4 Driving Forces that Will Make You Want to Write Your Book Right Now

Pencil and the words my book written on a notepad near books and one hundred dollar bills

If you and I and all the other readers of this newsletter were sitting in a room together, and I asked,

“How many of you want to write a book?”

Tens of thousands of hands would shoot up — mine included. Because writing a book is like the holy grail of life as a writer. It’s what writers do. It’s what most non-book-writing writers aspire to do.


So I’m going to assume you’re one of us …

But have you ever stopped to consider why you want to write a book?

It’s an important question …

Because if you take the time to articulate your reason for achieving a big goal, you’re much more likely to succeed at that goal.

It also puts distance between goals you feel obligated to achieve versus goals you’re deeply driven to achieve.

That’s why I want to share the four most common reasons writers write books. Use this list to pinpoint your own driving reason for writing your book. Because once you’ve defined it, your reason why will serve as powerful motivation to help you follow through on your goal.

Here they are — the “4-Fs” behind wanting to write a book:

Reason #1: FAME

Life as an author means instant recognition, both from the writing and reading community.

Depending on how your book does, it could mean recognition from the world at large. It’s the ultimate approach to building clout as a creative person.

It’s also an established way to let others know you can take on something big and follow it through. It elevates you from average to expert and from ordinary to exceptional.

Above all, it offers instant proof of your ability to write — even if you’re talking to someone who’s never read your book. Just imagine being on the receiving end of this conversation …

“Oh, you write for a living? Have you written any books? Really? Wow. Impressive …”

Reason #2: FORTUNE

Not everyone who writes a book will get rich … but a lot of people who write books make money.

And if you’re skilled as a persuasive writer and know the basics of copywriting, you can really elevate your earnings.

So it’s worth acknowledging that books can pay the bills. Writing a book can bring you a passive income stream. It can make it possible to leave your full-time job, to pad your retirement account, or to save up for something big.

And that’s important. After all, money buys freedom. A steady income can help you take control of your life. It’s a way to purchase your independence.

Reason #3: FAMILY

Maybe your ultimate goal as an author is to build a legacy.

Maybe you want your story to live on long after you’ve left this earth, or you want people you love to have something to remember you by.

Perhaps you want to write a book with someone close to you, so you create a memory together. Or you want to leave those memories to be tended by future generations of your family.

And whether you want to tell your own story … or share the captivating tales of your ancestors … or simply spread a message dear to your heart …

The overarching goal is to mentor, to impact others, and to give your life a sense of completion.

After all, nobody else on this earth will ever experience the life stories you’ve experienced, which makes your message captivatingly unique.

Reason #4: FIRE

If stories constantly play out in your head …

If voices hash out conversation in the background of your thoughts …

If you want to provoke a certain feeling in others, be it inspiration or thrills or appreciation or resolution …

If you tremble with the thrill of creating new worlds …

If you’d like to change the current world through the art of your words …

And if you feel empty at the thought of not writing a book …

Then you, my friend, are fueled by fire.

It’s this fire that compels you to write a book, to the point where you must write a book for your own peace of mind.

It ties you to craving that elusive sense of accomplishment as a published author, knowing you’ve helped others in some way through the power of your words, and that you’ve entertained, or made somebody laugh, or helped the world grow smarter or safer or healthier or happier thanks to what you put on the page.

Which Is It For You?

Given those four motivations … which is your driving reason for writing a book? Or is it a combination of the four? Or even all of them?

Read through this list a couple of times till you really feel clear on your big reason why.

Just make sure it’s your reason for writing your book, not the reasons someone else thinks you should do it.

And remember, being clear with your goals is the only way to reach them. In this case, it’s one of the most important steps forward in your journey to life as a wildly successful and satisfied author.

Why do you want to write a book? Legacy? Money? Something else? Please share your writing dreams in the comments below. No judgments here!

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Published: August 1, 2017

21 Responses to “4 Driving Forces that Will Make You Want to Write Your Book Right Now”

  1. Fire. Definatley fire.

    Guest (Krissy)

  2. Family and Fire seem to be my reasons for wanting to write a book (specifically, a memoir).


  3. I choose fire and family. I love to read and I'm always losing myself in the words. I've always had a thing for writing. I want my children to know that they should never give up on a dream. It's never too late.

    Guest (Misty Barnett)

  4. No doubt about it...Fire! The same story plays in my min all the time. I actually started writing it in 2009 and then life got in the way. I continued in 2012. In 2016 I moved and lost about six chapters which was a huge loss for me. About two months ago I decided that maybe I can write those lost chapters even better this time. Even if it's never published I will finish it.


  5. the last reason. i tell myself stories to get to sleep, yes they are Walter Mitty stories.

    Guest (rich dressler)

  6. To prove to myself that I can do it.

    Guest (Dee)

  7. Fire indeed. There are two types of books that I would like to write. The first would be a children's book. I'm a dog painter and I've been thinking about creating a story using my artwork as illustrations. I have illustrations that I did years ago.

    The other book would be my life experience. I feel that I have something to offer. A story of survival. This is somewhat difficult and I've attempted to start a few times, but I feel that I'm ready to tackle it now.

    Guest (Denise)

  8. If I had to choose one of those four, I think it would be money; although I know that most books don't really earn a lot of money. The other three options don't reach out to me at all. I do want to write a book, but I want it to be helpful for others. I want to help people discover what I've discovered. My book would be Christian based spiritual truths, and my goal would be to teach people how to change their lives once and for all ... and always for the better. That's my why!

    Trixie J Ferguson

  9. I read somewhere once that if you can't find the book you want to read, you should write it. I've a story I have wanted to read for years, now, but I've never found it *exactly*. I reckon I need to write it. I think this is a story that needs to be told and that people would like to read. But more importantly, *I'd* read it.

    Guest (Debra)

  10. I have written five books. (I've actually written dozens but only five are published and available for sale online right now.) All of them just sort of spilled out of me. Granted, I slaved for many months over each one. I read and edited each one, quite literally, DOZENS of times before sending them off the the publisher and calling them done. As of today, I am the 1,088,676th best selling author on Amazon. (That came as a shock to me as it's quite a large jump since last time I checked.)

    Jeff Kontur

  11. Well almost everyone's choosing "fire"it makes me see the more reason to just go on and get done/rollingwith it already cos there's sure thousands of us out there. And I hate crowdy places. Wishin us all the best in our pursuit...

    Guest (Erty)

  12. I guess I got the fire. Funny, I think I've always struggled with that kind of thing. But I could not quit writing even if someone told me to. It helps that some of my writer friends say I have talent. It helps keep me going knowing I have a chance to publish. Love making new worlds to explore just like reading other author's worlds. Now to balance writing and studying. I study too much. Have to make money, too.

    Tamara Kratzer

  13. My reason is FIRE! and family because I have this heavy burden of telling my story I know for sure it will encourage someone and rekindle the fire in them. For family they will learn what they didn't know about me and what I have gone through and how I ended up here. They will be amazed.

    Guest (Lilian Rich)

  14. Giving the world insight through a book would express the real life story of how anyone can make a difference, even when there scared, and the sacrifices that were made .

    Guest (April)

  15. My reason is all of those plus my main reason is "WORDS." Words have always held a fascination for me. Their derivation, the links to other languages, their beauty have driven me since a child. My pals at school used to comment when I read dictionaries for fun.
    I've written and published 10 novels and over 350 poems, blogs, and articles.

    Brian George Taylor

  16. I am writing a book for Fame - I desire to be recognized as a person who helps people to bounce back after life storms. I am also writing a book for legacy - I want to leave "words of wisdom" for future generations.

    Guest (Earl Menchhofer)

  17. I am a minister, I love to share word of God, and comment on what I got from the word of God, and do a video on my laptop of 5 or more, and I got 23 plus of viewers who saw my video.

    Guest (Fred Pittman)

  18. The experience in life that may help future youth decide a different path for a better future

    Guest (Eddie Jones)

  19. Fire, and I also want to write a book that's controversial. One that introduces concepts that put it on a no-read list. It means people are out there thinking, "Oh, that's a bad book and has bad ideals in it!" Those are the people who will try to ban it, thus introducing it to the public as a "banned book" and then everyone will want to know >why<

    Guest (Saspa)

  20. I would write a book with all four as my motivation. If I’m honest completely with myself I of course want money to take care of my family, fame is going to come with that sort of accomplishment, I absolutely want to leave a name that my daughter is proud of, and lastly, the fire I have that God has given me to take a step of faith and do something I would never think I could do. Ultimately do something that could help others and glorify God.


  21. I would say it's a combination of the 4-Fs... with Fame being the least. I have several book ideas in different niches and have already started my first book.

    I have stories and copy for three other books already written down. One at a time. I'm on my way, and my goal for this year - 4 months left - is to complete 2 of those books. It is a realistic goal with the course I am following along with a coach.

    Jimmy L

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