New Ghostwriting Program
at BIG “Launch” Discount

New Ghostwriting Training Program with Laura Gale

We’re hours away from shutting down “launch pricing” on our all-new, FIRST-EVER program on ghostwriting with top ghostwriter Laura Gale.


Amazing deal aside, ghostwriting is really hitting a nerve with AWAI members!

Few knew of the amazing opportunity …

How there are literally millions of CEOs, experts, and thought leaders who would love nothing better than to write a book to boost their business and authority …

But don’t have the time or expertise to do it.

Or that of the 67,000 business books produced every year — as many as 47,000 of them are written by ghostwriters.

Or that ghostwriting could pay so well — from $20,000 to over $100,000 per project, depending on the book and experience …

Money that’s guaranteed … even if not a single copy gets sold.

Few realized that writing a business-related book is easier than it might initially seem — and that there are just five basic steps involved (learn them here) …

Or that ghostwriting someone else’s book is the best and easiest “first step” to writing your own book one day …

Or that just learning how to ghostwrite a book alongside one of the top ghostwriters in the world will make you a better writer … a better interviewer … a better researcher … a better thinker … a better planner …

And give you an understanding of how the publishing industry works that few people have.

That’s why we’ve been saying all week long …

Anyone who’s a writer needs this program in their library!

And you won’t get it at a lower price than you will today through this LAST CHANCE “launch” offer.

Click here to be taken to the order and summary page where you can lock in your deal …

Or if you haven’t seen the whole story on ghostwriting, click here.

Please hurry either way.

Because at midnight it’s over!

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Published: March 9, 2023

1 Response to “LAST DAY: New Ghostwriting Program at “Launch” Discount”

  1. Grandma P asked me to write her story. It's a great honor that she chose me, of all the authors within the family. For many visits during her last living year, I took copious notes on what she wanted to talk about, and knew that I'd need to ask her children for their memories. She died on April Fool's Day--another story to put in her book! Two of her daughters have also passed on, so parts of her story are forever lost. Thanks for this reminder to finish my duty, and guide on how to do so.

    Wendy C

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