Jay White:
Creator of Email Copy Made Easy and Autoresponder Apprentice

“Jay not only fully trained me in email writing, he helped me with forming a business. He's the best teacher I've ever had. His easygoing style of teaching helped me get a 56% response rate on the first email I ever sent to get clients. If you are looking to make your copywriting soar, get coached by Jay today.” — Michelle Durham

Why Work With Jay?

Jay White

Jay's an expert at email marketing. He's the creator of AWAI's Email Copy Made Easy and its predecessor, the Autoresponder Apprentice program, and he's a frequent speaker at the annual AWAI Web Copy Intensive. Not only does Jay coach you personally through high-level email copywriting and marketing in a direct and fully customized way, he offers 30 days of proactive done for you prospecting. This means Jay writes prospecting emails targeted to your prospects … and he sends out 5 emails a day, 5 days a week, to these targeted prospects on your behalf for a full 30 days. He also adds your name and link to his EmailCopywriter.com referral site for life.

Specific Outcomes You Can Expect

You get 100 emails sent to people you’d love to work for (and people most likely to hire you based on your skill set and proficiency in your niche) and all you have to do is sit and wait for the “when can we talk?” emails to come in. Qualified leads will come your way. Plain and simple. And, you'll know how to present yourself so you can turn those prospects into clients.

His Coach Approach

Jay's personal coaching involves one-on-one sessions, molded and shaped to YOUR particular wants/needs/desires. If you need help with a website, start there. If you have a website, but no decent samples, start there. If it’s marketing you’re stuck on, you'll focus on that.

You'll meet once a week on the phone for about an hour. Typically Jay will give you assignments for the next session, and you’ll send those to him via email. Jay will go over them with you, word for word, line by line, and tell you what’s working, what’s not, and what he would do to change it. This process is VERY detailed. It’s extremely in-depth and much more than you'd get with a general copy critique. The goal is to make the copy piece as good as it can possibly be, so it raises the eyebrows of a potential client when they read it.

In Jay's Words:

Everything I do is geared towards optimizing each piece of the puzzle so you are as attractive as possible to potential clients. No two coaching sessions are alike. Together we'll break through the barriers that are holding you back (web site building, samples, a marketing plan, etc.) so you can start making serious money as a copywriter.

Fees and Terms

Jay charges $1,997 a month, and the more you commit to, the more you save. 3-month commitments are $4,997 ($1,000 off the regular price) and 6-month commitments are $9,997 ($2,000 off the regular price). Jay recommends going at least 3 months to get the full benefits.

How to Get Started

Visit Jay's website for more details and to contact Jay. He’ll set up a call with you to chat and see if you’re a good fit for each other — to make sure your time won’t be wasted.

“Just wanted to send off a quick thank you for the referrals you have sent my way. One person hired me and I have finished her series, and I have two more requests for quotes. You have no idea what a 'boost' this has been for me — both in terms of money and my confidence.” — Julie Herckenrath

“Having just completed Jay's coaching program, all I can say is … WOW! Jay has given me the confidence to see I can really do this. Not only is he an outstanding writer but a superb teacher too. He has worked through my samples with me in a friendly and easy-going manner. Without this program, I would not now be submitting work and having clients approach me.” — Helen