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Upsells: The Secret to Instantly Increasing Your Writing Income Without Adding More Clients

Discover how adding upsells to your proposals can increase your writing income instantly. Earn more from existing clients, using this often overlooked method.

Four Questions You Should Ask Before Making Your Next Business Purchase

Cindy Cyr has some tough questions you should ask yourself anytime you are spending money on your freelance business.

Three Financial Management Tools that Make Managing Your Freelance Business Finances a Breeze

Cindy Cyr has some great programs to help make keeping your freelance business finances in order.

So You Have a Prospective Client, Now What? How to Create a Follow-up System that Saves You Time and Frustration

Cindy Cyr gives you some tips on keeping that client on the line, and not losing a big bite.

Nine Ways to Raise Your Enthusiasm to Increase Productivity

If you need some help in the enthusiasm department, here are some tips from Cindy Cyr for getting excited about your work so you can get more done in less time.

12 Steps to Writing and Sending a Press Release that Attracts Clients to You

Who doesn't love free publicity? Cindy Cyr explains how to write a press release that will get picked up by media outlets and drive clients to you.

How to Prepare a Client to Hire You

Cindy Cyr reveals how to build up your image with a client to pave the way for them to want to hire you.

How to Create a Competitive Advantage Using Your Business Card

Cindy Cyr lays out several ways to improve your business card, and with it your overall self-marketing strategy.

The 19 Secrets to Selling Your Freelance Services Successfully

Cindy Cyr gives you a formula made up of a series of strategies, principles, and actions that will lead you to the financial freedom and work-from-anywhere lifestyle you’re longing for.

How to Get Referrals that Impact Your Prospect’s Buying Decision

Some of the most successful freelance writers in business today get thier best clients came from referrals. Today Cindy Cyr shows you how to build “business champions” who will freely promote your business for you.

How to Build a Steady Stream of Clients in 5 to 10 Minutes a Day

Cindy Cyr tackles three of the commonly-held myths of the freelance world which could be holding you back from getting clients and shares some easy shortcuts you can use to get your schedule overflowing with projects.

How to Add Selling Power to Your Direct Mail and Web Copy Using Metaphors

Cindy Cyr shares ways that freelancers can use metaphors to add selling power to their copy.

How to Liven Up Your Copy and Connect with Your Reader on a Deeper Emotional Level

Cindy Cyr shares her tips on how to connect with your readers on a deeper level through your copy.

How to Create a Pricing Structure that Builds Consistent Income

Cindy Cyr shares tips on how to create consistent income and the secret to creating package plans.

Who Needs Samples? Creating Mini-Stories to Land as Many Clients as You Need

Cindy Cyr explains how creating mini-stories can be just as good as samples – if not better - when it comes to landing clients.

A Powerful Source of Motivation that's Right at Your Fingertips...

Cindy Cyr shares how you have all the motivation you need right at your fingertips – and shows you how to use it.

11 Tips for Achieving the Right Balance Between Your Freelance Writing Business and Your Family Life

Cindy Cyr shares the importance of achieving balance between work and family and gives 11 tips for finding the right balance.

Boost Your Income by Asking the Right Questions

Cindy Cyr shares how landing the client can come down to the questions you ask – and gives tips on how to ask the right ones.

Is Your Present Mindset Keeping You From Reaching Your Full Potential?

Cindy Cyr shares how a proper mindset can make all the difference in whether you achieve your goals or not – and gives tips on how to get into a proper mindset.

How to Build Confidence in Yourself (and Your Writing Ability) – Even if You’re a Complete Newbie

Cindy Cyr shares several tips and tricks you can use to help build confidence in yourself and your abilities – even if you’re new to the freelance world.

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