October 2016

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Experienced in Writing About Natural Health and Alternative Medicine? We’re Looking for You!

Easy Health Options is looking for an alternative health writer and information publisher to join their growing team. Get all the details about this exciting opportunity and how you can apply!

Harnessing Your “Insider’s Knowledge” for a Successful Copywriting Career

Even if you're sick to death of your current career or job, they provide a goldmine of opportunity to draw from to build your writer's life.

Overcome Challenges By Asking Yourself This Simple Six-Word Question

Asking this simple six-word question can advance your copywriting career in ways you never imagined possible.

Congratulations to Wealthy Web Writer Challenge Winner, David Vigna

David Vigna stepped out of his comfort zone and was interviewed by Wealthy Web Writer's Managing Editor Heather Robson...and his story of landing his first client made him a challenge winner. Check out his experience here, and how you can try Wealthy Web Writer today - for just a buck!

Free Webinar and Q&A: Inside the Online Copywriting Opportunity – a Writing Path with Tons of Variety and Unending Opportunities

No matter what your niche, there's a whole world of opportunities in online copywriting. Find out more by joining Katie and Rebecca this Friday - with special guest Nick Usorne - for a FREE webinar...Get all the details and sign up here!

Congratulations to the 2016 Bootcamp Spec Challenge Winners

Meet the six winners of the 2016 AWAI Bootcamp Spec Challenge. Each earns $1,000 and the chance to work with AWAI.

Meet the 2016 AWAI Copywriter of the Year

Thanks to his industry success and work as a mentor to new copywriters, Steve Slaunwhite has been named AWAI’s Copywriter of the Year.

Jon Stoltzfus is AWAI’s 2016 $10K Challenge Winner

Thanks to his breakthrough copy, this AWAI member has been named the winner of the 2016 $10K Challenge.

Member Finds His Ideal Copywriting Job Telling Stories

Christopher Dean’s freelance business took off when he found the copywriting job perfect for him: writing B2B case studies.

How Spec Assignments Led a Job Seeker to a Successful Copywriting Career

This COS member found a way to land new clients without much experience and set her new copywriting career in motion. Learn how she did it.

How to Find Copywriter Success with Spec Assignments

This Circle of Success member has found that a great way to land new clients without much experience, and experience copywriter success, is by submitting spec assignments.

3 Ways to Fast-Track B2B Writing Confidence

Lack of confidence holds back far too many B2B writers. Here’s how to fast-track B2B writing confidence.

Use These 4 Tips to Stop Writing the Hard Way and Write Smarter Instead

You’re already working really hard so you can’t work any harder. COS member Cindy Cyr offers four strategies for working smarter instead.

Copywriter Success in the Personal Development Niche

Freelancer finds copywriter success and lands top projects in her ideal niche, personal development.

An Editorial Calendar: A Must-Have Tool for Web Writers

An editorial calendar is a powerful tool for web writers. It can help you take your blog from dream to reality and make you more valuable to clients, too.

You Will Not Achieve The Writer's Life … Until You Believe These Four Magic Words

There's no denying that achieving the writer's life takes work. But it also takes understanding four essential words I urge COS members to say.

Congratulations to Wealthy Web Writer Challenge Winner, Liz Farr

There are numerous benefits to being part of the Wealthy Web Writer. Member Liz Farr had the chance to participate in a challenge where she was interviewed about her experience landing her first client...ending in a paid writing assignment - you can read her story here AND find out how to try Wealthy Web Writer for just a buck!

After Long Indecision, I Finally Took the Steps to Seize a Copywriting Career

Indecision stalled this copywriter’s quest for the writer's life. But he finally made the decision to push forward. We can learn a lot from his story.

Why Some AWAI Members Prefer This Over Our Programs…

Not only does AWAI's Circle of Success offer more interactive training and guidance, you'll have access to our programs and resources that continue to improve. Find out how you can become part of be part this elite group AND the savings and payment plans available to you today!

Take Your Copywriting Skills to the Next Level Without Spending a Dime

Writing doesn’t have to be solitary. COS member Kate Stelmaszek offers a strategy for boosting success by getting other writers’ support. (It’s free!)

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