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Here’s the Roadblocks that Could Cripple Your Writing Career

The journey to becoming an “A-level” copywriter isn’t always perfect. From time to time, you’ll come across major roadblocks. Here’s how to recognize them.

How to Automatically Get More Clients

This three-point program makes finding clients easy and sets you up with a never-ending flow of copywriting projects.

What it Takes to Get Great Clients

What does it take to get great clients? Joshua Boswell introduces you to his 12-point checklist for landing more and higher quality clients.

Millionaire Secrets on Rapid Riches: Part 2

Joshua Boswell lays out the great benefits that setting up an agile, malleable business can reap.

Millionaire Secrets on Rapid Riches: Part 1

Joshua Boswell shares some of the secrets that millionaires use to gain more money faster.

Lazy Man Wealth Secrets Part 4 – The Final Part

There are several distinct ways someone can focus their energies into a larger income, and Joshua Boswell is here with the last of his four secrets that will allow you to do just that.

Lazy Man Wealth Secrets Part 3

In part 3 of this series, Joshua Boswell relates three stories of wealth building and how the trick each of these people used to gain massive increases in wealth can be applied to your life.

Lazy Man Wealth Secrets Part 2

The power to make more money is in your hands, and Joshua Boswell is here to show you how to harness that power for your own personal gain.

Lazy Man Wealth Secrets Part 1

Joshua Boswell gives you the steps necessary to start building your wealth with less effort.

5 Little Guys that Got Rich in Bad Times

Joshua Boswell recounts five stories of people who went from nothing to everything by following where the wealth was going.

Get Rich When the Money Moves

Joshua Boswell gives you insight on depressions and recessions, and how to not only weather the storm, but come out ahead in the end.

The #1 Reason for My Poverty

Joshua Boswell shares the #1 reason he was steeped in poverty and exactly how he broke out of poverty’s death grip.

The You Factor Part 3: Do Less, Make More

Joshua Boswell wants you to stop sweating the small stuff so you can do the big stuff the best you possibly can.

The You Factor Part 2: The Wedgwood Phenomena

Joshua Boswell takes us back in time to see how re-purposing a past success can be just as creative, and profitable, as making up something new.

The You Factor Part 1: Act

Joshua Boswell warns of the dangers of passing the blame and the necessity to take action in your life.

The Dangers of Golden Ticket Thinking

Joshua Boswell breathes some reality into our copywriting dreams by reminding us that mastery and success don't come overnight, but are very possible with some patience and perseverance.

Finding Buyers that Buy, Part 4 Eat the Fruit of Another Man’s Labor

Let Joshua Boswell show you how to reap the benefits of others hard work.

Finding Buyers That Buy Part Three: 10,000 “Personal” Conversations

Joshua Boswell reveals three questions that will allow you to discover the logical and emotional triggers that would cause someone to buy your products and services.

Finding Buyers that Buy Part Two: Unlock the Core Buying Emotion

Joshua Boswell tells us how to tap into the customer's core buying emotion, and how it will help you sell your products.

Finding Buyers that Buy

Joshua Boswell helps keep your business running by expanding on a fairly obvious starting point: you need customers that will buy your product.

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