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A Life Without Chains

Krista Jones gives us a glimpse into how her idea of what the writer’s life means has changed over the years, how she overcame some very common fears, and how she has created a life that’s much richer than she dreamed.

Quick Tip: Know Your Value … and Outsource Accordingly

When and what you should outsource to make the most of your time.

It's Good to Know: About Effective Communication

See how your emotions during communication affect your productivity.

It's Good to Know: About the Romance Market

Krista Jones reveals the lucrative nature of romance writing.

Romancing the Word: The Life of a Romance Writer, an Interview With Marcia King-Gamble

Krista Jones interviews Marcia King-Gamble regarding her romance writing career.

Quick Tip: Three Ways to Conquer Writer's Block

Krista Jones shares three great ways to overcome writer's block fast.

Quick Tip: 3 Common Mistakes At-Home Designers and Writers Make

Krista Jones helps those working at home avoid common productivity pitfalls.

How to Get More Repeat Business from Your Clients

Krista Jones shows how to get more projects from your existing clients.

5 Things to Consider Before Quitting Your Day Job

Krista Jones shares five way to make the transition to freelance copywriter less stressful.

Quick Tip: Create Your Own Website – Quickly and Inexpensively

Krista Jones gives you a quick guide to creating your own website.

Secrets of Writing Winning Copy for the $2.5 Billion Self-Help Market

Krista Jones shares her insights into writing for the self-help market.

Success Story: Interview with Copywriter and AWAI Member Heather Lakatos

Krista Jones interviews an up-and-coming copywriter.

Make Sure Your Copy Looks Through Your Prospect's Eyes … Not Your Own

Krista Jones underscores the importance of knowing your prospect.

Secrets of Creating a Winning Magalog

Krista Jones reveals how you can write a magalog that gets results.

A Note of Encouragement from This Year's $10,000 Challenge Winner

Krista Jones encourages you to take on the 10k challenge.

Where Can You Find Your Next Client? The Answer Is Right Under Your Nose

Krista Jones reveals where you can find your next client.

No-Regrets Copywriting

Your attitude as a copywriter can make a big difference to your success and your peace of mind.

Deadlines: How to Avoid What Could Be a Deadly Career Mistake

Krista Jones reveals one mistake copywriters should avoid at all costs.

One Simple Way to Win Your Client Over

Krista Jones reveals a very important, very simple way to boost your success and increase your client satisfaction.

What I Did to Land a Test Mailing for AWAI – and How That Might Help You Win $10,000

Krista Jones shares her experience working on AWAI's 10k challenge.

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