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3 Strategies When You Don’t Have a Creative Brief for a Project

What do you do when your client doesn’t give you a creative brief before you start a writing project? Here are three options to consider.

Take Action: How to Get Started as a B2B Copywriter

Don’t let the feeling of overwhelm intimidate you and hold you back. Here’s how to get started as a B2B copywriter.

Is it Time to Simplify Your Copywriting Business

If you’re feeling overwhelmed as a freelancer, it may be time to simplify your copywriting business. Here are some tips to help.

How to Work with Overseas Copywriting Clients

Working with overseas copywriting clients can be a fantastic opportunity. Follow these tips to keep your projects on track.

Is Your B2B Copy Going Into the “A-Pile”?

Discover how important it is for your B2B copy to land in a prospect’s “A-pile” and what you can do to get it there.

B2B Copywriting is Open to All

Mac Bull explains why there is an opportunity for you in B2B copywriting, even if you have a disability.

B2B Power Words: The Next Step

After getting positive results with his first test with B2B power words, Mac Bull turned his focus to maximizing his marketing results.

When to Use B2B Power Words in Your Copy

Although B2B lacks the hype of most direct-response copy, there are still opportunities to use B2B power words in your copy to boost your results.

Your Next “Breakthrough”: By Not Writing Linearly

If you’re struggling to get a piece of copy written, try breaking away from writing linearly and watch your writer’s block vanish.

Work-Life Balance … With a Twist

It’s easy for freelancers to let work overtake their lives. But it doesn’t have to. Mac Bull examines how to keep your life in balance.

Direct-Response in B2B … Yes, it Exists

B2B copywriting isn’t all content marketing. Mac Bull looks at how B2B marketing also incorporates direct-response copywriting.

How to Get Clients with Email Marketing

Email can be a helpful tool when marketing yourself. Find out how to connect with prospects and get clients with email marketing.

Creating Your Own Luck

Are successful people just lucky or can you create your own luck? Mac Bull examines the source of one person’s “luck.”

Don’t Make This “Rookie” Marketing Mistake

Marketing to the wrong group of people can destroy relationships you need to build. Here are some guidelines to follow when marketing yourself.

Why You Need To Take Action … Yesterday

Don’t let a fear of failure keep you from marketing yourself. Take action instead with these tips from Mac Bull.

Marketing Yourself 101

When marketing yourself to a potential prospect, be sure to make it as easy as possible to hire you. Here are some tips to help.

List Brokers and Why They Are Important for You

Finding clients can be easy when you work with a list broker who can provide a list of exactly the type of clients you are targeting.

Finding Motivation … But Not From Where You Think

Mac Bull finds motivation in the face of a big challenge and shows you how you too can overcome your fears so you can have breakthrough success.

B2B Companies on YouTube Means Client Work for You

B2B companies are starting to discover the benefits of using YouTube. Mac Bull explains the pros and cons of YouTube and the opportunities for freelancers.

Are Start-Up Companies Good Prospects or a Waste of Time?

Start-up companies are an untapped resource for B2B copywriters. They can help you start or grow your business — as long as you avoid a common pitfall.

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