People Are “Losing Their Minds” … Which Is Great News for You, the Writer!

A New York Times headline caught my eye this morning, about how moms are losing their minds in droves.

It’s part of the pandemic outfall: the people who’ve had to give up life as they know it to stay home and school their kids.

Moms aren’t the only ones losing it, of course. Plenty of dads, grandparents, and other caretakers are right there with them.

But the point of the article wasn’t just that life right now is still hard for a lot of groups — we all know that.

The point was that they’re just one group of many who are losing their minds, and that as a result, mental health is now (thank goodness) moving into the spotlight.

For you, the copywriter, that opens up an astoundingly accessible and lucrative opportunity.

Because as a result of everyone losing their minds, the mental health market — particularly when it comes to alternative health treatments — is flourishing.

Heck, I’ve been writing for the alternative health market for over a decade now, and past clients are coming out of the woodwork with new needs.

That’s why I want to share these four noteworthy reasons this is a field you should consider right now:

#1: Massive market may overtake all others

Mental health used to carry a stigma, with most people distancing themselves from the idea of ‘crazy’ people and mind-altering drugs.

But thank the stars, that’s not the case anymore. The severity of mental health issues is now treated with the respect it deserves. It’s now well-understood that anyone who’s human should pay attention to their mental health. We all feel joy, pain, sorrow, and the gamut of emotions in between.

And that means this market dovetails with virtually everything … supplements, physical fitness, meditation and mindfulness, beauty and confidence, relationships, and the entire world of self-help, which is huge in itself. According to Grand View Research, it’s now a $296.3 billion industry … and unlike some post-pandemic markets, this one will only continue to grow.

Which means the market is ENORMOUS. Young folks, old folks, middle-aged folks — every one of them needs to stay in tune with how they’re feeling and coping with life. Which not only opens the door to a massive market — it means YOU are part of that market. And it’s always easier to write to a market you readily identify with.

#2: Mind-blowing variety in this market that grows daily

Some writers worry that focusing on the alternative health market means writing all about supplements and pills.

But while that’s one road you can take, there are a hundred others that are just as fruitful, and that specifically support mental health.

Here are just a few other areas where you could focus your writing skills:

  • Acupuncture
  • Ayurveda
  • Massage Therapy
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • Hypnosis
  • Tai Chi
  • Yoga
  • Healthy Eating and Nutrition
  • Herbs
  • Juicing Regimens
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Feng Shui Fundamentals
  • Color Therapy
  • Water Therapy
  • Steam Therapy
  • Aromatherapy
  • Homeopathy
  • Group Therapy
  • Counseling

I could go on, but you get the idea!

#3: People will talk about you …

Every one of those sub-niches I just listed is part of its own strong market, with practitioners and companies that sell services, courses, subscriptions, systems, and products.

And they ALL need good copy to communicate that to potential clients, especially now that pretty much everyone needs to be online to stay in business.

If word gets out that you’re a copywriter who specializes in alternative health writing, you can bet you’ll get snatched up quickly.

And from there — because people in this industry network with and know other professionals in this industry — chances are huge they’ll start talking about you to their friends, which will turn into referral work, which will bring you to the point where you have far more writing work than you can handle.

#4: Authority that’s valued to the nth degree

Niching yourself into a specific market is one of the best ways to grow your client roster and income level fast. It’s got to do with the beauty of specialization. Just about everyone can be a generalist and write about lots of things at a basic level. But to be an expert in a subject, to know it in and out, means clients view you as an authority. Authorities get to charge more.

Plus, if you know your market well, you’ll have lots of repeat clients and you’ll write a lot faster — both of which mean more money at the end of the day.

I know copywriters who took the leap and named a niche and very soon doubled their overall income.

The bottom line here is this market is booming right now and getting bigger. If I weren’t already one of those moms losing their minds, I’d jump in and grab a piece of this pie myself. (Note that I’m obviously a key prospect for this market, too. We’re everywhere!)

This is the type of leap where you have nothing to lose. In a market teeming with clients and opportunity, the worst thing that could happen is that you learn a lot about things relevant to you, and that you assemble a huge portfolio of experience before moving on in a different direction.

And if that’s the worst thing that could happen … imagine the BEST thing!!

Do you have any questions about getting started as a writer in the health market? Share with us in the comments so we can help get you the answers.

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Published: February 16, 2021

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