August 2016

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Land Top Health Copywriting Jobs at Job Fair

At Job Fair at this year’s Bootcamp, top health and wellness companies will be seeking AWAI-trained copywriters for a range of copywriting jobs.

Design a Web-Writing Website Fits for Your Personality Perfectly

Design a web-writing website that shows your strengths and skills and that suits your personality. You’ll attract the clients who are a good fit for you.

Learn How to Become a Copywriter from the Best

Top copywriter John Forde will pass on his top tips for how to become a copywriter at Bootcamp.

What Can You Learn about Achieving The Writer's Life from a Man Who Jumps Off Cliffs?

Five years ago, I toyed with the idea of retiring from copywriting. Something convinced me not to. Something that can point the way to your own success.

Offhand Remark Leads to Copywriting Job

As a copywriter, opportunity is all around you. Sometimes you just have to make your expertise known … and you can land a copywriting job.

Copywriting Skills Help Texas Woman Launch Profitable Web-Based Business

Christina Gillick learned about copywriting from other AWAI members while still working a full-time job. This quickly led to her own freelance business. Read her story here.

Only 8 Spots Remain for the Copywriting Event of the Year

If you haven't signed up for Bootcamp yet, don't wait another day! There are only 8 spots remaining and they'll be going fast.

If Earning Six-Figures is Your Only View of Success, You May Miss Out on Crucial Steps that Get You There

If success for you means a six-figure income, you might be missing true success… the smaller steps along the way that get us there. Here’s Sarah’s story of that type of success.

How the People You Meet at Bootcamp Can Change Your Career – and Life

Bootcamp is the fastest way to take your copywriting career to the next level. Watch this video and listen to some AWAI members who’ve had their lives changed after attending Bootcamp.

Your Career - and Life - Could Change Forever at Job Fair 2016

The Job Fair at our FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp can be a life changing event, no matter where you're currently at in your copywriting career. Find out how this networking experience made the difference for other AWAI members and how you can join them.

The Shy Freelancer’s Guide to Landing Clients

Being introverted is no obstacle to landing copywriting jobs. Let Marcia Yudkin show you proven, no-hype self-marketing strategies you feel comfortable with.

This Winning Copywriting Formula Starts by Asking Intriguing Questions

Asking intriguing questions around facts you uncover from your research could lead to millions in sales.

Millennials Are Changing the Face of Business-to-Business Copywriting and How Those Changes Impact Your Success

Millennials are changing the face of Business-to-Business copywriting by how they research and purchase B2B products. Learn how that impacts you.

Don’t Let Your Words Accidentally Rile — or Amuse — Your Reader

The only time you want your writing to rile your prospect is when you rile him on purpose. Never let the words you use amuse or upset him by accident.

Financial Publisher Has Copywriting Jobs Available

If you’re looking for copywriting jobs in the financial niche, check out this publisher that will be at this year’s Job Fair.

B2B Success Secret: Make Your Client Look Like a Star

Andrew Murray shares a success secret that can help you land and keep more B2B copywriting clients.

Do you have this writing skill? (Companies are looking for you!)

Learn more about the writing skill businesses in every niche are so desperate for and the top fees they are willing to pay. Don't miss out on this huge writing opportunity!

Are You Wasting Your Time with Frustrating Web Searches?

Successful promotions rest on rock solid credibility. How do you build credibility? Start with research. Here are some tools to make research easier.

Six-Figure Copywriter Success in Financial Niche

This AWAI member has discovered his dream career and six-figure copywriter success working for a top financial publisher.

B2B Specialist Has a Knack for Landing Copywriting Jobs

B2B Writer Steve Maurer has been on a roll recently with his freelance career. He shares his tips for landing top copywriting jobs.

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