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Watch as Senior Copy Chief Sandy Franks Gives a “Peek Behind the Curtain” Look at One of the Most Important and Sought-After Writing Skills — Storytelling

Everyone loves reading a good story, especially when it stirs emotions or moves us to act. Businesses especially love using stories to showcase their products and services. If you know the secret to writing a good story, you can easily get your foot in the door with new clients … build a long-lasting business (from the get-go) … and earn more with writing projects that are FUN to do.

If you’d like to learn why storytelling is one of the most valuable skills for building a long-lasting freelance writing business — where you work fewer hours than most other writers while earning more AND getting to work on projects that are easy and fun to do …

 … then be sure to check out this “peek behind the curtain” look at how to write a good story.

Surprisingly, most writers think that writing a good story is a difficult skill to master, but that’s not at all the case. AWAI’s senior copy chief, Sandy Franks, will show you step-by-step the elements involved in storytelling.

And she will also share why companies in a wide range of industries rely on storytelling to help showcase their products and services. For example, in the business-to-business (B2B) world, hiring a writer who knows how to tell good stories is essential to the sales process.

Known as case studies, they’re simply stories of the success a client had using a product or service. Case studies work so well because they create that all-important trust the prospect is looking for.

That’s because good stories are hard to resist. As humans we’re hardwired for stories, and when done well, they move us to action. And if you know how to put a good story together, you’ll have a long list of clients wanting to work with you.

Sandy will walk you through what goes into creating a good story, including the key elements every good story has, the structure they follow, and how with even a small amount of practice, you can learn to write a good story in just a few hours.

You’ll also discover why conquering this writing skill means you get to earn lucrative fees … as much as $1,500 for one short story.

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Published: September 27, 2022

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