July 2008

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The Top Five Things You Need to Know Before You Write Your Next Email Subject Line

Copywriting Insider Editor, Heather Robson explains the importance of an email subject line and the guidelines to help improve your readership rates.

Safelist Marketing: An Affordable Marketing Option Or a Huge Waste of Time?

AWAI Staff Writer John Wood explains the term “safelist” and whether or not you should use them in your email marketing strategy.

How to Create a “Snowball Effect” to Dramatically Increase Your Client’s Online Sales … and Keep Your Schedule Filled With Steady Work

AWAI Staff Writer, John Wood, focuses on e-letters and why writing them is potentially the most lucrative niche available to web copywriters.

How to Build Credibility Into Your Copy

Master copywriter Don Hauptman outlines specific techniques for boosting credibility in your sales copy.

7 Ways to Legally Break the “Speed” Limit

AWAI staff writer, John Wood, offers seven ways to increase your reading speed, for better productivity and higher income.

Capturing Leads for Your Client

A well-written website should include a plan for capturing email addresses of visitors. Here are three ways you can help your client capture leads and earn extra copywriting income.

“Search Engine Optimization” vs. “Pay Per Click” – Which Route Makes the Most Sense for Your Business or Your Client’s?

AWAI Staff Copywriter, John Wood gives you an overview of the pros and cons of Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click, so you can decide which strategy makes the most sense for your business, as well as your client’s.

The “Four Great Rules” of Copywriting: Sorry, Mr. Pickwick, not these.

Copywriting industry icon, Herschell Gordon Lewis shares his “Four Great Laws” of copywriting.

Wherever You Go, Take Bob Bly, Joe Sugarman, Michael Masterson and Joe Vitale With You

Thanks to advancements in technology and wireless communications living a “never stop learning” lifestyle is easier and more convenient than ever before. Read a copywriter’s review of the new Amazon Kindle.

21 Tips on How to Write a “Pay-Per-Click” (PPC) Ad That Gets Results

AWAI Staff Writer, John Wood shares 21 tips on how to write a “Pay-Per-Click” Ad that guarantee results.

What’s Your Defining Moment?

AWAI Staff Copywriter, John Wood tells us how it only takes a defining moment for you to transform your life.

Copywriting's Biggest Challenge

When readers start knowing where the copy is going … they tend to dismiss it - tune it out …

Use Will Smith’s “Magic Formula” to Ramp Up the Selling Power of Your Copy

Will Smith is Hollywood’s most “bankable” movie actor, with a string of blockbuster hits. Learn how you can use his “magic formula” to accelerate your growth and income as a copywriter.

Master One of the Most Important Components of SEO Copywriting in Seven Easy Steps …

Learn how to strategize, research and include keyphrases in your web copy in seven easy steps.

Solve Your Client’s Biggest Problem … While Making $750 (or More) for Writing One “Page” of Copy

Copywriters need to be able to write for the web in order to be competitive. Learn the four key opportunities for online copywriting.

Secrets of a Master: Brainstorming for One

Master Copywriter, John Forde introduces us to Brain-writing, a way to kick ideas around … jumpstart your engines … and get into that “zone” of creativity that you normally hope to get in a group session.

Jobs & Opportunities

Jobs & Opportunities for the week of 6/30 - 7/4, 2008.

Landing Pages Need Credibility Too

Credibility is as important on a landing page as it is in a direct-mail package. Here are 5 techniques you can use on any landing page you write to build trust and credibility for your clients.

The Most Indispensible Page On The Internet

A copywriter who knows how to write a landing page that quickly engages and establishes trust with its visitor - and then leads him, either indirectly or directly, towards a purchase - will never be short of work.

For Eager and Ambitious Copywriters, the Modern Day Version of the California Gold Rush is Taking Place Right Now

The Internet is fertile ground for copywriters who take the time to learn how to write and/or improve each page of a client’s website.

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