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10 Reasons B2B Companies Love Video

Pete Savage takes a deep dive into the 10 reasons why B2B companies love online video.

The Trouble With B2B Copywriting

The B2B industry is hot for new copywriters, and it’s only getting hotter. See what Pete Savage, and other B2B copywriting experts, are calling the next big thing in B2B copywriting.

Want to Impress Your Clients? Grab A Pen.

Pete Savage reveals a hot opportunity for B2B copywriters that you can use to impress your current and potential clients all year.

Naps & Toast & Rock 'n' Roll

Successful B2B copywriter, Pete Savage, is going to let you peek into his own well-balanced life, before giving you an exercise you can use to balance your own.

The Recent "Bad" News That's Sure To Bring You More B2B Clients

Pete Savage shares how B2B writers can turn the slow economic recovery to their advantage, and as a result get more clients and bigger projects.

How to Get Ushered into Your Client's Inner Sanctum of Trust on Your Very First Project

There are a lot of things that go into building a successful copywriting business. Pete Savage explains the most important one; the one he calls the "holy grail" of freelancing, and how to achieve it.

The Magic Combination for Time-Pressed Entrepreneurs: More Money from Fewer Clients

B2B pro Pete Savage explains his “magic” method for winning B2B clients over quickly…even if you only have just a few hours a week.

Copywriting Soup for Writing Purist's Soul

Pete Savage shows some lucrative options for copywriters to indulge in their passion for writing without having to write sales pitches.

How to Turn Small Copywriting Assignments into Big Bucks

Pete Savage explains how a small copywriting assignment can lead to big money. Follow Pete’s script to turn your small assignment into a big paying job.

Four Secrets From the Self-Promo Sales Letter That Earned Me $64,000

Professional copywriter Pete Savage shares some self-promotion writing secrets, taken from a direct-mail self-promotion package that brought in $64,000 in new business for him in just 12 months.