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Three Simple Secrets for Selling Anything

You can pitch anything to anyone… If you use these three simple selling secrets that help you overcome your reader’s emotional “Croc Brain.”

What Law Books Could Teach a Copywriter

The best way to use proof elements in your copy is to follow the “Persuasion Chain” technique, created by A-list copywriter John Forde.

Why Great Copywriters Don't Grow on Trees

How do you train a writer? And before that, how do you hire a writer to train? John Forde gives his tips and tricks for creating a great copywriter.

Lessons from the Language of Kings: What Abe Lincoln, JFK, Reagan, Obama, and MLK Can Teach You About Writing Copy

Learn different copywriting techniques from some of the best speakers in history! They have unique styles that can help capture your readers attention.

Big Ideas … and How to Get One

For all the great tips and tricks that can make an ad look slick, John Forde explains why you'll fail if you don't have a "Big Idea" behind whatever you're writing.

The Details That Close Sales

John Forde shares that when you really want to make for a powerful sales pitch, digging into the small details can be your most powerful technique.

Which Sells Best, Stories or Stats?

John Forde shares what makes the best copy – stories or stats – and how you can use this to your advantage as a copywriter.

Is Your Customer Too Paralyzed By Worry to Hear Your Message? Here's What to Do …

John Forde explains how to unlock a worried mind and find out what your prospect is thinking about.

10 “Speed-Copy” Secrets

John Forde gives 10 “speed copy” secrets that help you write better copy and write faster.

Is Copywriting the World’s Best Business?

John Forde takes a look at Richard Russell’s list of criteria for what makes an “ideal business” and analyzes how it shakes out from a copywriting perspective.

The Next $100-Million Secret

John Forde explains Michael Masterson’s “mini review” and how this one new technique could easily bring in about $100 million in sales.

The Power of the Foregone Conclusion

John Forde explains how a successful technique used in beer commercials can also be applied to your direct-response copy.

Secrets of a Master: Brainstorming for One

Master Copywriter, John Forde introduces us to Brain-writing, a way to kick ideas around … jumpstart your engines … and get into that “zone” of creativity that you normally hope to get in a group session.

At Least 10 Books Every Copywriter Should Read – Twice

John Forde’s list of “must-reads” for every copywriter, as well as anyone interested in business-building or marketing.

Guilt Marketing – A Vintner's Secret Weapon

AWAI Board Member, John Forde tells us about “guilt marketing” and how it will take you from being a great copywriter to being a successful, great copywriter.

How to Add Power Negotiation Tactics to Your Sales Pitch

John Forde explains how to use the principle of reciprocal concession to boost response to your direct mail packages.

Mastering the Hidden Power of Lift Notes

Master Copywriter John Forde tells you about a component of a strong sales package that's rapidly becoming forgotten … even though it can boost response significantly.

11 Easy Things You Can Do Right Now to Fix a Client’s Website (and Yours!)

John Forde shares eleven easy strategies from making your website stronger.

At Least 10 Books Every Copywriter Should Read – Twice

John Forde recommends ten top books that every copywriter should read.

Revealing Deeper Benefits

John Forde shows you how to find the most important benefits of your product.

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