

The Power of Association to Teach and Inspire

Books, programs, and classes are great ways to learn skills necessary for achieving the writer’s life. But my association with likeminded people has been just as powerful.

The Single Most Effective Way to Survive (and Thrive) Your Early Years as a Writer

If your writing career isn’t yet where you want it to be, consider this easy-to-access technique of building your own fortress of support and watch as it helps you excel.

The Secret to Becoming a Copywriter

When do you become a real copywriter? Is it when you get your first client? Or your second? After a year writing copy? None of these. The answer may surprise you.

The Power of Association to Fuel Success

By nature, I’m a solitary person. Or I used to be until I learned what I call the “Power of Association” to improve and enrich my life.

The Power of Belief and How to Make it Happen

It’s hard to write successful copy if you don’t completely believe in your product. But maybe you don’t have to believe completely. Here’s how to turn your lack of belief around.

Do You Have These Questions about the B2B Writer’s Life?

Our interview with B2B master Steve Slaunwhite last week — and his webinar Friday — generated a lot of comments and questions. Let’s take a quick look at a few.

The Hidden Danger of "Go Big or Go Home"

Starting a new venture is exciting. You're ready to Go Big or Go Home! But, there's a hidden danger in that thinking.

7 Ways Writing Is Just Like Rock Climbing

How is freelance writing like rock climbing? It can be scary. But the triumph you feel when you do well is unsurpassed. The similarities don’t stop there.

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