Get the Official AWAI “Seal of Approval”

Show Potential Clients — Instantly — that You’re Ready to Take on High-Paying Copywriting Jobs

Have you been … AWAI Verified®?

It’s quite simple to earn this rank … but so powerful in what it can mean for your career.

In a nutshell, it means you’ve studied The Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting and have a solid foundation in persuasive writing and direct-response. The AWAI Verified® seal lets the world know that you’ve mastered the industry’s best practices — you’re a pro copywriter ready to take on any client.

Since we announced this program, we’ve already had dozens of AWAI members take the test and pass with flying colors to become officially AWAI Verified®. The process breaks down like this:

  • 50 multiple-choice questions based on information in The Accelerated Program
  • 90-minute testing period
  • 3 chances to pass with a grade of 80% or better

Congrats to everybody who’s taken the leap! It’s already paying off by boosting their confidence and putting them in position to grab the attention of clients. Not to mention passing this test provides tangible proof that you are a qualified copywriter.

“I just took the test yesterday. It was challenging, but I think those who have learned the material won't have trouble. I was able to pass with a 98% and now I can say I'm a ‘certified’ copywriter. :) And with the AWAI ‘Seal of Approval’ on my website, clients will know too. Thank you so much for the opportunity!!” says Kate Stelmaszek.

“The questions were fair and challenging, which is exactly what I would expect from AWAI. So when I passed it, I felt it truly was a worthwhile and marketable certification to have achieved,” says Jeff Friend. “The AWAI Verified® title gives immediate credibility that allows prospective clients to feel confident in helping them decide whether to hire me. It cracks that door of opportunity and lowers a resistance barrier by affirming I am a professional copywriter that they can rely on.”

“Passing the AWAI Verified® test was very satisfying and exciting. It gives proof to potential clients that I have been trained and verified by AWAI. All customers like assurance for what they are purchasing, whether it be a product or services. It helps build trust, which is so important!” says Bonnie Schooler.

Bonnie and Jeff also have these tips for anybody getting ready to take the test.

“Take your time and think through each question. Remember that this is not just some little quiz that doesn't really matter. Attaining the AWAI Verified® title will positively impact your copywriting career, so go into the test knowing it is worth the effort and worth taking very seriously,” says Jeff.

“Study, study, especially if it has been awhile since you took the program! It is challenging, but anyone who has taken the course and studied can pass it. It covers The Accelerated Program and a sales letter they give you. You must get at least an overall score of 80% to pass. If you fail it the first time, at least you will know how to study more efficiently the next time!” adds Bonnie.

Once you pass, you’re given the official AWAI Verified® seal in the form of a file you can add to your freelance website. (Why not put it on your business cards, email signature, and LinkedIn profile, too?)

Once that seal is on your site, a prospective client can click on it. That’ll put them in touch with AWAI Member Services, who can verify … you’re AWAI Verified®!

You’ll also be put on a list of AWAI Verified® copywriters on AWAI’s in-house job board, It’ll make you really stand out to potential clients, that’s for sure.

Are you ready to be AWAI Verified®? Click here, pay the $50 processing fee, and you’re off. (Remember, you have three tries to pass and you can take the test whenever you want after registering.)

Best of luck — not that you’re going to need it.

The AWAI Method™

The AWAI Method™ for Becoming a Skilled, In-Demand Copywriter

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Published: August 9, 2016

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