What Our Writers Will Accomplish in 2022 …

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2020 is finally … mercifully … behind us.

And we’ve spent more than enough time in 2021 dealing with the unprecedented challenges and distractions it forced us to overcome.

Now, I want to approach what’s ahead this year on a hopeful note …

So I asked my fellow in-house writers at AWAI, along with a few of our regular contributors, the same question I asked myself to set the stage for my best year ever:

“What’s one thing you will learn or accomplish in 2022?”

Not everyone was great at sticking to the Power of One. But that’s okay … it’s just a sign of how excited we are for what we have in store.

Here’s what everyone is planning to accomplish this year:

Jen Adams, Director, The Professional Writers’ Alliance — “I plan to go deeper with some of my favorite clients. I really feel like we're heading into a year where authentic, emotional connections are going to be HUGE difference makers and I want to help my clients build those relationships.”

Bonnie Caton, Staff Copywriter, AWAI — “I want to incorporate more authenticity, fun, and personality into everything I write — including more direct promos and lift notes.”

Sandy Franks, Copy Chief, AWAI — “My goal for this year is to break out of the habit of writing in a certain formula and/or style of storytelling that I think feels outdated. So I’m going to experiment with taking a fresher approach, which means stretching myself and also stepping out of my comfort zone.”

Paul Hollingshsead, Copywriter and Co-Founder, AWAI — “I’m going to become better at writing video scripts and write six to eight new packages, at least two of them acquisition.”

Rachael Kraft, Freelance Copywriter — "I plan to set aside more time each week for reading and learning. This way, I can dive into books by the copywriting greats and continue to polish up my skills."

Steve Maurer, Freelance Copywriter — “I want to build my business big enough to leave my job at the plant. Got awfully close this year.

“But on a more philosophical note: 2022 will be the year I work to see more new writers enjoy the benefits of what copywriting has done for me … and can do for them.

“And on a fiscal note: $100K before the third quarter. So close this year … it’s within reach.”

Tim Matassa, Staff Copywriter, AWAI — “I’m going to double my writing output … which means I’ll write at least eight sales letters.”

Mindy McHorse, Executive Editor, Barefoot Writer — “I will launch a passive income stream (which I’ve never attempted before!) with the goal of making a bonus $33,800 from it by the end of 2022. Either e-books, a blog, or a Money-Making Website … haven’t decided the exact path yet … but I will make it happen!!”

Robert Rice, Freelance Copywriter — “I will use my copywriting knowledge to better promote myself and my projects in the other avenues I'm pursuing.”

Julia Schaller, Staff Copywriter, AWAI — “I want to take my video script and promo writing to the next level and double my promo writing output.

“Then again, with a new baby at home, I also want to learn how to balance mommy-hood and copywriting in a way where I can give my best to both.”

So there you have it!

The AWAI writing team is looking to write more …

Take on new projects …

Earn more money …

Get out of our comfort zones …

And even find more balance between our writing and personal lives.

I hope you found some nuggets of inspiration here.

But most importantly …

What’s the one thing YOU will learn or accomplish in 2022?

It could be related to your writing skills … your business … getting clients … productivity … your writer’s life … or anything in-between.

Let us know in the comments. Putting your plans and goals out there for the world to see is a great form of accountability.

And I know I’ll be inspired to hear how you are going to rock this year!

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Published: January 19, 2021

7 Responses to “What Our Writers Will Accomplish in 2022…”

  1. In 2020 I started my own website https:// embracesouthernstates dot com/ and a related Facebook Group Embrace Southern States. For 2021 I will learn about backlinks, SEO, and how to monetize the site. Then I will offer content services to other sites.

    Angela L Dowdy

  2. I want to be a better writer then I am currently. I believe, that with the help and resources at AWAI, I will and can achieve that goal. Becoming a copywriter, this year, is my first step towards this goal. I am looking forward, to 2021,with this goal and success as my objective. Erik

    Guest (Erik)

  3. My plans & goals for learning in 2021 are to take a much deeper dive on my copywriting skills, increase my output by at least 50-75% including an income increase over 2020 amounts of 100% or more, create a passive income stream, and finally finalize development & launch, within an existing working relationship, my personal leadership coaching model; all with the goal of leaving the 8-5 job world and copywriting & coaching being my full-time pursuit by end of 2021!

    Tim Geiger

  4. I want to grow my Copywriting business by taking ACTION. To accomplish this I need to study, market my business, and write!


  5. How to market the first comic book I sent to the copyright office. This includes website and eventually printed copies replacing the current comb-bound copies as I work on the second book.

    Guest (Martin Denes)

  6. This year I am going to improve my B2B (with Steve S) and SEO copywriting skills (with Russ H)to increase my ability to write persuasive FB posts, Google My Business, and articles for myself and a client I now have in the construction business. I want to improve in these areas because this will allow me to become financially free, have a steady income until I die, and help others obtain what they want along my journey to improving great communication.


  7. I'm going to "Go for the Gold".
    I want one of the 10,000 scholarships, and to work with y'all.


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