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5 Ways to Find Paying Clients for Your Email Writing Business

Email copywriter Jay White explains how easy it is to find clients by using the search engine Google.

Clients Can’t Help But Open Emails with This Subject Line

As a freelance writer, one thing you’ll have to focus on is finding clients. Using this two-word subject line trick will get clients to open your emails.

Email is Dead … or IS It? (7,182 Potential Clients Don’t Think So)

Email marketing is not “dead.” It’s still the preferred mode of communication for the majority of consumers and is still the biggest driver of new leads.

Billion-Dollar Blunder: How a Lousy Holiday Ad Can Make You a Better Autoresponder Copywriter

Jay White explains a great way to generate ideas for your autoresponders.

Eliminating the Eye Stutter: My Secret to Writing Silky Smooth, Easy-To-Read Email and Autoresponder Copy ...

Jay White shares his secret for crafting easy-to-read emails and autoresponder copy. These rules apply to emails you write FOR clients – as well as emails you write TO prospective clients when selling your services.

LeBust! How the Miami Heat's Meltdown Can Instantly Boost Your Email and Autoresponder Click-Through Rate

Jay White shares how you can increase the click-through rate of your email campaigns in three easy steps.

The #1 Copy Factor That Determines Whether Your Autoresponder Gets Read – Or Deleted

Jay White shares the #1 factor that determine whether your autoresponder gets read – and how to apply the technique to your copy.

Topping It Off: How An Oil Change Shop Can Help Double Your Copywriting Business Profits

Jay White shares strategies he’s discovered that will help you double your copywriting business profits.

Learning the Truth at 17: How to Establish a Unique "Voice" in Your Email and Autoresponder Copy

Jay White shows you how to establish a unique voice in your own email and autoresponder copy to ensure your copy matches the person you’re writing on behalf of.

Lessons from a Pop Princess: How to Grab – And Keep – Control During Client Negotiations

Jay White shares how you can grab and keep control during client negotiations and how a pop princess taught him these lessons.

3 Easy Ways to Make More Money Utilizing Your Autoresponder Copy Skills

Jay White shares how you can make more money as an autoresponder copywriter doing these three things.

The Secret To Making Your Autoresponder Subject Lines "Pop"

Jay White shows how to make your subject lines stand out and sizzle.

A Lesson in Writing Autoresponders from the Pawn Stars School of Business

The king of autoresponders, Jay White shows you how one copywriting technique applies to writing autoresponders, and why if you know how to do it, the rest will come easily.

7 Words That Can Instantly Add $1000—Or More—To Your Copywriting Fees

Discover the 7 words that you can use to increase your web copywriting fees.

Marketing Miley: Lessons from America's Pop Princess on How to Get More Email Copywriting Clients

Jay White explains what marketing lessons he learned at a Miley Cyrus concert, and how your business can benefit from them.

7 Words That Instantly Launched My Six-Figure Copywriting Career …

Jay White describes how taking a chance and attending AWAI’s Bootcamp can launch your copywriting career. Learn from the masters and meet new clients.

Don't Get Caught In This Sales Letter “Trap”

Join Jay White as he introduces this most lucrative copywriting niche on the internet. Learn how you, too, can become an autoresponder copywriter.

Turning Puppies Into Profits: The Secret Behind Email Marketing Success

Autoresponder copywriter, Jay White reveals 3 simple elements you can apply right now to start building a deeper, relationship with your prospects.