August 2013

6 “First-Timer” Tips for a Successful Job Fair

Bootcamp 2013 is right around the corner! Are you ready? Rae Robinson has put together 6 first-timer tips for making the most out of job fair this year!

Fortune Favors the Bold

Heather Robson helps you take action to make bold, smart risks that will lead to big successes in your business.

Five Simple (and Often Ignored) Habits that Pretty Much Guarantee Your Success as a Copywriter

Five tips from Drayton Bird, one of the best direct-response copywriters in the world. He’s speaking at Bootcamp 2013, register today to get more great advice from him.

Mathematical Proof That Inbox Marketing Can Generate Big Bucks

Marketing experts estimate that 80 to 95% of businesses are not maximizing the marketing potential of email. Chase Canyon shows you how this creates a tremendous opportunity for you as a freelance web writer.

Ready, Set, Jump. Literally.

Patti Morrow takes her copywriting career to new heights.

How Long Should a Sales Letter Be?

How long should a sales letter be? We get this question a lot. See what Mark Ford has to say. Are you selling a “need-to-know” or a “want-to-know” product?

How to Talk About Yourself WITHOUT Your Audience Sending Out Rescue Signals

Do you freeze up when someone asks you to talk about yourself? Michele Peterson provides some great steps for marketing yourself.

The ‘No-Ad’ Ad Your Reader Wants to Read

Content marketing is a hot trend in business right now. People don’t like being sold; they want useful information that will allow them to make informed purchases.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Create Your Own Infographic

If you're looking to create an infographic for your own business, or for one of your clients, Julia Borgini tells you how to create a great infographic that will be shared EVERYWHERE.

Why You Should Specialize in a Copywriting Niche

Will Newman explains how finding your copywriting niche will not only help your career, but also make you a better writer! Choose 3 niches that excite you most.