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Tips on Choosing the Best Possible Domain Name

Sid Smith takes you through important considerations and answers the top questions about selecting the best domain name for your site.

Use This Hidden Lead-Generation Device to WOW Your Web Clients

Sid Smith shows you a few things you need to know about writing for the search engines that will help you draw in targeted, qualified traffic, without having to pay a dime.

A Neat Trick for Fine-Tuning Website or Landing Page Copy and Design

Sid Smith shares a cool trick for fine-tuning your website or landing page copy that is sure to help the success of your copy and impress clients.

Questions to Ask Your Web Copy Prospect Before You Begin

Sid Smith reviews the questions you should be asking your prospect to help identify those that are serious about hiring you and prepare a proposal that is most likely to gain approval.

3 Things You Should Do Before Talking With A Web Copy Prospect

Sid Smith to share three things you should do before you talk with a web copy prospect to ensure you nail the project on your first try.

How to Keep Your Freelance Writing Funnel Full

Sid Smith shares how to keep your client list growing so that your freelance business stays busy.

5 Tips for Greater Self-Confidence

Sid Smith shares 5 tips to help you gain the confidence you need when starting out in your copywriting career.

How to Attract Real, Live Visitors to Your New Website

Sid Smith explains how he drove potential clients to his own website and how you can make this process work for you too.

Getting Over the Beginner's Hump With Wordpress

Sid Smith puts together a quick how-to article to get through the basics of starting your own website for your freelance business.

How to Easily Increase Your Income by 30% By Doing More than Just Writing Copy

Find out how you an increase your income by putting yourself in a more valuable position with your clients and manage their entire web project.

How to Get Your Clients to Give You Quality Referrals

Find out an easy way to get quality referrals from your clients, and how to use them to land new clients.

Four Little Words That Can Increase the Fee of Your Next Copywriting Project

Sid Smith explains how writing video scripts can significantly increase your copywriting income. Learn how you too can offer this service to your clients.

How to Build a Web Copywriting Portfolio FAST

Successful web writer Sid Smith shows you how to quickly build a web copywriting portfolio that can be used to land clients.

What’s the Big Idea?

AWAI member and copywriter, Sid Smith, explains how to add the Big Idea, to secure your future as an independent copywriter.

Using the Lazy Web Surfer to Tackle a Complicated Multi-Page Website

Sid Smith shows you the very best way to tackle a complicated multi-page website without losing your sanity.

Become an Indispensable Resource for Your Clients

Web writer Sid Smith shares his three-step system for getting past the role of “just a copywriter” and becoming an indispensable resource for your clients.