The Fastest Way to Earn a Living as a Writer

Email Copy Made Easy If you’re looking to launch your career and get paid to write in the shortest time possible, writing emails will give you every possible advantage.

Thousands of websites are hungry for email copy as part of their online marketing strategy. They need someone to write an email series for every product they launch … every new email list they create … and every new affiliate offer they want to promote.

If they like what they see from you, they’ll keep coming back. That’s why you can make a lucrative living just by writing email copy and nothing else … there’s just so much to do … there’s always a new project waiting in the wings.

Jay White is the go-to guy for effective email autoresponder series. And now he’s teamed up with AWAI to create Email Copy Made Easy: How to Write More Persuasive Emails That Get Opened, Get Read, and Get Click-Throughs. This step-by-step online program gives you everything you need to know to become a successful email copywriter.

Here’s just a small sample of what Jay will be sharing with you:

  • How to craft emails that’ll have clients chomping at the bit to hire you … and keep you busy for months to come.
  • How to get your “head right” before you write a single email.
  • The 3 most important questions you need to ask yourself before writing the first word of email copy.
  • How to write the most crucial part of any email series. (There’s no way you can succeed as an email copywriter without knowing this.)
  • Why you already have everything you need to write top-notch email copy … and how to tap into a “mother lode” of endless winning ideas!
  • Why “writing like a girl” is a VERY good thing … and how to balance it with the one critical element almost ALL other email copywriters miss.
  • A can’t-miss “stock” opener that you can legally STEAL … and that’s guaranteed to get your reader’s attention 90% of the time.
  • How to build trust with your prospects … and evoke powerful emotions that compel them to click on the links YOU want them to.
  • The secret to pushing your prospect’s “hot buttons” – without “selling.”
  • The BIGGEST mistake most Web marketers make and how to fix it.

Jay’s program will have you writing effective email copy before you know it. With everything you learn here you can make a lucrative career out of writing just simple email copy and nothing else. It’s fun, it’s easy, and it’s a field wide open with opportunity.

Email Copy Made Easy: How to Write More Persuasive Emails that Get Opened, Get Read, and Get Click-Throughs: $497.00/p>

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